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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS63 - TS5/SM26 Earthquake geology (co-organized by TS & SM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Fraser, J.; Pigati, J.; Hubert-Ferrari, A.; Vanneste, K.; Avsar, U.; Altinok, S.
A 3000 year chronology of North Anatolian Fault ruptures, utilizing magnetic susceptibility trench logging, near Lake Ladik, Turkey

Caputo, R.; Salviulo, L.; Bianca, M.
Quaternary evolution of the Scorciabuoi Fault (Southern Italy): inferences for the recent activity of the area

Sançar, T.; Zabci, C.; Akyüz, H. S.; Karabacak, V.; Altunel, E.
Geometry and Segmentation of the North Anatolian Fault Zone between Yedisu and Karliova Triple Junction; A New Seismic Gap in Eastern Turkey ?

Akyüz, H. S.; Sançar, T.; Zabci, C.; Karabacak, V.; Gutsuz, P.; Altunel, E.; Yalçiner, Ç.
Geometry and Paleoseismology of Yedisu Seismic Gap, North Anatolian Fault Zone, Eastern Turkey

Diaconescu, M.; Placinta, A.O. ; Moldovan, I.A.; Constantin, P.A.; Craiu, M.
Sesimological features of the Central and South Dobrogea

Ustaszewski, M.; Pfiffner, O.A.
A new Seismotectonic Atlas of Switzerland: fault data

Deichmann, N.; Wöhlbier, S.; Giardini, D.; Ustaszewski, M. ; Pfiffner, O.A.
A new seismotectonic atlas of Switzerland: earthquake data

Yerli, B.; ten Veen, J.H.; Sintubin, M
Geological and Archaeoseismological Evidence of Neotectonic activity in the Fethiye-Burdur Fault Zone (Eşen Basin, SW Turkey)

Galli, P.; Naso, J.A.; Piscitelli, S.; Giocoli, A.; Hailemikael, S.; Rizzo, E.
Unmasking the 1349 earthquake fault: paleoseismological indications from Latium-Campania border (central Italy)

Garcia Moreno, D.; Hubert-Ferrari, A.; Moernaut, J.; Van Daele, M.; Damci, E.; De Batist, M.
The Hazar pull-apart along the east Anatolian fault: Structure and active deformation.

Hampel, A.; Hetzel, R.; Densmore, A. L.
Postglacial slip rate increase on the Teton normal fault, northern Basin and Range Province, caused by melting of the Yellowstone ice cap and deglaciation of the Teton Range

Chuang, RY; Miller, M; Shyu, JBH; Chen, YG
Interseismic crustal deformation of Taiwan: an aspect of block tectonics

Chen, C.-T.; Lee, J.-C.; Chan, Y.-C.; Lu, C.-Y.; Hu, J.-C.
Active half graben at the northern tip of Taiwan mountain belt: constraints from decadal ground elevation change in the Taipei Basin and geomorphic characteristics of the Shanchiao Fault

Raileanu, V.; Ardeleanu, L.; Bala, A.; Popescu, E.
Deep structure and seismicity in the SE Carpathians and Focsani depression

Pinet, N.; Duchesne, M.; Bolduc, A.; Campbell, C.; Lavoie, D.
Quaternary fault(s) in southern Québec (Canada): first evidence from the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary

Crider, J.G.
Simulating fault scarp degradation in jointed bedrock

Zabci, C.; Karabacak, V.; Sancar, T.; Akyuz, H. S.; Altunel, E.; Gursoy, H.; Tatar, O.
The possible eastward continuation of the 17 August 1668 Anatolian Earthquake on the North Anatolian Fault (NAF), Turkey

Michetti, A.M.; Berlusconi, A.; Livio, F.; Zerboni, A.; Cremaschi, M.; Trombino, L.; Mueller, K.; Vittori, E.; Carcano, C.; Rogledi, S.
Holocene surface faulting at Monte Netto, Brescia, and the Christmas 1222 earthquake in the Po Plain, Italy

Mitchell, T; Shimamoto, T; Ando, J; Ben-Zion, Y
The Seismic Velocity and Permeability Properties of Pulverized Rocks

Reicherter, K.R.; Silva Barroso, P.G; Gruetzner, C.; Bardaji, T.; Lario, J.; Goy, J.L.; Zazo, C.
Archeoseismological, paleoseismological and GPR investigations in the Roman Ruins of Baelo Claudia (southern Spain)

Matsuta, N.; Chen, W.; Yu, N.; Shih, R.; Chu, Y.; Yang, C.; Yen, I.; Huang, N.; Yu, Y.; Su, C.
The deformation rate of a frontal thrust (the Changhua fault), the middle western Taiwan

Scotti, O.; Larroque, C.; Courboulex, F. ; Delouis, B.; Baumont, D.
On the Definition of realistic Earthquake Parameters along potential active Faults in the French-Italian Riviera: a key step in Quantitative Seismic Hazard Assessment (QSHA) - a Platform for strong Ground Motion Modeling

Comerci, V.; Blumetti, A.M.; Brustia, E.; Di Manna, P.; Esposito, E.; Fiorenza, D.; Guerrieri, L.; Porfido, S.; Serva, L.; Vittori, E.
One century after the 1908 Southern Calabria - Messina earthquake (southern Italy): a review of the geological effects

Argnani, A.; Bonazzi, C.; Pondrelli, S.; Rovere, M.; Vannucci, G.; Serpelloni, E.
Active tectonics and deformation pattern in the central Adriatic Sea: evidence by integrating seismic profiles, GPS data and focal mechanisms

Fracassi, U.; Di Bucci, D.; Ridente, D.; Trincardi, F.; Valensise, G.
Activity of the Gondola Fault Zone and potential earthquake sources offshore the Gargano Promontory (Adriatic Sea)

Gudmundsson, A; Kusumoto, S; Philipp, S; Simmenes, T
Opening-displacement variations in rock fractures

Guest, B; Kuebler, S; Hoffmann, M
Fault slip rates in time and space along the eastern margin of the Eastern California Shear Zone: Stateline fault system, California-Nevada, USA

Jané, G.; Maestro, A. ; Martínez Díaz, J.J.; Rodríguez Pascua, M.A.; García Mayordomo, J.; Fernández Revuelta, B.; Somoza, L.; Díaz del Río, V.
Cause of the rupture and distribution of carbonate chimneys in the Contourite Cadiz Channel (Gulf of Cadiz, southwestern of Peninsula Iberica)

Katz, O; Amit, R; Yagoda, G; Hatzor, YH; Porat, N; Hecht, H
Seismic history of the Southeastern Sea of Galilee margins, Dead Sea Rift, Israel

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