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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH3.13 Time and intensity prediction in landslide hazard assessment

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Montrasio, L.; Valentino, R.
A model for triggering mechanism of shallow landslides

Salciarini, D.; Conversini, P.; Savage, W.Z.
Assessing the rainfall-induced shallow landslides recurrence

Remaître, A.; Malet, J.-P.; van Asch, T.; Maquaire, O.
Influence of check dams on debris-flow runout characteristics. Implications for hazard assessment.

Zêzere, J.L.; Trigo, R.; Oliveira, S.C.; Garcia, R.A.C; Fragoso, M.
Rainfall-triggered landslides occurred in the Lisbon Region in 2006: Validation of regional rainfall thresholds and relationships with the North Atlantic Oscillation

Ehret, D.; Lang, S.; Rumpler, N.; Reschreiter, H.; Götz, S.; Rohn, J.
Investigation of Bronze and Iron Age Mass Movement Deposits in a Prehistoric Salt Mine in Hallstatt, Austria

Hong, Y; Adler, R
Challenge and Opportunity in Predicting Landslide Spatiotemporal Distribution: Integrating the Heritage of Landslide Zoning Techniques and recent Advance of Real-time Monitoring System for Landslide Triggers (Rainfall and Ground Quake)

Zvelebil, JZ; Paluš, MP
Nonlinear assessment of time series from rock slope monitoring

Maquaire, O.; Malet, J.-P
Assessment of coastal landslide hazard: the Villerville-Cricqueboeuf landslides (Normandy coast, France)

Schmidt, J; Turek, G; Clark, M; Uddstrom, M
Real-time forecasting of shallow, rainfall-triggered landslides in New Zealand

Malet, J.-P.; Begueria-Portugués, S.
Probabilistic assessment of debris flow hazard on alluvial fans.

Prunier, F; Lignon, S; Khoa, H.D.V; Darve, F; Laouafa, F
Landslide modelling with a material instability criterion

Veveakis, E.; Vardoulakis, I. ; Di Toro, G.
Towards the prediction of thermally driven landslides

Van asch, Th.W.; Malet, J-P.; Bogaard, T.A.; Jongmans, D.
Analyzing the kinematical behaviour of slow-moving landslides in the varved clays of the Trièves Plateau (France).

Van Asch, Th.W.; Malet, J-P.; Aksoy, B.; Van beek, L.P.H; Bogaard, T.A.
Prediction of landslide crises: testing concepts for fluidization of sliding material.

Petley, D.N.; Carey, J.; Rosser, N.J.; Dunning, S.A.
Temporal prediction in landslides – understanding the Saito effect

Bianchi Fasani, G.; Bozzano, F.; Esposito, C.; Floris, M.; Mazzanti, P.
Some considerations about landslide susceptibility analysis of coastal slopes coming from the case study of the Albano Lake (Rome, Italy)

Benedetti, A.I.; Fanti, R.; Palmieri, M.
Landslides in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) from 2000 to 2006: rainfall thresholds and landslide prediction with the SIGMA model.

Iovine, G.; Di Gregorio, S.; D'Ambrosio, D. ; Spataro, W.
Time and intensity prediction in landslide hazard assessment with Cellular Automata models SCIDDICA

Falorni, G.; Leoni, L.; Benedetti, A.; Catani, F.; Rudari, R.; Pellegrino, D.; Ciminelli, M.; Giannoni, F.
PREVIEW Service 2: forecasting shallow rapid landslides

Catani, F.; Gigli, G.; Tofani, V.; Ettorre, V.
Landslide intensity prediction for different typologies and at different scales: towards an upscaling paradigm

Marques, F.
Magnitude-frequency of landslide activity in sea cliffs

Thiery, Y.; Malet, J.-P.; Maquaire, O.
How to link statistical and deterministic models for assessing landslide hazard?

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