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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS16 Fluid flux, mass transfer and energy release in subduction zones

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Fekete, N.; Spiess, V.; Murton, B.; Brüning, M.; Ding, F.; Le Bas, T.; Sahling, H. ; Schwenk, T.
High-resolution multi-channel seismic and acoustic investigations at the Makran accretionary margin, offshore Pakistan

Tilmann, FJ; Grevemeyer, I; Suwargadi, B; Kopp, H; Flueh, E
The seismic/aseismic transition as seen in aftershocks of the 28 Mar 2005 Nias and 26 December 2004 Aceh-Andaman earthquakes

Kodaira, S.; Takahashi, N.; Sato, T.; Obana, K.; Takahashi, T.; Kaneda, Y.
Crustal formation process and mass transfer in the Izu-Bonin subduction factory revealed by active - passive seismic studies

Manchuel, K.; Béthoux, N. ; Régnier, M. ; Pontoise, B. ; Font, Y.; THE ESMERALDAS TEAM
Seismicity pattern along the north Ecuadorian active margin

Gross, K.; Buske, S.; Shapiro, S.; Wigger, P.
Reflection Seismic Imaging of the Seismogenic Coupling Zone in Southern Central Chile

Hüpers, A.; Kopf, A.J.
New insights into the stress state of underthrust sediments at the Nankai margin

Saffer, D; Skarbek, R; Tobin, H; McKiernan, A
From the trench to the seismogenic zone: Establishing links between, fluid pressure, low-T metamorphism, and fault stability

Tobin, H; Kinoshita, M; IODP Exp. 314 Scientific Party
State of Stress in the Nankai Trough Accretionary Complex and Implications for the Seismogenic Cycle: Results from 3D Seismic Data and IODP Expedition 314

Dinc, A.N.; Thorwart, M.; Rabbel, W.; Flueh, E.R.
Interrelated changes of the lithospheric structure, volcanism and stress regime in the Central American subduction zone

Hensen, C. ; Wallmann, K.; Lu, Z.; Liebetrau, V. ; Fehn, U.; Schmidt, M.; Ranero, C.R.
Geochemistry of cold vent fluids at the Central American convergent margin

Kinoshita, M.; Kasaya, T.; Davis, E.; Meldrum, B.; Becker, K.
6 years of borehole pore-pressure monitoring at the toe of Nankai accretionary prism using two ACORK observatories

Marcaillou, B.; Spence, G.; Wang, K.; Collot, J.-Y.; Ribodetti, A.
Prominent influence of trench sedimentation rate on heat flow and location of the thermally-defined seismogenic zone in convergent margin. Example of the North Ecuador – South Colombia Margin (1-4°N)

Marcaillou, B.; Collot, C.; Ribodetti, A.; Spence, G.; Wang, K.
Morphotectonic variations along the North Ecuador – South Colombia margin (1-4°N); control on the location of the thermally-defined seismogenic zone

Marcaillou, B.; Kinoshita, M.; Kodaira, S.; Fukao, Y.
Structural control of the along-strike variations in heat flow and the location of the thermally-defined seismogenic zone in South-Eastern Japan margin

Calahorrano B., A. ; Ranero, C. R.; Barckhausen, U. ; Reichert, C. ; Grevemeyer, I.
Crustal structure and tectonic deformation of the northern Chilean margin between 21 and 23.5ºS

Bourlange, S.; Conin, M.; Miyakawa, A.; Chang, C.; Henry, P.; Louis, L.; IODP NanTroSeize science party, the
Porosity in Nankai Accretionary Wedge, Kumano transect, estimated from LWD resistivity data

Deschamps, F.; Guillot, S.; Godard, M.; Andreani, M.
In-situ characterization of subduction-related serpentinites: a new vision on behaviour of fluid mobile elements during the subduction factory

Hindle, D.; Kopp, H.; Klaeschen, D.; Oncken, O.
End-member type accretion: a closed subduction channel off western Java

Bousquet, R; Wichura, H; de Capitani, C; Oberhänsli, R
Fluids release mechanisms, vein formation, and earthquake localization in subduction zones: a dynamic numerical modeling study

Raimbourg, H.; Shibata, T.; Yamaguchi, A.; Yamaguchi, H.; Kimura, G.
Deformation kinematics within deep levels of accretionary prisms, the example of Nobeoka, Kyushu, Japan

Henry, P.; Lallemant, S.J.; Ashi, J.; Byrne, T.; Tobin, H.J.; Kinoshita, M.; McNeill, L.; Moore, J.C.; Bourlange, S.; Conin, M.; Nantroseize Shipboard Sci. Party (Exp. 314 & 315)
Accretionary wedge growth, seismogenic zone updip limit and stress variations in Nankai subduction

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