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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
Nonlinear Processes:in Geosciences
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NP4 Nonlineaar time-series analysis
NP5 Predictability
NP6 Turbulence and Nonlinear Waves
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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV20/BG5.10 Mineral properties and behaviour: the European Mineral Sciences Initiative (EuroMinScI) open session (including the EMU Research Excellence Medal Lecture) (co-organized by BG) (co-listed in CR, NP, SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Perchuk, A.; Vidal, O.
Diffusion couple Experiments in Garnets: Effect of grain boundary Diffusion owing to 2D numerical Modeling

Perchuk, A. ; Schertl, H-P.; Burchard, M.; Maresch, W.V.; Gerya , T.V.; Bernhardt , H-J.
Diffusivities of major divalent Cations in Gem quality and chemically heterogeneous Garnets: multi-couple Experiments

Prokof'ev, V.; Baksheev, I.; Zorina, L.; Kryazhev, S.
Conditions of tourmalinization formations Eastern Transbaykalia gold deposits, related with mesozoic riftogenic volkanism (Russia)

Yudintsev, S.; Livshits, T.; Omelianenko, B.
Examination of natural and synthetic minerals as matrices for actinide waste immobilization

Dauphin, Y.; Cusack, M.; Ortlieb, L.
Nanogranules in carbonate skeletons: a universal scheme?

Cuif, J.P.; Dauphin, Y.; Nouet, J.
Nano-crystallization within chemically active glyco-protein hydrogel layers: a possible origin for the long-standing vital effect enigma in the Ca-carbonate skeletons.

Nouet, J.; Cuif, J.P.; Pradel, P.
Differential crystallization of high-magnesian calcites in the cortical spicules and axes of the red coral (Corallium rubrum) correlated to the biochemical compositions of their mineralizing matrices.

Brigatti, M.F.; Malferrari, D.; Poppi, M.; Mottana, A.; Cibin, G.; Marcelli, A.; Cinque, G.
Interlayer potassium and its surrounding in micas: Crystal chemical modeling and XANES spectroscopy

Calvet, M.; Margerin, L.
Calculation of effective seismic properties of untextured crystal aggregates and application to inner core crystallisation

Blanchard, M.; Wright, K.
Incorporation modes of hydrogen in ringwoodite: a DFT study

Bindi, L.
From the invalidity of the law of rational indices to the concept of superspace: A crystallographic excursion in the modulated world of minerals

Deguen, R.; Alboussière, T.; Brito, D. ; La Rizza, P.; Masson, J.-P.
Ultrasonic monitoring of dendritic solidification under a pressure gradient

Sendir, H.; Sarýiz, K.
Geochemistry and mineralogy of the chromitites and their platinum group minerals in the Karaburhan (Sivrihisar-Eskiþehir-Turkey) region

Dubacq, B.; Vidal, O.; Lewin, E.; Vieillard, P.
Prediction of enthalpy of formation of minerals: application to solid solutions and low-temperature compounds

Griera, A.; Jessell, M. W.; Evans, L.
Simulation of subgrain scale deformation and its effect on recrystallisation

Nehrke, G.; Van Cappellen, P.; Bijma, J.
Calcite growth rate and solution stoichiometry, implications for biomineralizations.

Zarrinkoub, Dr
Antimony – gold mineralisation and structural controls in south Nehbandan, East of Iran

Becker, JKB; Bons, PDB
A new approach to 3D front-tracking simulation of grain growth

Fabian, K.; McEnroe, S.; Robinson, P.
Lamellar magnetism carries the natural remanent magnetization in ilmenohematite from Modum, Norway

Fabian, K.; Shcherbakov, V. P.; McEnroe, S.; Robinson, P.
A mean field model of the magnetic structure in hematite-ilmenite solid solutions and exsolved nanostructures of ilmenite and hematite

Valcke, S.L.A; Drury, M.R.; Pennock, G.M.; De Bresser, J.H.P
Quantifying heterogeneous microstructures: core and mantle subgrains in deformed calcite

Salje, E.K.H
Fast Ionic Transport along Interfaces in Minerals

Méheut, M.; Lazzeri, M.; Balan, E.; Mauri, F.
Prediction of stable isotopes fractionation by first-principles methods.

Kantor, I.; Dubrovinsky, L.; McCammon, C.
Pressure-induced spin crossover in ferropericlase: an alternative concept.

Olsen, LA; Balic-Zunic , T; Makovicky, E
From lillianite to â-Pb3Bi2S6: a crystal chemical study of Pb3Bi2S6 at high pressure

Hamann, I.; Azuma, N.; Weikusat, Ch.
Evolution of ice crystal microstructures during creep experiments

Krivolutskaya, N.A.; Sobolev, A.V.; Kuzmin, D.V.; Svirskaya, N.M.
Olivines composition data to the origin of the Noril'sk deposits (Siberian trap provinece, Russia)

Tatham, D.; Prior, D.
In situ heating and deformation experiments in the SEM

Pennock, G.M; Drury, M.R.
The effect of deformation on subgrain misorientations

Friedrich, A.; Haussuehl, E.; Wilson, D.J.; Boehler, R.; Morgenroth, W.; Winkler, B.; Juarez-Arellano, E.A.; Refson, K.; Milman, V.
Structure and properties of diaspore, AlO(OH), up to 50 GPa from experiment and theory

Zareisahamieh, R
Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Tafresh(Central Iran)

Walte, N.P.; Heidelbach, F.; Rubie, D.C.; Frost, D.J.
LPO and Perovskite−post-Perovskite phase transition of CaIrO3 during deformation with the d-DIA: Implications for the D’’ layer

Winkler, B.; Friedrich, A. ; Wilson, D.; Haussühl, E.; Refson, K.; Probert, M.; Gale, J.; Milman, V.
Structure and properties of hydrous minerals from experiment and computation

Seaman, S.; Helfrich, E. ; Dyar, D.; Smith, R.
Synchrotron FTIR analysis of water concentration variations in skeletal sanidine crystals hosted by spherulites in the Hell’s Gate rhyolitic lava flow, southern Arizona, USA

Avril, B.
EuroMinScI Programme - An overview

Haghnazar, M.; Esmaeily, E.; Kosari, A.
Electron microprobe and mineralogy evidence for the genesis of Scheelite and Tourmaline at the Nezamabad area, western Iran

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