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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.7 Rockfalls and large catastrophic landslides

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Trommler, N.; Huggel, C.; Korup, O.; Schneider, J. F.
Assessing post-failure geomorphic impact of an earthquake-triggered landslide dam, Jhelum River, Pakistan

Roberts, N.J.; Evans, S.G.
Seymareh (Saidmarreh) landslide, Zagros Mountains, Iran

Engl, D.A.; Strauhal, T.; Fellin, W.; Tropper, P.; Zangerl, C.
Sliding zone characteristics of alpine rockslides

Crosta, G.B.; Agliardi, F.; Frattini, P.; Adamoli, C.
Scenario-based assessment of rockfall risk and cost-efficiency of mitigation works

Marussich, D. ; Zini, L.; Devoto, S.
Rockfall hazard evaluation and risk management : an example of a comprehensive approach in northern Italy

Lo, C-M; Lin, M-L; Lee, W-C
Talus Deposition Pattern of Rockfall through Mechanical Model and Remote Sensing technology

Crosta, G.B.; Frattini, P.; Chen, H.
A scenario-based assessment of debris-avalanche risk for the designing of countermeasures

Crosta, G.B.; Agliardi, F.; Frattini, P.; Zanchi, A.
Alpine inventory of Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations

UChida, T; Suzuki, R; Tamura, K
The role of bedrock geology, rock uplift rate and topography on large catastrophic landslide occurrence

Pichler, B.; Hellmich, Ch.; Mang, H.A.
Vertical impact of single rocks onto gravel layers

Sausgruber, J.Th.; Preh, A.; Poisel, R.
The Bunzkögele kink band slump

Chigira, M.; Matsumoto, M.
Potential sites of large, catastrophic landslides in non-glaciated areas from the view point of slope development

Matsumoto, M.; Chigira, M.; Doshida, S.
Denudation of an uplifted peneplain by landslides in the central Asan Mountains, northeastern Shikoku, Southwest Japan

Kanari, M; Katz, O; Weinberger, R; Marco, S
Evaluation of rockfall hazard and risk to a town within the Dead Sea fault zone (Qiryat-Shemona, northern Israel)

Abdallah, C.; Boukheir, R.; Chorowicz, J.
Spatial representation and volumetric mapping of block falls using GIS-based decision-tree models

Ilia, I.; Koumantakis, I.; Rozos, D.; Markantonis, K.; Tsagaratos, P.
Landslide Phenomena in Kimi area, Euboea Island, Central Greece

Le Roux, O.; Schwartz, S.; Jongmans, D.; Gamond, JF.; Carcaillet, J.; Brauchet, R.; Bourlčs, D.
Cosmic Ray Exposure (CRE) method to constrain the dynamic of gravitational movements in the southern part of the Belledonne massif (French Alps)

Bourrier, F. ; Dorren, L.; Nicot, F.; Darve, F.; Berger, F.
Introducing an objective stochastic impact law for simulating rebounds in 3D rockfall models: simulated vs. experimental data

Waldmann, N.; Simpson, G.; Ariztegui, D.; Hansen, L.; Chapron, E.; Vasskog, K.; Nesje, A.
Merging historical and geophysical datasets to model catastrophic mass wasting and tsunami events in the Nordfjord region of western Norway

Huggel, C; Caplan-Auerbach, J. ; Gruber, S.; Molnia, B.; Wessels, R.
Insights into large slope failures in permafrost-glacier environments from the 2005 Mt. Steller slide, Alaska

Loye, A.; Pedrazzini, A.; Jaboyedoff, M.
Regional potential rockfall mapping using LiDAR-based slope frequency distribution and conefall modelling

Vilajosana, I.; Surińach, E.; Khazaradze, G.; Abellán , A. ; Garcia , D. ; Llosa , J.
Rock fall induced seismic signals: case study in Montserrat (Spain)

Poisel, R.; Preh, A.
Punta Thurwieser rock avalanche and Frank Slide - analyses of hazard and risk based on a discontinuum mechanics approach

Schellenberg, K.; Volkwein, A.
Large-scale Testing of Rockfall Protection Galleries

Denk, M.; Schellenberg, K.; Volkwein, A.; Roth, A.
New Cushion Concepts for Protective Layers on Rockfall Galleries

Ilinca, V.; Chitu, Z.; Sandric, I.; Mihai, B.; Savulescu, I.
Rockfall Hazard Assessment. A case study from Valcea County (Romania)

Spang, C.; Romunde, B.
Identification of relevant scale effects in surface representations for numerical rockfall modelling

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