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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV07 Metamorphic and magmatic trends in subduction/collision zones

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Perchuk, L. L.
Origin of the triad “trench – island arc – marginal sea floor” in the light of metamorphic and magmatic processes

Miller, D. P.; Marschall, H. R.; Schumacher, J. C.
Metasomatic formation and petrology of mélange rocks from Syros (Greece): implications for subduction zone element cycling

Zareisahamieh, R.
Geochemical characteristics of the granitoid complex of Boroujerd

Rodnikov, A.G.
Ancient subduction zone in the Sea of Okhotsk

Brown, M.
One-sided subduction, extreme crustal metamorphism and tectonothermal regimes on Earth

Li, Z.; Gerya, T.
Numerical modeling of continental subduction and UHP rocks exhumation: implications for the Sulu UHP terrane in eastern China

Acharya, K.K.; Thöni, M.; Grasemann, B.
Sm-Nd isotopic systematics in whole rocks of the Kathmandu and Nawakot Complexes, central Nepal

Mishin, Y.; Gerya, T.; Burg, J.-P.
Geodynamic trends of double subduction.

Mishin, Y.; Vasilyev, O.; Gerya, T.
The method for efficient calculation of phase diagrams and in situ rock properties based on 3D adaptive wavelet approach.

Sobissevitch, A.L.; Nechaev, Yu.V.; Sobissevitch, L.E.
The Elbrus volcano (Northern Caucasus): geodynamic position and the deep subsurface structures

Yamato, P.; Burov, E.; Agard, P.
Exhumation mechanisms in convergence zones: Insight from thermomechanical models (The case of the Western Alps)

Faccenda, M.; Gerya, T.V.; Chakraborty, S.
Mid-crustal Partial Melting, Metamorphism and Lithospheric Structure of Hot Collisional Zones from a Numerical Perspective

Dolejš, D.
Redox state of the subducting slab: Thermodynamic constraints from multicomponent phase equilibria

Castro, A.; Moreno-Ventas, A.I.
Generation of ferrosilicic magmas by near-total melting of turbiditic sediments at ultrahigh temperatures (1000-1200 °C): Experimental constraints and implications

Agard, P.; Yamato, P.; Jolivet, L.; Burov, E.
Exhumation of oceanic blueschists and eclogites in subduction zones: timing and mechanisms

Löw, F.I.; Gerya, T.V.
Magmatic arc development at an active margin: Numerical modelling

Nikolaeva, K.; Gerya, T.V.; Connolly, J.A.D; Bourdon, B.
Numerical modeling of intraoceanic subduction: from the initial stage of subduction to the crust formation

Ngo Belnoun, R.N.; Tchouankoue, J.P.; Koller, F.; Thoeni, M.
Petrology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of Kekem mafic complex, western Cameroon

Vrijmoed, J.C.; Podladchikov, Y.Y.; Andersen, T.B.
An alternative model for ultra-high pressure in the Svartberget olivine-websterite, Western Gneiss Complex, Norway

Bruand, E.; Stüwe, K.; Proyer, A.; Powell, R.
Phase diagrams for the eclogite from Koralpe

Faccini, B.; Coltorti, M.; Bonadiman, C.; Grègoire, M.; Siena, F.
Petrology of mantle peridotites and orthopyroxenite cumulates from Cerro del Fraile, (Argentina)

Grassi, D.; Schmidt, M.W.
Carbonated pelites in the upper mantle (8-22GPa)

Dabrowski, M.; Hartz, E. H.; Podladchikov, Y. Y.
Migmatization induced overpressure, East Greenland case study

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