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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS10.6 Active Tectonics of the Circum-Adriatic Region

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bechtold, M.; Battaglia, M.; Tanner, D.; Zuliani, D.
Tectonics of the Friuli area (NE Italy): results from continuous GPS and kinematic modeling

Muceku, B.; Bernet, M.; van der Beek, P.; Mascle, G.; Tashko, A.
Thermochronological evidence for Mio-Pliocene late orogenic extension in the eastern Albanides

Komatina-Petrovic, S.K.P
Geodynamical Investigations in Serbia

Stanica, D.; Stanica, M.
The main structural features of the Carpathian arc bend zone in connection with the torsion process of the seismogenic relic slab (Vrancea region)

Livio, F.; Sileo, G.; Michetti, A. M.; Giardina, F.; Carcano, C.; Rogledi, S.; Mueller, K.
Pleistocene compressive tectonics in the Central Southern Alps (Italy): Rates of folding determined from growth strata.

Caputo, R.; Di Bucci, D.; Fracassi, U.; Mastronuzzi, G.; Sansň, P.; Selleri, G.
Stress field measurements from joints: evidence for Middle-Late Quaternary deformation of the southern Adriatic foreland (Southern Apulia, Italy)

Szafián, P.; Bada, G.; Vincze, O.; Székely, B.; Spiess, V.
Neotectonic analysis of high resolution seismic data, Lake Balaton, Pannonian basin

Cunningham, D.; Grebby, S.; Tansey, K.; Gosar, A.; Kastelic, V.
Application of airborne LiDAR to mapping seismogenic faults along the NE boundary of the Adria microplate, Slovenia

Ganas, A; Drakatos, G; Bosy, J; Petro, L; Kontny, B; Stercz, M; Melis, N; Cacon, S; Papanikolaou, M; Kiratzi, A
COST Action 625 Results: Monitoring of the Kaparelli active fault, 2003-2006

Menichetti, M.
Seismotectonics of the Adriatic region between the Northern Apennines and Dinarides

Neubauer, F.
Neogene to Recent Motion of Adria, formation of the Friuli orocline, and deformation of Eastern Alps and northeastern Dinarides

Stepancikova, P.; Stemberk, J.; Kostak, B.; Vilimek, V.
Neotectonic movements in the East Sudeten Mountains and monitoring of recent fault displacements (Czech Republic)

Decker, K.; Aust, S.; Ballauri, A.; Clebsch, C.
Kinematics of active thrusting at the Apulian-Ionian plate boundary in Southern Albania

Piccardi, L.; Toth, L.; Vittori, E.; Aliaj, S.; Cello, G.; Cunningham, W.D.; Drakatos, G.; Gosar, A.; Herak, D.; Herak, M.; Sebela, S.; Sulstarova, E.; Windhoffer, G.; Glavatovic, B.; Kiratzi, A.; Ganas, A.; Omerbashich, M.; Pavlides, S.; Petro, L.; Sijaric, G.; Tomljenovic, B.; Tondi, E.
A first attempt at compiling a map of active faults of the Adria region

Verbic, T.; Vrabec, M.; Sterle, O.; Stopar, B.
Deformation rates and strucutral styles of active deformation in central Slovenia: Strike-slip tectonics vs. reverse faulting

Vrabec, M.; Stopar, B.; Sterle, O.; Weber, J.
Active deformation at the northeastern corner of the Adria-Europe collision zone: Inferences from 1994-2006 GPS campaigns in Slovenia

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