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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.03 Deformation processes and accompanying mechanical and electromagnetic phenomena, for rocks and other materials, from the laboratory to the geophysical scale

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Morgounov, V.
Acoustic, electromagnetic emission and atmospheric electric disturbances prior to earthquakes. Laboratory tests and modeling. (withdrawn)

Chelidze, T.; Lursmanashvili, O.; Matcharashvili, T.
Electromagnetic Forcing of Stick-Slip Deformation: multiple synchronization and phase shift

Das, N.K.; Bhandari, R.K.; Sen, P.; Sinha, B.; Morgounov, V.
Monitoring of Geochemical and Electromagnetic signals in seismic area of Himalaya in India.

Cavouras, D.; Georgiadis, P.
Application of pattern recognition methods for detecting the existence of EM precursor signals preceding major seismic events

Tsutsui, M.
A method of monitoring earth-crust stress-changes from identifications of source locations of EM pulses excited in the earth

Balasis, G.; Mandea, M.
CHAMP satellite observations during recent destructive megathrust earthquakes

Mandea, M.; Balasis, G.
Occurence of catastrophic geophysical events

Gershenzon, N.; Bambakidis, G; Hunt, A
Transport properties of soil in the presence of a seismic wave

Koulouras, G; Kontakos, K; Avgoustis, G; Stonham, J; Ruzhin, Y; Stavrakakis, G; Eftaxias, C; Nomicos, C
Electromagnetic emissions in the 142 to 415 MHZ band

Ruzhin, Yu.Y.; Nomicos , C. ; Afraimovich, E. L.; Bershadskaya, I.N.; Koulouras , G.; Fomichev, V. V.
On possibility of seismic VHF network calibration by simultaneous observations of solar flare radio emission at spaced sites.

Zakharenkova, I. E.; Ruzhin , Yu.Ya; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Tepenitsina , N.Yu ; Shpakovski, V.V.
Effect of magnetic storm on the state of pre-seismic ionosphere

Contoyiannis, Y.; Eftaxias, K.
Is the evolution towards global failure irreversible after the appearance of distinguishing features in the preseismic EM time series?

Eftaxias, K. A.; Balasis, G.
Is there a unified theory for the ways in which elements of a system organize themselves to produce a behaviour that is typical of large classes systems?

Eftaxias, K.; Contoyiannis, Y.; Karamanos, K.; Kalimeri, M.; Balasis, G.; Kopanas, J.; Antonopoulos, G.; Nomicos, K. D.
Evidence of a self-affine asperity fault model in preseismic electromagnetic activity

Karamanos, K.; Nomikos, C.; Eftaxias, K.
Search for signatures that imply the transition to earthquake nucleation by means of complexity

Karamanos, K. ; Papadimitriou, K. ; Kalimeri, M. ; Athanasopoulou, L. ; Eftaxias, K.
Entropic Study of a proper "word length" for Catastrophic Events

Bogdanov, Yu.; Bondarenko, N.
Observations of faults and stress zones through variations of the VLF magnetic field.

Kawada, Y.; Nagahama, H.; Nakamura, N.
Temporal power-law change in rock magnetization prior to failure

Zakharenkova , I.E. ; Ruzhin , Yu.Y.; Shagimuratov, I.I.; Tepenitsina, N.Yu.; Shpakovski, V.V.
Effect of magnetic storm on the state of pre-seismic ionosphere

Putelat, T.; Dawes, J.H.; Willis, J. R.; Aifantis, E. C.
Relaxation oscillations of slip and crack instabilities

Koshevaya, S.V.; Grimalsky, V.V.; Makarets, N.V.; Kotsarenko, A.N.; Siquieros-Alatorre, J.; Pérez-Enríquez, R.; Juárez-Romero, D.
Electromagnetic emission from magnetite plate cracking

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