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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.01 Satellite Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrometeorology, Water Cycle, and Flood Forecasting (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Liu, L.; Chao, C.; Lin, L.
The analysis of change of intensity of Longwang Typhoon using satellite data

Voisin, N.; Wood, A.W.; Lettenmaier, D.P.; Wood, E.F.
Use of satellite remote sensing in a medium range global flood prediction system

Roads, J.
GEWEX Water and Energy Budget Studies

Molchanov, O.
Social tension as precursor of large damaging earthquake: legend or reality?

Vischel, T.; Pegram, GGS.; Sinclair, S.
Comparison of soil moisture fields estimated by catchment modelling and remote sensing: a case study in South Africa.

Villarini, G; Krajewski, W.F.
Detailed evaluation of the research-version of TMPA three-hourly 0.25°×0.25° rainfall estimates over Oklahoma

Lima, W.; Machado, L.; Morales, C.; Viltard, N.; Angelis, C.
Rainfall sensitivity analyses for the HSB sounder during Dry-to-Wet/AMC/LBA field campaign

Chronis, T; Anagnostou, E; Williams, E; Petersen, W
Lightning as a precursor of tropical cyclogenesis

Matthews, D.; Brilly, M. ; Houser, P.
WaterNet: The NASA water cycle solutions network

Thi Mai, Dang; Thai Lan, Nguye
Satellite Image application in Flood Forecast in Central Part Of Viet Nam

Seto, S.; Kim, H.; Yoshimura, K.; Oki, T.
A global flood monitoring system with high-resolution precipitation maps by satellite

Zipser, E.
Weather regimes with greatest errors in rainfall estimation from TRMM

Mieruch, S.; Noël, S.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J.P.
Water vapour trends from GOME and SCIAMACHY satellite measurements

Sohn, B.J.; Chung, E.S.; Schmetz, J.; Koening, M.
Diurnal variation of convective activities over tropical Africa and its associated upper tropospheric humidity variation

kiavarz moghaddam, M.; samadzadegan, F.; valadan zoj, M.
Rapid Damage Mapping for Post-Earthquake Building Damage Assessment (withdrawn)

Peters-Lidard, C.; Tian, Y.; Garcia, M.; Choudhury, B.
Multitemporal analysis and downscaling of TRMM-based satellite rainfall products for land data assimilation applications

Papadopoulos, A. ; Serpetzoglou, E.; Anagnostou, E.N.; Vamvakas, I.A.; Tadesse, A.
The Influence of Assimilating Land Surface Parameters on the Simulation Performance of Warm Season Convective Systems

Vamvakas, I.A.; Papadopoulos, A.; Anagnostou , E.; Serpetzoglou, E.; Lawrence, P.
Sensitivity of simulated land-atmospheric processes on scale and precipitation uncertainty

Leinweber, R.; Preusker, R.; Fischer, J.
A new retrieval of total water vapour content from MERIS measurements (withdrawn)

Scharrer, K.; Spieler, O.; Mayer, Ch.; Münzer, U.; Dingwell, D.B.
Jökulhlaups in Iceland - SAR contribution to flowpath prediction

Porcu', F.; Capacci, D.; Prodi, F.
The use of TRMM-PR rainrate products to verify and calibrate a SEVIRI-based statistical rainfall estimation technique (withdrawn)

Bellerby, T
High-resolution cloud-top advection tracking

Grieser, J.; Alessandrini, S.; Evangelisti, M.; Gommes, R.; Bernardi, M.; Ticheler, J.; Cofield, S.
The FAO African Rainfall Estimate FAORFE

Puech, C.; Hostache, R.; Schumann, G.; Matgen, P.; R, D.
Using AI to enhance the estimation of flood water levels by merging DTM and satellite imagery

Fekete, B.; Bjerklie, D.; Braswell, R.
Surveying and Monitoring River Systems from Satellite Platforms

Grecu, M; Chronis, T; Anagnostou, E
Passive Microwave Estimates of Sea Surface Winds over the Mediterranean

Dinku, T
Validation of Satellite rainfall products over complex terrain in Africa (withdrawn)

Morales, C.A.; Anagnostou, E.N.
Evaluation of the ZEUS Global Lightning Monitoring Network Expansion

Lawford, R. G.
Remote Sensing and the Detection of Change in the Global Water Cycle

Gebremichael, M.; Anagnostou, E.N.; Dinku, T.
A Blueprint for Advancing Hydrologic Predictability in the Nile Basin

Smith, E.A.; Mehta, A. ; Mugnai , A.; Tripoli, G.J.
Interactions Between Vestige Atlantic Tropical Cyclones and Mid-latitude Cyclonic Storms Over Mediterranean Basin

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