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  List of Accepted Contributions - SM12 Towards a European Reference Model

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kind, R
Construction of a high resolution model of the European-Mediterranean lithosphere

Boschi, L.; Fry, B.; Peter, D. ; Ekstrom, G.; Giardini, D.
Anisotropic S-wave tomography of the Mediterranean upper mantle: New measurements, new tomographic methods.

Goes, S.; Cammarano, F.
Effect of seismic reference model on the physical interpretation of seismic structure

Meier, U.; Trampert, J.; Curtis, A.
Neural Networks with an Application to global crustal Structure.

Godey, S; Bossu, R; Mazet-Roux, G
A comprehensive seismological bulletin at the Euro-Mediterranean scale

Nielsen, L.; Thybo, H.
Heterogeneous zones characteristic of the crust and upper mantle

Acarel, D.; Maupin, V.
Surface wave synthetic data in heterogeneous regions

Fry, B.; Boschi, L.; Stehly, L.; Campillo, M.; Giardini, D.
Surface wave dispersion of the central Alps: Utilizing multiple techniques

Grad, M.; Booth, D.C.; Tiira, T.
Crustal structure maps of Europe

Fichtner, A.; Bunge, H.-P.; Igel, H.
Theoretical aspects of seismic waveform inversion based on the adjoint method

Guillot, L.; Maupin, V.
Wave propagation across a passive margin using coupled local modes

Ritzwoller, M.H.; Yang, Y.; Levshin, A.L. ; Engdahl, E.R.; Shapiro, N.M.
Thoughts on a European Seismic Reference Model: The Role of Surface Waves from Earthquakes and Ambient Noise

Raileanu, V.; Ritter, J.; Radulian, M.; Martin, M.; Bala, A.; Hauser, F.; Popa, M.; Ionescu, C.
Crustal and lithospheric structure within and around the Vrancea seismogenic zone, Romania

Rosat, S.; Sailhac, P.; Gegout, P.
Application of a new wavelet-based method to the detection and characterization of the normal modes of the Earth

Shapiro, N.M.; Ritzwoller, M.H.; Mareschal, J.-C.; Jaupart, C.; Zhong, S.
Applying thermal constraints to improve seismic models of the continental and the oceanic lithosphere.

Amaru, M; Godey, S; Spakman, W; Bossu, R
Contribution of the Euro-Med Bulletin to tomography at the Euro-Mediterranean scale

Schuberth, B.; Piazzoni, A.; Igel, H.; Bunge, H.-P.; Steinle-Neumann, G.
Global seismic Wave Field Effects of geodynamically derived 3-D Mantle Structures

Stich, D.; Pondrelli, S.; Morelli, A.
Moment tensor inversion in a 3D a priori earth model for the Alpine-Apenninic region

Ritzmann, O.; Maercklin, N.; Faleide, J.I.; Bungum, H.; Mooney, W.D.; Detweiler, S.T.
Construction of a 3D crustal velocity model for the greater Barents Sea region

WEIDLE, C.; Levshin, A.; Schweitzer, J.; Maercklin, N.; Shapiro, N.; Ritzwoller, M.
Surface Wave Tomography of the European Arctic

Schivardi, R.; Morelli, A.
Radially anisotropic three-dimensional upper mantle structure of the European region from inversion of surface waves

Aldersons, F.; Di Stefano, R.; Diehl, T.; Kissling, E.
Automatic seismic phase picking and weighting at national and regional scales

Papazachos, C.; Karagianni, E.
Creating a Moho depth model for the broader Aegean area using results from various geophysical studies: Problems and implications for active tectonics

McLaughlin, K.L.; Bondar, I.
Collaborative Validation of Seismic Models

Serretti, P.; Morelli, A.
Seismic rays in realistic heterogeneous mantle structures

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