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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.18 Ice and Humidity in the Troposphere

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Huszár, H.; Bozóki, Z.; Mohácsi, Á.; Szabó, G.; Zahn, A.
WaSul-Hygro: A diode laser based photoacoustic instrument for airborne measurement of water vapor and total water concentration

Cheng, J.; Colussi, A.; Hoffmann, M.
Probing chemical properties of interstitial micro-fluids in ice

Horvath, A; Soden, B
Lagrangian diagnostics of tropical deep convection and its effect upon upper-tropospheric humidity

Van Malderen, R.; De Backer, H.
Trend analysis of the radiosonde relative humidity measurements at Uccle, Belgium

Milz, M.; Buehler, S. A.; John, V. O.
Comparison of UTH measurements from satellite-borne IR and MW sensors

Baron, PB.
Upper tropospheric temperature and humidity retrieval from nadir THz and infrared sounders.

Lamquin, N.; Stubenrauch, C.J.; Pelon, J.
Upper tropospheric humidity and cirrus thickness: a statistical analysis using one year of collocated AIRS-CALIOP data

Baumgardner, D.; Kok, G.L.
Droplet Freezing and Signs of Small Scale Particle Clustering in Mountain Wave Clouds

Spichtinger, P.
Cirrus cloud dynamics - a source for supersaturation inside cirrus

Krämer, M.; Schiller, C.; Gensch, I.; Sitnikov, N.; Borrmann, S.; de Reus, M.; Spichtinger, P.
On Cirrus Cloud Supersaturations and Ice Crystal Numbers

Grothe, H.; Baloh, P.; Martín-Llorente, B.; Parker, S.
Spectroscopic Studies on Nitric Acid Hydrates

Koop, T.; Zobrist, B.; Marcolli, C.; Pedernera, A.
Ice Clouds and Humidity: A microphysical Perspective

Gensch, I. ; Bunz, H.; Baumgardner, D.; Curtius, J.; de Reus, M.; Schiller, C.; Krämer, M.
Formation and evolution of midlatitude frontal cirrus clouds: a CIRRUS-III 2006 case study

Kahan, T.F.; Donaldson, D.J.
Uptake and ozonation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on ice surfaces

Kahan, T.F.; Reid, J.P.; Donaldson, D.J.
Spectroscopic probes of the quasi-liquid layer on ice

Murray, B. J.
The inhibition of ice crystallization in droplets relevant for the upper troposphere

Winterhalter, R.; Kippenberger, M.; Williams, J.; Moortgat, G.K.
Measurements of organic acids in snow samples from two high altitude locations in the Swiss Alps

Ebert, V; Saathoff , H; Lauer, C; Hunsmann, S; Wagner, S
Simultaneous, absolute gas-phase and total water detection during cloud formation studies in the AIDA chamber using a new dual 1.37µm TDL-Spectrometer

Schrems, O.; Gand, M.; Bluszcz, Th.
UV photochemistry of methyl hydroperoxide in ice

Schäuble, D.; Voigt, C.; Schlager, H.; Stock, P.; Krämer, M.; Schiller, C.; de Reus, M.; Borrmann, S.; Curtius, J.
Uptake of nitric acid in cirrus clouds and contrails

Saathoff, H.; Ebert, V.; Fahey, D.W.; Gao, R.-S.; Möhler, O.; Schiller, C.; AquaVIT Team, the
The AQUAVIT formal intercomparison of atmospheric water measurement methods

Bingemer, H.; Nillius, B.; Jaenicke, R.; Klein, H.; Wetter, T.; Bundke, U.
Performance and Intercomparison of two Ice Nucleus Counters (withdrawn)

Rowe, P.; Miloshevich, L.; Turner, D.; Walden, V.
Dry bias in Vaisala RS90 radiosonde humidity profiles over Antarctica

Verheggen, B.; Clace 3 & 4 team
The influence of ice on the partitioning of aerosol particles in mixed-phase clouds

Ignatov, S. K.; Razuvaev, A. G.; Sennikov, P. G.; Schrems, O.
A study of sulfur dioxide adsorption on an ice Ih surface

Ulanowski, Z. ; Stopford, C.; Hesse, E.; Kaye, P. H.; Hirst, E.; Greenaway, R. S.; Schnaiter, M.
Small Ice Detector 2: Characterization of Ice Crystals Using Analysis of Azimuthal Scattering Patterns

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