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  List of Accepted Contributions - G6 Advances in GPS and InSAR techniques for geodynamic modelling and analysis of natural hazard (co-listed in GD & NH)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Biagi, L.; Venuti, G.; Visconti, M.G.
From GPS to tomography for SAR imagine correction

Guzzetti, F.; Manunta, M.; Ardizzone, F.; Pepe, A.; Cardinali, M.; Zeni, G.; Galli, M.; Lanari, R.; Reichenbach, P.
Analysis of ground deformation detected using the Sbas-DInSAR technique in Umbria, central Italy

Hastaoglu, K.; Sanli, D. U.
Modeling GPS rapid static positional accuracies for monitoring natural hazards: Application to Koyulhisar landslide, Turkey

Stramondo, S.; Del Frate, F.; Schiavon, G.
Seismic Source Inversion by Neural Networks and InSAR

Nejat, MSc; vosoghi, Dr
Performance of ionosphere-free GPS observation in network RTK

alaiebakhsh, MSc; vosoghi, Dr
Troposoheric zenith delay modeling with Fourier transform method

Rolandone, F.; Burgmann, R.; Agnew, D.C.; Johanson, I.A.; Templeton, D.C.; d'Alessio, M.A.; Titus, S.J.; DeMets, C.; Tikoff, B.
Aseismic slip and fault-normal strain along the creeping section of the San Andreas fault

Hu, J.-C.; Lin, K.-C.; Ching, K.-E.; Rau, R.-J.; Yu, T.-T.; Tsai, C.-H.
Current crustal deformation in active collision mountain belt revealed by continuous GPS measurements in Taiwan

Sharifi, M.A.; Safari, A.; Farzaneh, S.
Optimal derivation of velocity field from discretely sampled position vector at GPS permanent stations

Massa, B.; D'Auria, L.
Application of DInSAR technique to areas of active ground deformations: the study case of the 26 December 2003 Iranian earthquake.

Yang, C.; Yu, S.; Hsu, Y.; Bacolcol, T.; Solidum, R.
A Dislocation Model for the Crustal Deformation Along the Philippine Fault System in Luzon

Schenk, V.; Schenková, Z.; Wegmüller, U.
PSI Vertical Movements of Prague and Ostrava areas, Czech Republic

Giannico, C.; Novali, F.; Tamburini, A.; Broccolato, M.; Ratto, S.
Landslide mapping at regional scale aided by PSInSAR technology: the example of the Valle d’Aosta Region (NW Italy) landslide inventory.

Baek, J.; Kim, S.W.; Park, H.J.; Kim, K.D.; Kim, J.W.
Application of SAR interferometry for underground mine subsidence monitoring

Ballatore, P.
InSAR-ICA technique for the elimination of atmospheric and other spurious artifacts

amighpey, M.; Mousavi, Z.; Nankali, H.; Arabi, S.; sedighi, M.
Studying subsidence in Iran with leveling and permanent GPS observations (withdrawn)

kordi, k.; mashhadi hoseinali, m.
Analysis if IRAN Geodynamic Network by Robustness Analysis

Hackl, M.; Malservisi, R.
Strain pattern from geodetic measurements

Paganelli, F.; Hooper, A.
Deformation at Fogo volcano, Cape Verde, detected by persistent scatterer InSAR

d'Oreye, N.; Calais, E.; Oyen, A.; Wauthier, C.; Cayol, V.; Delvaux, D.; Smets, B.; Sariah, E.; Kervyn, F.
A continental rifting event revealed by InSAR: The Lake Natron (Tanzania) 2007 seismo-magmatic crisis

Guillaso, S.; Lasserre, C.; Doin, M-P.; Cavalié, O.; Sun, J.; Peltzer, G.
InSAR measurement of interseismic strain in areas of low coherence : example across the Haiyuan fault (Gansu, China) using a local InSAR adaptive range filter

Cavalié, O.; Lasserre, C. ; Doin, M.-P; Peltzer, G.; Sun, J.; Xu, X.; Shen, Z.-K
Measurement of interseismic strain accumulation across the Haiyuan fault by radar interferometry using ERS and Envisat data

Manzo, M.; Berardino, P.; Pepe, A.; Sansosti, E.; Tizzani, P.; Lanari, R.
Surface deformation analysis of the Napoli bay (Italy) area: sixteen years of ERS and ENVISAT DInSAR observations

Berardino, P.; Camacho, A.; Casu, F.; Fernandez, J.; Gonzales, P.J.; Manzo, M.; Martì, J.; Pepe, A.; Tizzani, P.; Lanari, R.
Long term surface deformation analysis of Tenerife island, Spain, by using the SBAS-DInSAR technique

Pathier, E; Pinel, V; Bascou, P; Jouanne, F; Fielding, E; Wright, T; Parsons, B
Combination of space-borne radar imagery techniques to study the October 2005, Mw=7.6, Kashmir earthquake

Anderssohn, J.; Pasquali, P.; Motagh, M.; Walter, T.R.; Kaufmann, H.
Topographic phase correlation improvement of D-InSAR and ScanSAR: An application to South American earthquakes (withdrawn)

Gonzalez, P.J.; Samsonov, S. ; Berardino, P.; GEOMOD team
Full 3D volcanic deformation fields combining GPS surveys and SBAS-InSAR

Alipour, S.; Motagh, M.; Sharifi, M.; Walter, T.R.
Satellite radar interferometry time series analysis of land subsidence caused by groundwater overexploitation in Tehran, Iran

Vajedian, S; Sharifi, M; Mansouri, B
Monitoring of Crust Deformation of 2003 BAM Erathquake and Fault Modelling with DInSAR Technique and Using Genetic Algorithm

Jonsson, S.
Plate-Boundary-Scale Deformation from InSAR Time-Series Analysis: Examples from southwest Iceland

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