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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL1 Open Session on Climatology and Palaeoclimatology (co-listed in SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Trajanoska, L.; Kaevski, I.
Assessment of climate change using methods of mathematic statistics and theory of probability (withdrawn)

Spain, T.; Lewis, S.; Read, P.
Modelling extreme climate regimes: snowball earth (withdrawn)

Harland, M; Francis, J; Beerling, D; Osborne, C; Brentnall, S
Cretaceous polar forests: fossil data versus computer model predictions

Laberg, J.S.; Eilertsen, R.; Salomonsen, G.; Vorren, T.O.
Late Weichselian paleoenvironment in the area of the Vestfjorden paleo-ice stream, north Norway

Steuber, T.; Rauch, M.
Cretaceous low latitude sea-surface temperature seasonality: Implications from intra-shell variations of oxygen isotopic composition in mollusk calcite

Raynaud, D.; Barnola, J-M.
The ice core record and the CO2 paradox of marine isotopic stage 11

Misumi, K.; Yamanaka, Y.
Ocean Anoxic Events in the mid-Cretaceous simulated by 3-D biogeochemical general circulation model

Vojtek, M.
Climate Trends from Homogenized Snow and Precipitation Data in the Tatra Mountains

Zeebe, R.E.
Simple Ocean Carbon Cycle Models tell different Stories about the Ocean's Glacial CO2 Chemistry

Hargreaves, J.C.; Ridgwell, A.J.
Ocean-sediment interactions in an earth system climate model

Hargreaves, J.C.; Annan, J.D.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Ohgaito, R.; Emori, S.
Ensemble based simulation of the last glacial maximum

Lanci, L.; Galeotti, S.
Evidence against a long term control of earth climate by galactic cosmic rays

Haarsma, R.J.; Hazeleger, W.
Tropical Atlantic climate and variability in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Moliba, J. C.; Huth, R.
Precipitation Regimes in Europe: An Intercomparison of Classification Methods

Pelejero, C.; Calvo, E.; McCulloch, M.T.; Marshall, J.F.; Gagan, M.K.; Lough, J.M.; Opdyke, B.N.
Preindustrial to Modern Decadal Variability in Coral Reef pH

Markwick, P.; Valdes, P.; Crossley, R.
A quantitative, multi-proxy assessment of hydrological results from coupled ocean-atmosphere models: Present Day and Maastrichtian examples

Kocsis, L.; Vennemann, T. W.
Geochemical compositions of Miocene marine fossils as palaeoclimatic and palaeoceanographic proxies for circum-Alpine sediments

Tütken, T.; Vennemann, T.W.; Janz, H.; Heizmann, E.P.J
Palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstructions for the impact-crater lake of the Steinheim Basin, Middle Miocene, SW Germany: a multi-proxy stable isotope approach on phosphatic and carbonaceous fossil skeletal remains

Smith, R.S.; Dubois, C.; Marotzke, J.
Ocean circulation and climate in an idealised Pangean OAGCM

Caballlero, R.; Huber, M.
Irrepressible El Nino: Perspectives on ENSO and climate change from the hothouse climates of the deep past.

Galeotti, S.; Bice, D.; Lanci, L.; Green, S. ; Montanari, A.
Sunspot and ENSO-like cyclicity in lower Messinian shallow-water primary evaporites from the Marche Region (central Italy)

Brewer, S; Guiot, J; Wu, H
Gridded land surface conditions at the Last Glacial Maximum in Eurasia and Africa reconstructed from pollen data

Beck, C; Grieser, J; Rudolf, B
A new monthly precipitation climatology for the global land areas for the period 1951 to 2000

Beck, C
Frequency and within-type variations of North-Atlantic-European circulation types and their relevance for temperature and precipitation variability in Central Europe since 1780

Friedrich, O.; Erbacher, J. ; Wilson, P.A.; Moriya, K.; Birch, H.
Cenomanian/Turonian paleotemperatures of the tropical Atlantic Ocean (ODP Leg 207, Demerara Rise)

Wetterhall, F.; Bardossy, A.; Chen, D.; Halldin, S.; Xu, C.-Y.
Downscaling of daily precipitation in Sweden from GCM output

Mohtadi, M.; Hebbeln, D.; Nuñez Ricardo, S.; Lange, C.B.
SE Pacific carbonate, carbon and oxygen isotope evolution over the past 1 Ma and its global implications

Roche, D.M.; Donnadieu, Y.; Puceat, E.
Simulation of the surface d18O of the ocean under warm climate conditions : implications for the reconstruction of paleotemperatures

Stuut, J-B W; Hebbeln, D.
Late Quaternary climate variability in northern Chile and southwestern Africa; a southern-hemisphere perspective.

Salgueiro, E.; Abrantes , F.; Meggers , H.; Voelker , A.; Loncaric , N.; Oliveira , P.; Moreno , J.; Bartels-Jonsdottir , H.B.; Pflaumann , U.; Wefer, G.
Recent Planktonic Foraminifera Distribution off Portugal. A Regional Transfer Function

Merkel, U.; Latif, M.; Renner, S.
The sensitivity to Last Glacial Maximum boundary conditions in ECHAM5 simulations

Pucéat, E.; Donnadieu, Y.; Fluteau, F.; Ramstein, G.
Late Cretaceous oceanic circulation changes revealed by simulations of Cenomanian and Maastrichtian climates

Proctor, R.; Markwick, P.
Tides in the Maastrichtian era

Munhoven, G.; François, L.; Ouberdous, M.
The combined impact of changing terrestrial organic carbon reservoirs and fractionation effects induced by changing carbonate ion concentrations on the glacial-interglacial marine C-13 record

Fairbanks, R.G.; Mortlock, R.A.; Chiu, T-C.; Cao, L.; Kaplan, A.; Guilderson, T. P.; Fairbanks, T.W.; Bloom, A.L.
Marine Radiocarbon Calibration Curve Spanning 0 to 50,000 Years B.P. Based on Paired 230Th/234U/238U and 14C Dates on Pristine Corals

Alkama, M.R.; Kageyama, M.; Ramstein, G.
Accounting for consistent river flow in simulation of LGM

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