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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG6.08 Methods, tools and strategies for biogeochemical investigation of chemosynthetic deep water systems (co-listed in SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gulin, S.B.; Polikarpov, G.G.; Egorov, V.N.; Artemov, Yu.G.; Gulin, M.B.; De Batist, M.
The age of microbial build-ups growing at methane seeps of the Black Sea abyssal basin

de Beer, D.; Witte, U.; Sauter, E.; Niemann, H.; Boetius, A.
In situ measurements of microbial activities and transport phenomena on the Haakon Mosby Mud Vulcano (Barents Sea)

Treude, T.; Viergutz, T.; Wenzhöfer, F.; Boetius, A.
In situ measurement of microbial activity in cold seep sediments

Fortin, D.; Ferris, F.G.; Kennedy, C.B.; Langley, S.R.; Scoot, S.D.
Electron microscopic investigation of bacterial cell structure fossil preservation in response to mineral precipitation in deep ocean hydrothermal systems

Le Bris, N.; Sarradin, P.-M.; Le Gall, C.; Rodier, P.; Vuillemin, R.
Is temperature a good proxy for sulphide in hydrothermal vent habitats ?

Cambon-Bonavita, M.A.; Zbinden, M.; Le Bris, N.; Alain, A.; Pagé, A.; Lesongeur, F.; Cueff-Gauchard, V.; Juniper, S.K.; Gaill, F.; Querellou, J.
Analysis of microbial diversity associated with hydrothermal invertebrates.

Zbinden, M.; Le Bris, N.; Gaill, F.; Compère, P.
Distribution of bacteria and associated minerals in the gill chamber of the vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata and related biogeochemical processes

Lehaitre, M.; Charlou, J. L.; Donval, J. P.; Roussel, B.; Schmidt, H.
Raman Spectroscopy: new perspectives for in situ shallow or deep ocean exploration

Sarradin, P.M.; Sarrazin, J.; Sauter, E.; Shillito, B.; Waldmann, C.; Olu Leroy, K.
Extreme ecosystem studies in the deep ocean: technological developments EXOCET/D

Charlou, J. L.; Donval, J. P.
Biogenic and abiogenic processes in deep sea reducing chemosynthetic environments-hydrothermal vents and cold seeps

Rosales, I.; Ranero, C.R.
Chemoherm formation and chemosyntetic fauna related to hydrothermal venting during continental rifting

German, C.R.; Connelly, D.P.; Prien, R.D.; Yoerger, D.; Jakuba, M.; Bradley, A.; Shank, T.; Nakamura, K.; Langmuir, C.; Parson, L.
New techniques for hydrothermal plume investigation by AUV

Desbruyères, D.; Cannat, M. ; Bally, R.; Cochonat, P.; Deplus, C.; Fouquet, Y.; Gaill, F.; Sarradin, P.M.; Tarits, P.
MoMAR-FR : a coordinated national approach to the international MoMAR (Monitoring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge) project

Green, D.R.H; Alker, B.J.; Bennett, S.; Sands, C.M.; German, C.R.; Parker, C.; Von Damm, K.L.; Humphris, S.; Reves-Sohn, R.
Temporal Variability of High Temperature Vent Fluids at the TAG Hydrothermal Field, 26°N, Mid Atlantic Ridge

Frébourg, G.; Lechaire, J-P.; Gaill, F.; Gros, O.
In situ localization of sulfur in the thioautotrophic symbiotic model Lucina pectinata by cryo-EFTEM microanalysis.

Duperron, S.; Caprais, J.C.; MacGregor, B.; Dubilier, N.; Sibuet, M.
Combining approaches to understand the ecology of symbiotic invertebrates from chemosynthetic ecosystems

Lechaire, J-P.; Frébourg, G.; Shillito, B. ; Gaill, F.
Identification by EFTEM of phosphate granules in microorganisms localized in the Riftia pachyptila tube

Boudier, T.; Lechaire, J-P.; Frébourg, G. ; Messaoudi, C.; Mory, C.; Colliex, C.; Gaill, F.; Marco, S.
3D chemical mapping of intracellular granules of bacteria associated to the deep sea tube worm Riftia pachyptila.

Wenzhoefer, F.; deBeer, D.; Boetius, A.
In situ studies on biogeochemical processes at seep structures

Niemann, H; Lösekann, T; Elvert, M; Jakob, J; Robador, A; Nadalig, T; Sauter, E; de Beer, D; Boetius, A
Novel methanotrophic guilds on mud flows at Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano, Barents Sea – evidence of biomarker and DNA analyses

Heuer, V. ; Elvert, M. ; Prieto Mollar, X; Hmelo, L. R.; Krummen, M.; Hinrichs, K. U.
Carbon isotopic compositions of volatile fatty acids in sediment/pore-water systems measured by isotope-ratio-monitoring liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry

Jerosch, K.; Schlüter, M.; Foucher, J.-P.; Klages, M.
Budget on spatial distribution of biological communities affecting the CH4 cycle at Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano

Koschinsky, A.; Schmidt, K.; Sander, S.; Seifert, R.; Garbe-Schönberg, D.
The Logatchev Field at 15°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids

Gloter, A.; Zbinden, M.; Guyot, F.; Colliex, C.
Mixed Iron Valences at Bacterial Surfaces From Hydrothermal Vents

Zielinski, F.; Wenzhöfer, F.; Borowski, C.; Dubilier, N.
In situ measurements of O2, H2S, and temperature at mussel beds from the Logatchev hydrothermal vent field

Hinrichs, K. U.; Hayes, J. M.; Bach, W.; Spivack, A. J.; Hmelo, L. R.; Holm, N. G.; Johnson, C. G.
Biological formation of ethane and propane in the deep marine subsurface

Jerosch, K.; Lüdtke, A.; Schlüter, M.; Ioannidis, G.
Image analysis, geo-statistics and GIS techniques to derive spatial budgets for benthic communities at mud volcanoes

Pradillon, F.; Le Bris, N.; Shillito, B.; Young, C. M.; Gaill, F.
Influence of the physico-chemical environment on early development of the hydrothermal vent polychaete Alvinella pompejana

Liebetrau, V.; Eisenhauer, A.; Fietzke, J.; Hametner, K.; Günther, D.; Linke, P.
Deciphering the archive of methane-related venting activity and chemical changes in authigenic carbonates of a cold seep environment

Joye, S.; Boetius, A. ; Kalanetra, K.; MacDonald, I. ; Montoya, J. ; Orcutt, B.; Samarkin, V.
Biogeochemical signatures of cold seeps in benthic and pelagic environments along the Gulf of Mexico continental margin

Mills, R. A.; Severmann, S.; Glynn, S.; Boyce, A.; Pancost, R. D.; Palmer, M. R.; Cragg, B.; Parkes, R. J.
The role of microorganisms in subsurface weathering of hydrothermal sediments: a combined geochemical, mineralogical and microbiological investigation

Vuillemin, R.; Sarradin, P.-M.; Le Gall, C.; Rodier, P.; Birot, D.; Le Bris, N..
In situ flow-analysers for the chemical characterisation of deep-sea hydrothermal vent habitats

Pancost, R. D.; Kelly , S. P.; Kaur, G.; Boetius, A.; Knab, N.; Bristol-Cardiff METROL Partner
Biomarker Evidence for Anaerobic Sedimentary Microbial Processes in a range of Marine Settings: Connections Between Settings of Varying Activity

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