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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS49 Dryland hydrology

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Praveen, P.; Shirahatti, S.; Satishkumar, U.
Temporal drought analysis for North-Eastern dry zone of Karnataka,India (withdrawn)

Dagčs, C.; Voltz, M.; Bsaibes, A.; Prévot, L.; Huttel, O.; Garnier, F.; Louchart, X.; Negro, S.
Diffuse versus concentrated groundwater recharge during flood events at the scale of a Mediterranean catchment.

Dalen, E.N.; Kirkby, M.J.; Chapman, P.J.; Bracken, L.J.
Runoff generation in SE Spain

De Girolamo, A. M.; Lo Porto, A.; De Luca, D.; Abouabdillah, A.; Santese, G
Evaluation of flow regime in the Mediterranean streams using flashiness index

Brazier , RE; Parsons , AJ; Wainwright , J; Powell , DM; Schlesinger , WH
Upscaling understanding of nitrogen dynamics associated with overland flow in a semi-arid environment

Buis, E; Veldkamp, A.
Modelling dynamic water redistribution patterns in arid catchments in the Negev Desert of Israel

Hatch, J; Ainslie, C; Columbo, C; Walker, H; Gu, W
Vadose water content within the surface layer of a megadune

Bolgov, M.; Trubetskova, M.
Rain runoff on the territory of Mongolia

Medici, C.; Butturini, A.; Sabater, F.; Vélez, I.; Francés, F.
Modelling the hydrological response of a small mediterranean forested catchment: exploring the potential influence of the riparian-stream connection

Lange, J.; Schütz, T.; Gunkel, A. ; Grodek, T.; Steinmann, A.; Menzel, L.
Representing dryland runoff generation processes in hydrological models: experiences from a small mediterranean catchment.

Obermann, M.; Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.; Froebrich, J.
Impact of flush pulses in semi-arid temporary rivers - experiences of modelling particulate organic matter

Schwanghart, W; Klinger, R; Schütt, B
Ephemeral channels in the steppe region of Mongolia - geomorphometric analysis and hydrological implications

Francke, T.; Batalla, R.; Mamede, G.; Mueller, E.N.
Suspended-sediment fluxes at the hillslope and catchment scale during a season of monitoring erosion hot spots in the Isábena catchment (Central Spanish Pyrenees)

Hearman, A. J.; Lehmann, P.; Hinz, C.
Modelling runoff connectivity for semi-arid hillslopes using percolation theory: The sensitivity of different vegetation patterns to changes in total vegetation cover

Dagčs, C.; Voltz, M.; Ackerer, P; Floure, C.; Fabre, J.C.
Three-dimensional modelling of groundwater recharge pathways in a farmed Mediterranean catchment with a network of ditches.

Mamede, G.L.; Bronstert, A.; Araújo, J.C.; Batalla, R.J.; Güntner, A.; Francke, T.; Müller, E.N.
Effects of small reservoirs on water and sediment budgets in semiarid areas

Irvine, B.J.; Kirkby, M.J.
Ephemerality: spatial extent and catchment condition

Llorens, P.; Gallart, F.; Latron, J.; Poyatos, R.; Rubio, C.; García-Pintado, J.; Muzylo, A.
Improving the water balance simulation of a mediterranean catchment using TOPBAL, a modified version of TOPMODEL.

Llorens, P.; Domingo, F.
A review of rainfall partitioning by vegetation under Mediterranean conditions in Europe.

Bicalho, C.; Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.; Cernesson, F.; Bailly-Comte, V.
Switches between dry and non-dry flowing regimes in an intermittent river influenced by karstic springs.

Müller, E.N.; Araujo, J.C.; Batalla, R.; Francke, T.; Güntner , A.; Mamede , G.; Bronstert, A.
Erosion and Sediment Transport - Measurement and Modelling from Headwaters to large Catchments: A Research Project to reduce Reservoir Sedimentation in semi-arid Environments

Fernández-Gálvez, J.; del Barrio, G.; Solé-Benet, A.
Soil water content evolution in the headwaters of a semiarid catchment and its control by topographic attributes

Kuells, C.
Large basins as isotopic monitors of hydrologic response in arid zones

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