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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.14 Implications of emission, transport, and reaction of atmospheric halogens: I - Boundary Layer and Free Troposphere

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Yang, X.; Pyle, J.; Cox, R.
Blowing snow and bromine explosions-a model study

Prados-Román, C.; Butz, A.; Dorf, M.; Kritten, L.; Pfeilsticker, K.
Detection of halogen activation and “BrO explosions” in the Arctic in spring 2007

Seitz, K.; Pöhler, D.; Buxmann, J.; Platt, U.
DOAS measurements of reactive halogen species at two different measurement sites in Carna, Ireland

Enami, S.; Vecitis, C.; Cheng, J.; Colussi, A.; Hoffmann, M.
Iodide catalyzed bromine production from marine aerosol

Effect of fatty acid coating on ozone uptake to deliquesced iodide particles

Slemr, F.; Ebinghaus, R.; Kock, H.H.; Schuck, T.; Brenninkmeijer, C.; Zahn, A.; van Velthoven, P.; Hermann, M.; Martinsson, B.
Distribution of total gaseous mercury in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Smoydzin, L.; von Glasow, R.
Modelling bromine and ozone chemistry in the lower boundary layer over the Dead Sea

Dorf, M.; Butz, A.; Camy-Peyret, C.; Chipperfield, M. P.; Engel, A.; Kritten, L.; Laube, J. C.; Sturges, W. T.; Worton, D. R.; Pfeilsticker, K.
The budget of bromine and iodine in the tropical UT/LS as derived from spectroscopic balloon observations

Jammoul, A.; Dumas, S.; D'anna, B.; George, C.
Photosensitized reactions as a source of halogen in the

Theys, N.; Errera, Q.; Chabrillat, S.; Daerden, F.; Hendrick, F.; Van Roozendael, M.
A stratospheric BrO climatology based on the BASCOE 3D chemical transport model

Sousa Santos, G.; Rast, S.; Lamarque, J.-F.; Orlando, J.; Brasseur, G.
Investigations of bromine concentration in the troposphere using MOZART4

Hutterli, M. A.; Huthwelker, T.; Miedaner, M. M.; Enzmann, F.; Ammann, M.; Schneebeli, M.; Maus, S.; Stampanoni, M.; Jones, A. E.; Wolff, E. W.
A 3D X-ray micro computer tomography perspective of sea ice, frost flowers and snow as sources of reactive halogens

Commane, R; Bale, C.S.E; Furneaux, K. L.; Ingham, T.; Whalley, L. K; Heard, D. E.; Bloss, W.
Impacts of Iodine Monoxide in the Marine Boundary Layer

Maione, M.; Arduini, J. ; Uguccioni, F. ; Giostra, U. ; Furlani, F. ; Belfiore, L.
Assessing the strength of biogenic vs anthropogenic emission sources of methyl bromide in the Mediterranean Area

Begoin, M.; Richter, A.; Kirk, H.; Burrows, J.
Transport processes of polar BrO events

Sturges, W.T.; O'Sullivan, D.A.; Oram, D.E.; Röckmann, T.; Braß, M.; Engel, A.; Laube, J.; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M
Halocarbon measurements from the M55 Geophysika high altitude aircraft during the SCOUT-O3 campaigns over Northern Australia and West Africa, and during transit flights from Europe

Grothe, H.; Zoermer, A.; Gálvez, O.; Gómez , P.C.
A Spectroscopic and ab initio Study of Halogen Oxides and their Molecular Complexes

Hay, T.; Kreher, K.; Johnston, P.; Thomas, A.; Riedel, K.; Schofield, R.; McDonald, A.
MAX-DOAS measurements of bromine explosion events in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Hendrick, F.; Johnston, P. V.; Van Roozendael, M. ; Kreher, K. ; De Mazière, M.
Long-term ground-based UV-visible observations of stratospheric BrO at 60°N and 44°S reveal a decline

Clifford, D.; Donaldson, D.J.
The reaction of ozone with bromide ions at the air-water interface

Lai, S.C.; Gilfeldder, B.S.; Biester, H.; Petri, M.; Hoffmann, T.
Chemical speciation of iodine in marine boundary layer: Measurements of iodide, iodate and soluble organic iodine in the particle phase

Huang, R.-J.; Hoffmann, T
Determination of highly reactive halogen species in the remote marine boundary layer

Grooß, J.-U.; von Hobe, M.; Stroh, F.; Müller, R.; Krämer, M.; Schlager, H.; Ulanovsky, A.
Chlorine Activation on Cirrus Clouds

Hornsby, K; Jones, C; Chance, R; Flynn, M; Dorsey, J; Gallagher, M; Carpenter, L
A Relaxed Eddy Accumulation (REA) system for the measurement of halocarbon fluxes in the field

von Glasow, R
Halogen and sulphur chemistry in volcanic plumes

O'Brien, L; Yang, X; Robinson, A; Gostlow, B; Harris, N; Pyle, J; Read, K; Lee, J; Lewis, A; Mendes, L
Halocarbon measurements in the marine boundary layer of the tropical Atlantic Ocean: some results from the Cape Verde atmospheric observatory

Saiz-Lopez, A.; Boxe, C.S.; Sander, S.P.; Chance, K.; Kurosu, T.P.; Liu, X.; Mahajan, A.; Plane, J.M.C
Iodine chemistry in the polar boundary layer (Outstanding Young Scientist Award Lecture)

Ter Schure, A; Volkamer, R; Sinreich, R; Dix, B; Coburn, S
Coastal Halogen Atmospheric Research on Mercury Deposition (CHARMeD)

Stroh, F.; Adolph, M. ; von Hobe, M.; Hrechanyy, S.
Improved Results of in-situ bromine monoxide measurements in the tropical UTLS

Breider, T; Chipperfield, M; Carslaw, K; Korhonen, H
Global Modelling of Chemistry and Aerosols: The Role of Halogen Species

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