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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG2.8 Land-atmosphere interactions in Northern Eurasia (co-sponsored by iLEAPS and NEESPI; co-listed in CR)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Agaltseva, N
Prospective change of the Central Asian rivers runoff with glaciers feeding under different climate scenarios

Schaepman-Strub, G.; Claverie, M.; Schaepman, M.
Trends in land surface albedo of Siberian tundra as inferred from MODIS satellite albedo products

Walter, K.M.; Zimov, S.A.; Chapin III, F.S. ; Grosse, G.; Edwards, M.E.; Smith, L.C.
Understanding the impacts of thermokarst lakes on atmospheric methane, carbon cycling, and climate change (withdrawn)

Kurbatova, J.; Varlagin, A.; Tatarinov, F.; Vygodskaya, N.
Carbon dioxide fluxes in southern European taiga

Peregon, A.; Maksyutov, S.; Naumov, A.; Glagolev, M.
Land-cover classification for inventory of the methane fluxes in west Siberian wetlands

Kravchenko, O.; Kussul, N.
Simulation cascade of NWP and land surface model for drought monitoring

Langer, M.; Boike, J.
Surface characteristics of polygonal tundra and their influence on energy balance at Samoylov Island, Lena River Delta, Siberia

Speranskaya, N.A.; Tsytsenko, K.V.
Dynamics of surface water balance over the East-European Plain during the second part of the 20th century

Shkolnik, I.M.; Kattsov, V.M.
Changes in temperature and precipitation extremes over Northern Eurasia: AOGCM and RCM projections

Gordov, E.; Kabanov, M.; Lykosov, V.; Vaganov, E.
First results of SIRS NEESPI megaproject on land – atmosphere processes in Siberia

Changes of the Arctic Oscillation, Vegetation Phenology and Forest Fires in Siberia

Ohta, T.; Dolman, H.; Maximov, T. C.; Nakai, T.; van der Molen, M. K.; Kononov, A. V.; Maximov, A.; Hiyama, T.; Moors, E. J.; Yabuki, H.
Interannual variation of water balance and importance of soil moisture content for evapotranspiration in an eastern Siberian larch forest over a 7-year period (1998E006)

Lin, J.; Yu'e, L.; Qingzhu, G.; Yuntong, L.; Yunfan, W.; Xiaobo, Q.; Feng, S.
Estimate of Carbon Sequestration under Cropland Management in China (withdrawn)

Shakhova, N; Semiletov, I; Salyuk, A; Kosmac, D
Anomalies of methane in the atmosphere over the East Siberian shelf: Is there any sign of methane leakage from shallow shelf hydrates?

Bányai, T.; Bányai, Á.
Economical optimisation of land use aspects of recycling networks

Molchanov, A.; Tatarinov, F.; Kurbatova, J.; Olchev, A.
Heterotrophic and autotrophic respirations of soils in forest ecosystems of the European part of Russia

Rinke, A.; Kuhry, P.; Dethloff, K.
Soil organic layer: Importance Implications for Arctic climate

Suzuki, R.; Kobayashi, H.; Delbart, N.; Hiyama, T.; Asanuma, J.
Importance of forest floor information for vegetation remote sensing over boreal forest

Galos, B.; Matyas, Cs.
Effect of increasing drought frequency on vegetation cover at the forest/steppe limit

Berrittella, C.; Van Huissteden, K.
Modelling CH4 emissions from northern wetlands: importance of vegetation in past and present climates.

Kharuk, VI; Ranson, KJ
Response to climate change within northern Asian tree line

Kuchment, L.S.; Romanov, P.; Gelfan, A.N.; Demidov, V.N.; Tarpley, D.
Coupling Satellite and Ground-Based Snow Data With Physically Based Model of Runoff Generation for Long-Range Forecasting Snowmelt Floods

Velichko, A; Borisova, O; Zelikson, E; Morozova, T
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium scenarios using paleodata as a tool to assess the future environmental changes on the east-european territory

Groisman, P; Lawford, R
Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI): An update

Shuman, J; Shugart, H; Krankina, O
Assessing Regional Differences in Carbon Storage across Russia Using the Individual Based Gap Model FAREAST and Detailed Forest Inventory Data

Epstein, H.; Walker, D.; Kuss, P.; Kaarlejavi, E.; Matyshak, G.
Tundra vegetation properties along a latitudinal gradient of the Yamal Region of Russia

Nicolsky, D.J.; Alexeev, V.A.; Romanovsky, V.E.; Lawrence, D.M.
Improved modeling of permafrost dynamics in Alaska with CLM3

Marchenko, S.; Romanovsky, V.
Effect of Organic Matter and Soil Water Content on Permafrost Dynamics in the Northern Hemisphere: Modeling Approach

Olchev, A.; Radler, K.; Panferov, O.; Sogachev, A.; Gravenhorst, G.
Effects of a small clear-cut on microclimatic conditions of a spruce forest ecosystem: results of experimental and modeling studies

Soja, A.; Tchebakova, N.; Westberg, D.; Parfenova, E.; Kanzai, V.; Sukhinin, A.; Shishikin, A.; Ivanova, G.; Stackhouse, P.
Climate-induced change in Siberia: A focused view of Tuva and Sakha.

Hughes, M
A modeling approach to the interpretation of tree rings from Northern Eurasia.

Walker, D.A. ; Greeening of the Arctic Team
Application of space-based technologies and models to address land-cover/land-use change problems on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia

Tchebakova , N.M.; Parfenova , E.I.; Soja , A.J.
Potential climate-induced vegetation change in Siberia during the 21st century

Anisimov, O.; Lobanov, V.; Zhiltcova, E.; Zaharova, O.
Regional coherence of climatic changes in northern Eurasia: implications for predictive permafrost modeling

Parmentier, F.J.W; van Huissteden, J.; Petrescu, A.M.R; Maximov, T.C.; Dolman, A.J.
Effects of hydrological versus temperature changes on methane emissions from arctic tundra lowlands in north-eastern Siberia

Shvidenko, A.; Shchepashchenko, D.; McCallum, I.; Nilsson, S.; Maksyutov , S.; Peregon, A.
Assessment of productivity of terrestrial vegetation in Western Siberia: an attempt at system aggregation of remote sensing and ground data

Shmakin, A.B.; Turkov, D.V.; Mikhailov, A.Yu.
Modeling annual cycle of heat/water exchange in the system soil – vegetation – atmosphere with advanced parameterization of snow cover

Eliseev, A.V.; Arzhanov, M.M; Demchenko, P.F.; Mokhov, I.I.
Changes in state of permafrost and seasonal frosted during the 21st century as simulated by the IAP RAS climate model under the anthropogenic SRES scenarios

van der Molen, M.K.; van Huissteden, J. ; Parmentier, F.; de Jeu, R.; Holmes, T.; Dolman, A.J.
Greenhouse gas fluxes at a continental tundra site in NE Siberia and radiative forcing of advancing of the growing season

Baklanov, A.A.; Gordov, E.P.; Heimann, M.; Kabanov, M.V.; Lykosov, V.N.; Onuchin, A.A.; Penenko, V.V.; Pushistov, P.Yu.; Shvidenko, A.Z.; Zakarin, E.A.
Man-induced Environmental Risks: Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in Siberia

Wania, R.; Ross, I. ; Prentice, I. C.
Can a new methane model help to fill the gaps in methane emissions data from permafrost areas?

Bartsch, A.; Boike, J.
Validation of diurnal thaw and refreeze patterns of the snow surface from satellite and field data from the Lena Delta

Mokhov, I.I.; Eliseev, A.V.; Arzhanov, M.M; Demchenko, P.F.; Denisov, S.N.
Climate changes simulated by the IAP RAS global model with CO2 and CH4 exchange between climate system components

Shvidenko, A.; McCallum, I.; Nilsson, S.; Schmullius, C.; The Siberia-II Team
Regional terrestrial vegetation full greenhouse account for Northern Eurasia: a system approach

Tatarinov, F.; Bochkarev, Y.; Kurbatova, J.
Radial tree growth in spruce forest stands of the Russian South-European taiga

Ten years of water and energy balance studies at a Siberian Arctic polygonal tundra site- what do we observe?

Kiepe, I.; Johansson, T.; Friborg, T.; Soegaard, H.
Carbon dioxide exchange of arctic tundra in the northern part of European Russia

Sachs, T.; Giebels, M.; Boike, J.; Kutzbach, L.
Environmental controls on plot-scale CH4 emission from polygonal tundra in the Lena River Delta, Siberia

Qi, J.; Ailikun, A.; Groisman, P.
Synergizing MAIRS and NEESPI Region Study Programs: Complementary and Potential for Collaboration

Panferov, O. ; Sogachev, A. ; Radler, K.; Oltchev, A. ; Gravenhorst, G.
Effects of Gap Size on Wind Damage Factors and on radiative Regime in a boreal Forest Ecosystem.

Gusti, M.; Jonas, M.; et , al.
How well do we know Russia’s carbon budget for 1988-1992? Critical look from uncertainty study of IIASA’s Full Carbon Account

Hibbard, K.; Kattsov, V.; Wood, E.; Lettenmaier, D.; Lawrence, D.; Kabat, P.; Groisman, P.
Northern Eurasia: evaluating processes and feedbacks in the context of climate change

Heimann, M.; ZOTTO Consortium
The Zotino Tall Tower Observatory (ZOTTO): A 300m tall tower for long-term atmospheric monitoring of biogeochemical changes in central Siberia

Bolton, W.R.; Boike, J.
Simulation of mass and energy fluxes at a polygonal tundra site, Lena River Delta, Siberia

Zona, D.; Oechel, W.
Continuous measurements of methane fluxes by eddy covariance in the Arctic: Results of a large-scale manipulation of water status at Barrow, Alaska.

Westberg, D.; Soja, A.; Stackhouse Jr., P.
Wildfire, ecosystem and climate in siberia: developing weather and climate data sets for use in fire weather and bioclimatic models

Bhatt, U; Walker, D; Raynolds, M; Comiso, J
Examining Relationships between Sea Ice and Arctic Vegetation on the Pan-Arctic, Regional and Site Scales

Kozlova, E.; Manning, A.; Kisilyakhov, Y.; Seifert, T.; Heimann, M.
Biogeochemical trace gas and O2 concentrations in central Siberia from a 300-m tall tower: Seasonal, synoptic and diurnal scale variability

Flachner, Zs.; Flachner
Evaluation of a harmonized land and water management concept in the Bodrogköz region

Loboda, T.; Csiszar, I.
Long-term forecasting of fire danger in the Russian Far East using climate change scenarios (withdrawn)

Sukhinin, A.I.; Soja, A.J.; McRae, D.J.
Space monitoring and analysis of catastrophic fires in Central Siberia

Pridacha, V.; Sazonova, T.
Morphophysiological response of coniferous plants to industrial pollution in northwest Russia

Sokolov, A.
Impact of decreases in the Arctic sea ice on climate in high latitudinal land areas of the Northern Hemisphere

Yu, Q.; Epstein, H.
Evaluating Arctic tundra system resilience to grazing disturbances: A modeling approach

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