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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.05 Vertical and Long-Range Transport of Trace Gases and Aerosols

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Sinclair, V; Gray, S; Belcher, S
Boundary layer ventilation by baroclinic systems

Panday, A; Horowitz, L
Vertical Transport of Air Pollution in the Himalaya

Engling, G.; Lee, J.; Chen, Y.-T.; Wu, Y.-C.; Lung, S.-C.; Chou, C.-K.
Biomass burning influence on ambient aerosol concentrations in a subtropical region – local versus long-range transport source contributions

Besedina, Yu.N.; Popel, S.I.
Dust grain capture by Rossby vortices in Earth’s atmosphere

Liu, C; Frankenberg , C; Beirle , S; Platt, U; Wagner , T
Retrieval of CO from SCIAMACHY onboard ENVISAT: study seasonal variability and cloud effect

Mercier, J-F; d'Amours, R.; Tracy, B.; Chagnon, F.; Hoffman, I.; Korpach, E.; Johnson, S.; Ungar, K.
Radon atmospheric transport: Extracting radon emanation rates at distant locations from environmental gamma radiation measurements.

Ross, O.; Rast, S.; Feichter, J.; Schlünzen, K.H.; Kalinowski, M.B.
Modelling the trend and variability of global krypton-85 concentrations in the troposphere

Hirdman, D; Burkhart, J.F.; Eckhardt, S; Sodemann, H; Stohl, A
Global source identification of Arctic air pollution using statistical analysis of particle dispersion model output and measurement data

Febo, A.; Guglielmi, F.; Manigrasso, M.; Ciambottini, V.; Avino, P.
Identification of long-range mass transport episodes of coarse and fine particulate matter through aerosol size spectrum analysis

Zhang, L.; Vet, R.; Wiebe, A.; Mihele, C.; Iqbal, S.; Sukloff, B.; Chan, E.; Moran, M.
Characterization of the size-segregated water-soluble inorganic ions across eastern Canada

Font, A.; Curcoll, R. ; Morguí, J-A.; Rodó, X.
Mixing processes and spatial relationships between sites along the 42ºN parallel in the Iberian Peninsula using atmospheric dispersion particle patterns

Shirsat, S.V; Graf, H.F
An inventory of chemical-species emitted from human and natural sources in Antarctica, and its inclusion in REMOTE to understand the transport patterns of these species

Laffont, J.; Molinié, J.; Petit, R.-H.
Transport of Saharan dust over the North Atlantic Ocean: Study of a post seasonal event over Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)

Paris, J D; Ciais, P; Stohl, A; Ramonet, M; Nédélec, P; Belan, B D; Arshinov, M Yu
The Siberian pathways: experimental insights into atmospheric transport across Eurasia

Zhang, K.; Wan, H.; Zhang, M.-G.; Wang, B.
Evaluation of the atmospheric transport in a GCM using radon measurements: sensitivity to cumulus convection parameterization

Krawczyk, W.E.; Glowacki, P.
The scavenging of atmospheric pollutants by snowfall at Hornsund, Svalbard

Pfister, G. ; Emmons, L. ; Edwards, D.; Arellano, A.
Pollution Transport across the Pacific and its Impact on North America

Cristofanelli, P.; Sprenger, M.; Bonasoni, P.
Cluster analysis of air-mass circulation at the Nepal Climate Observatory at Pyramid (5079 m a.s.l,. Nepal)

Dacre, H
Evaluation of the transport of pollution by the UK Met Office's dispersion and weather prediction models using the ETEX dataset

Textor, C.; Schulz, M. S.; Bréon, F.-M.; Labonne, M.; Cozic, A.
The effect of improved biomass burning emissions over Africa on the fate of aerosols in the atmosphere (withdrawn)

Petersson, K.F.; Shallcross, D.E.; Martin, D.; White, I.
Investigation of vertical dispersion in urban areas using perfluorocarbon tracers: results from three campaigns

Petersson, K. F.; Shallcross, D. E.; Martin, D.; Archibald, A.; White, I.
Investigation of regional transportation of trace gases using perfluorocarbon tracers

Devine, G.; Carslaw, K.; Parker, D.; Petch, J.
The influence of subgrid surface-layer variability on vertical transport of a chemical species in a convective environment

Devine, G.; Carslaw, K.; Parker, D.; Petch, J.
The behaviour of sea salt particles in a deep convective cloud environment

Kosmopoulos, P.G.; Kaskaoutis, D.G.; Nastos, P.T. ; Kambezidis, H.D.; Kharol, S.K.; Badarinath, K.V.S
Investigation on the aerosol transport mechanisms over Athens, Greece combining satellite data and back-trajectory analysis

Turquety, S.; Coheur, P.-F.; Clerbaux, C.; Hurtmans, D.; Szopa, S.; Cozic, A.; Ravetta, F.; Real, E.; Tsamalis, C. ; Pelon, J.
Analysis of pollution transport from forest fires in the Mediterranean during the summer of 2007

Dils, B.; Mijling, B.; van der A, R.; Dirksen, R.; van Geffen, J.; De Mazière, M. ; Van Roozendael, M.
Monitoring of transatlantic long range transport of tropospheric NO2 – Observation and simulation

Moiseenko, K. B.; Vivchar, N. V.; Shumsky, R. A.; Skorokhod, A. I.
Localization of source regions of odd nitrogen through a receptor climatology of trajectories for the region of Western Siberia

Kardas, A.E.; The Macron Team
Aerosol from mid-latitudes influencing arctic atmosphere – a case study

Marinoni, A.; ABC TEAM
Observations of dust mixed with pollution transport event from Pakistan area to Himalayas

Lupu, A.; Kaminski, J. W.; Neary, L.; McConnell, J. C.; Rinsland, C. P.; Bernath, P. F.; Walker, K. A.; Boone, C. D.
Hydrogen cyanide in the upper troposphere

Nyanganyura, D.; Maenhaut , W.; Makarau, A.; Andreae , M. O.; Meixner, F. X.
Influence of atmospheric transport pathways on the chemical composition of aerosol particles over northern Zimbabwe

Bonasoni, P.; Cristofanelli, P.; Arduini, J.; Bonafè, U.; Calzolari, F.; Duchi, R.; Lanconelli, C.; Lupi, A.; Maione, M.; Marinoni, A.; Mazzola, C.; Roccato, F.; Tomasi, C.; Vitale, V.
Observations of North African forest fire plumes over North Italy

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