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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.01 From biogenic primary exchange to atmospheric fluxes of reactive trace gases

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Farmer, D K; Wooldridge, P J; Cohen, R C
Observations of HNO3, total alkyl nitrates, total peroxy nitrates and NO2 fluxes: Mechanisms controlling exchange over a ponderosa pine forest

Kuhn, U.; LBA-CLAIRE team
Fluxes of volatile organic compounds from Amazonian rainforest: implications for atmospheric chemistry and the local carbon budget

Muller, C.
Biogeoscience review of ENVISAT atmospheric results.

Campbell, J. E.; Carmichael, G. R.; Blake, N. J.; Vay, S. A.; Choi, Y. H.; Chai, T.; Tang, Y.; Mena-Carrasco, M.; Schnoor, J. L.; Stanier, C. O.
Gross surface fluxes of carbonyl sulfide and carbon dioxide inferred from the simultaneous assimilation of boundary layer observations

Bouvier-Brown, N.C.; Holzinger, R.; Palitzsch, K.; Goldstein, A.H.
Characterizing biogenic emissions of sesquiterpene and oxygenated terpene compounds

Wolff, V.; Trebs, I.; Ammann, C.; Spierig, C.; Flechard, C.; Neftel, A.; Meixner, F.X.
Concentrations and fluxes of soluble reactive nitrogen compounds over an intensively managed grassland site

Reth, S.; Graf, W.; Gefke, O.; Schilling, R.; Seidlitz, H.K.; Munch, J.C.
Vertical profile of the trace gas N2O: A lysimeter soil study

Karl, M.; Dosio, A.; Köble, R. ; Lenz, R.; Ganzeveld, L.; Seufert, G.
Assessing emission fluxes of isoprene over Europe: combination of meteorology and land use information on a high spatial resolution

Boissard, C.; Dutot, A.; Chervier, F.
Assessment of biogenic isoprene emission variations

Ruuskanen, T.; Rinne, J.; Kajos, M.; Hellen, H.; Hakola, H.; Tarvainen, V.
Volatile organic compound emissions from Siberian larch

Haapanala, S.; Ekberg, A.; Rinne, J.; Hakola, H.; Hellén, H.; Tarvainen, V.; Arneth, A.
Emissions of volatile organic compounds from mountain birch

Wildt for the JPAC06 Team, J; JPAC06 Team
Secondary organic aerosol formation from boreal tree emissions

Zygmuntowski, M.; Viville , D.; Najjar, G.; Kastendeuch , P.
Turbulent CO2 and H2O flux measurements with an eddy-covariance-system over a wheat field in the Upper Rhine Valley (Project INTERREG IIIa 3c.10)

Isidorov, V.; Povarov, V.; Stepanov, A.
Non-photochemical sink of atmospheric isoprene: sorption by underlying surface

Norman, M; Wisthaler, A; Hansel, A
O2+ as primary reagent ion in the PTR-MS instrument: detection of gas-phase ammonia

Noe, S.M.; Niinemets, Ü.; Lang, M.; Nilson, T.
Estimating regional biogenic isoprenoid fluxes using LAI maps based on remote sensing techniques

Suntharalingam, P; Kettle, A; Montzka, S; Jacob, D; Yantosca, R
Factors governing spatial and temporal variations of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide

Van Diest, H.; Kesselmeier, J.
Diffusivity and enzymatic activity control the exchange of Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) between soils and the atmosphere

Louis, S.; Loivamäki, M.; Mayrhofer, S.; Teuber, M.; Zimmer, I.; Cinege, G.; Schnitzler, J.P.
Circadian clock regulation in poplar complicates isoprene emission modelling.

Skorokhod, A.; Verkhovets, S.; Vaganov, Y.; Elansky, N.
Ecosystem observations and perspectives of atmospheric chemistry research in Central Siberia due to Zotino tall tower construction.

Taipale, R.; Rinne, J.; Ruuskanen, T. M.; Kajos, M.; Hakola, H.; Hellén, H.; Vesala, T.; Kulmala, M.
Disjunct eddy covariance measurements of volatile organic compound emissions from a boreal pine forest

Schaub, A.; Beauchamp, J.; Mumm, R. ; Dicke, M.; Hansel, A.
Monitoring herbivore induced VOC emissions from plants

McGrath, G.S. ; Hinz, C.
Using the structure of rainfall to predict NOx emissions from soil

Dlugi, R.; Berger, M.; Zelger, M.
Energy and Mass Transfer of Chemical Reactive Compounds Above and Inside Tall Vegetation

Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Schaufler, G.; Kitzler, B.
NO, NO2, N2O, CO2 and CH4 fluxes from soils under different land use: temperature sensitivity and effects of soil moisture

Brunner, A.; Ammann, C.; Jocher, M.; Spirig, C.; Neftel, A.
Ozone triggers VOC emissions of grassland species

Ammann, C.; Brunner, A.; Spirig, C.; Jocher, M.; Neftel, A.
Cut and growth related VOC emissions from temperate grassland

Meixner, F.X.; Scheibe, M.; Wolff, V.; Klanner, L.
Gradient measurements of O3, NO, NO2, CO2, H2O and meteorological quantities at a steep floor of a mountainous spruce forest (Hohenpeissenberg, Germany) (withdrawn)

Fuentes, J.D.; Stockwell, W.R.; Zhang, Y.
Chemical processing of biogenic hydrocarbons within and above forests

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