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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS4 Quantitative analysis of faults and folds

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lechmann, S. M.; Schmalholz, S. M.; Marques, F. O.; Burg, J.-P.
Dynamic retro-deformation of folded multilayers: Application to turbidites in South-West Portugal

Tschegg, C.; Grasemann, B.
Quantitatively estimated mass transfer, volume change and quantitative kinematics investigations in ductile low-angle shear zones (Serifos, Greece)

Tuitz, C.; Exner, U.; Grasemann, B.
Stress heterogeneities induced by fault slip in unconsolidated gravel layers (SE Vienna Basin, Austria)

Lisle, R.
A 3D view of fold geometry

Schmalholz, S.M.; Schmid, D.W.; Jäger, P.; Kuhl, E.
Brittle fracturing during folding of rocks: a finite element study

Burg, J.-P.; Schmalholz, S.M.
Viscous Heating Allows Thrusting to Overcome Crustal-Scale Buckling: Numerical Investigation with Application to the Himalayan Syntaxes

Campani, M.; Mancktelow, N.S.; Seward, D.; Rolland, Y.
Thermochronological evidence for a continuous transition from ductile to brittle deformation in the Simplon low-angle normal fault, Central Alps

Ornelas Marques, F.
Very low angle thrusts: Problems and possible solutions

Maniatis, G.; Hampel, A.
Insights to the distribution of slip directions along normal faults from three-dimensional finite-element models

Rice, A. H.; Team ACCEL* & IGME**
Low-angled detachment geometry and evolution based on a new geological map of Kea, W. Cyclades, Greece

Lenauer, I.; Mörtl, G.; Iglseder, C.; Grasemann, B.; Edwards, M.
Field evidence for a major normal fault on Kythnos Island (Western Cyclades, Greece)

Mueller, M.; Grasemann, B.; Iglseder, C.; ACCEL
Frictional-viscous, low-angle normal faulting: a new tectono-stratigraphic map of NW Kea, W. Cyclades, Greece

Storti, F.; Rossetti, F.; Tecce, F.; Testi, D.
The interplay between deformation, fluid flow and dolomitization on the evolution of the Tellaro detachment fault, Northern Apennines, Italy

Mörtl, G.; Grasemann, B.; Lenauer, I.; Iglseder, C.; Edwards, M.; Thöni, M.; Mader, D.
Fluid-rock interaction in a low-angle-normal fault (Kythnos, Western Cyclades, Greece)

Yamato, P.; Mouthereau, F.; Burov, E.
Exhumation and Shortening during the Taiwan mountain building: insight from 2D thermomechanical modeling

Debacker, T.N.; Piessens, K.; Sintubin, M.; De Vos, W.
The Asquempont Detachment System: a large-scale, Early Palaeozoic extensional detachment within the Brabant Massif, Belgium

Kusumoto, S.; Gudmundsson, A.
Extension-fracture displacement and stress fields generated by fluid overpressure variations given by Fourier cosine series

Manatschal, G.; Lavier, L.
The low-angle detachment paradigm: A successful concept to explain mantle exhumation and continental break-up at rifted margins?

Heymes, T.; Monié, P.; Arnaud, N.; Bouillin, J.-P.; Pêcher, A.; Compagnoni, R.
Shortening vs extension in the Aspromonte nappes-pile (Calabria, Italy). New insights from structural and geochronological data.

Ebner, M.; Koehn, D.; Toussaint, R.; Renard, F.; Schmittbuhl, J.
Scaling behavior of natural and simulated stylolites

Cubas, N.; Maillot, B.; Barnes, C.
Growth of a sand wedge : experimental uncertainties, and inversion to deduce fault strength

Iglseder, C.; Grasemann, B.; Schneider, D.; Rice, AHN.; Lenauer, I.; Müller, M.; Mörtl, G.; Voit, K.; Petrakakis, K.; Draganits, E.
Low-angle normal fault mechanics and architecture in the Western Cyclades (Greece)

Smith, S.A.F; Holdsworth, R.E.; Collettini, C.
Fluid- and thermally-enhanced weakening mechanisms associated with the development of low angle normal faults

Dabrowski, M.P.; Schmid, D.W.; Krotkiewski, M.M.
Evolution of large amplitude 3D fold patterns: a FEM study

Roffeis, C.; Stüwe, K.; Powell, R.
Pressure gradients across the Plattengneiss Shear Zone

Dabrowski, M.; Schmid, D.W.
Numerical study of a rigid circular inclusion in an anisotropic matrix

Exner, U.; Dabrowski, M.
Fault drag around ideal elliptical faults in 3D

Le Pourhiet, L.; Lecomte, E.; Lacombe, O.
Mechanical constrains on LANF using visco-elasto-plastic rheology- Insights from the Gulf of Corinth and Tinos Island

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