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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST5.7 Measurements of ionospheric parameters influencing radio systems

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Blagoveshchensky, D.; Kornienko, V.; Lester, M.; Shagimuratov, I.; Stocker, A.; Warrington, E. M.
Multi-diagnostic Radio Observations During Ionospheric Disturbances

Chum, J.; Lastovicka, J.; Buresova, D.; Drobzheva, Ya.V.; Krasnov, V.M.
Impact of infrasonic waves on the ionosphere and radio wave propagation

Belehaki, A.; Cander, L.; Zolesi, B.; Bremer, J.; Juren, C.; Stanislawska, I.; Dialetis, D.; Hatzopoulos, M.
Ionospheric specification and forecasting based on observations from European ionosondes participating in DIAS project

Cander, Lj.R.
Spatial correlation of foF2 and TEC under quiet and disturbed ionospheric conditions

Maltseva, O.A.; Shlyupkin , A.S.
The Model IRI Residual Error and the New Method of N(h)-Profile Determination

Maltseva, O.A.; Barabashov , B.G.; Rodionova , V.T.; Shlyupkin, A.S.
MOF/MUF Behavior over One European Path

Leitinger, R.; Feichter, E.
Equatorial bubble modulation of empirical electron density models

De Franceschi, G.; Alfonsi, L.; Romano, V.; Aquino, M.; Dodson, A.; Mitchell, C.N.; Wernik, A.W.
GPS TEC and scintillations as signatures of the ionospheric plasma movement

Alfonsi, L.; Materassi, M.; Wernik, A. W.
Properties of the high-latitude irregularites of importance in the scintillation modelling

Ondraskova, A.; Kostecky, P.; Rosenberg, L.; Sevcik, S.
Detection of Schumann Resonance Transient Phenomena and Higher Schumann Resonance Eigenmodes at Modra Observatory

Lejeune, S.; Warnant, R.
Near real time assessment of the ionosphere effect on high accuracy gnss applications which require ambiguity resolution.

Portillo, A.; Herraiz, M.; Radicella, S. M.; Ciraolo, L.
Equatorial plasma bubbles from IGS and ESTB African stations: new results

Bencze (1), P.; Kalmár (1), J. ; Poór (1), A.
Spatial and temporal variation of the „transparency” of Es layers over Europe

Bavier, M.; Warnant, R.; Lejeune, S.
Detecting and forecasting ionospheric irregularities using a cross-correlation method applied to the belgian dense gnss network

Swiatek, A.
Investigation of character for limited-area ionospheric disturbances

Krankowski, A.; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Baran, L.W.; Yakimova, G.
The structure of mid- and high-latitude ionosphere during November 2004 storm event obtained from GPS observations

Zain, A.F.M; Ho, Y.H.; Abdullah, S.; Abdullah, M.
Total electron content and scintillation study of equatorial ionosphere over Sipitang station, Sabah, Malaysia

Zain, A.F.M; Abdullah, S.; Khor, H.G.; Ho, Y.H.; Abdullah, M.; Homam, M.J.
Observations of f3-layer at equatorial region during 2005

Rothkaehl, H. ; Thide, B.; Bergman, J.; Klos, Z.
Topside HF wave diagnostics on board COMPASS satellite and ground-based LOIS radar facility as a novel tools of ionospheric plasma diagnostics

Zolesi, B.; Cander, Lj.R; Fontana, G. ; Kouris, S.S.; Perrone, L.; Pietrella, M.; Romano, V.; Tutone, G.; Vallianatos, F.; Makris, J.
New oblique-incidence ionospheric sounding campaign over Europe and its data application

Stanislawska, I.; Bradley, P.A.; Gulyaeva, T.L.; Juchnikowski, G.; Belehaki, A.
Mapping the peak height of the ionospheric F2 region on individual occasions

Boska, J.; Kouba, D.; Sauli, P.
Ionospheric drift measurements during high and low geomagnetic activity.

Radicella, S. M.; Ciraolo, L.; Nava, B.; Coisson, P.; Leitinger, R.
A TEC positive effect of a major geomagnetic storm over Europe

Jakowski, N.; Stankov, S. M.; Wilken, V.; Altadill, D.; Chum, J. ; Buresova, D.; Boska, J.; Bamford, R.; Cander, L.; Stamper, R.
Ionospheric behaviour over Europe during the solar eclipse of 3 October 2005

Leitinger, R.; Coisson, P.; Nava, B.; Radicella, S.
A revised version of the electron density model NeQuick

Reinisch, B; Nsumei, P; Huang, X; Bilitza, D
Modeling the F2 Topside and Plasmasphere for IRI

Coisson, P.; Radicella, S.M.; Nava, B.; Leitinger, R.
Low latitudes topside in NeQuick

Kunitsyn, V.; Tereshchenko, E.; Andreeva, E.; Khudukon , B.; Kozharin , M.; Nazarenko, M.; Nesterov, I.
Radio tomographic imaging of the ionosphere during strong geomagnetic storms in 2003-2005. (withdrawn)

Nava, B.; Radicella, S.M.; Leitinger, R.; Coisson, P.
A possible way to update ITU-R maps of foF2

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