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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS55 - SM4/TS17 Multidisciplinary Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (co-organized by SM & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Virshylo, I.; Prodaivoda, G.
Estimation of mineral and chemical composition of lithosphere by seismic and gravimetric data

Boonen, J; Lebedev, S; Trampert, J
Seismic structure of Precambrian lithosphere: New constraints from tomography and broadband surface-wave dispersion

O'Donnell, J.P.; Daly, E.; Tiberi, C.; Readman, P.W.; O'Reilly, B.M.; Hauser, F.
Joint inversion of seismic and gravity data onshore Ireland

Stankiewicz, J; Parsiegla, N; Ryberg, T; Gohl, K; Weckmann, U; Trumbull, R; Weber, M
Crustal structure of Africa’s southern margin from geophysical experiments

Plomerova, J.; Babuska, V.
Thickness of European seismic lithosphere and its large-scale fabric as a record of tectonic development of the continent

Kovalevsky, V.
Vibrational sounding of the continental lithosphere

Zych-Kotwicka, A.; Perchuć, E.; Malinowski, M.
Models for the ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ areas of the upper mantle beneath western North America.

Stiller, M.; Richter, H.; Lippold, W.; DESIRE group, &
A combined vibroseis/explosive near-vertical reflection profile across the Dead Sea Transform (project DESIRE)

Bourlange, S.; Schnegg, P.-A.; Conin, M.
Electrical resistivity structure of the Remiremont-Epinal-Rambervillers migrating seismicity zone from magnetotelluric exploration

Jones, A.G.; Fishwick, S.; THE SAMTEX TEAM
Comparison of seismic and electrical parameters for the lithosphere of Southern Africa

Piskarev, A.; Butsenko, V.; Kaminsky, V.; Poselov, V.
Geological construction of Mendeleev Ridge in the Arctic Ocean

Balintoni, I.; Balica, C.; Ducea, M.; Chen, F.; Sabliovschi, V.
The meta-detrital zircons put an upper boundary for the age of the Romanian Carpathian pre-Alpine crystalline: a new group of North-Gondwanan Paleozoic terranes

Majdanski, M.; Swieczak, M.; Grad , M.; Kozlovskaya, E.; Wilde-Piorko, M.; POLONAISE'97, W. G.; SUDETES 2003, W. G.
Multidisciplinary model of the crust and upper mantle in Trans-European Suture Zone in Poland

Wilde-Piorko, M.; PASSEQ Working Group
PASSEQ 2006-2008 (Passive Seismic Experiment in TESZ) - first results from receiver functions

Jones, A.G.; Muller, M.R.; Evans, R.L.; Cole, P.; Ngwisanyi, T.; Hutchins, D.; Fourie, C.J.S; Evans, S.F.; Mountford, A.; Pettit, W.; THE SAMTEX TEAM
Southern African lithospheric geometries deduced from electromagnetic imaging: the SAMTEX project

Kukkonen, I.T.; Kuusisto, M. ; Lehtonen, M.; Peltonen, P.
Delamination of eclogitized lower crust: control on the crust-mantle boundary in the area of deep Moho in the Fennoscandian shield

Mocanu, V.
Geodynamics of the SE Carpathians by GPS, seismic attenuation and seismic profilling

Levander, A.; Miller, M.S.; Niu, F.; Zelt, C.A.; Bezada, M.; Magnani, M.B.; Clark, S.A.; Sobiesiak, M.; Pavlis, G.L.; Growdon, M.A.
Three-dimensional geometry of the Southeastern Caribbean: Results from multi-band seismic studies from BOLIVAR/GEODINOS

Frederiksen, A.; Darbyshire, F.; Eaton, D.
Rheological and anisotropic boundaries within the lithosphere of the Superior Province, Canada

Badenszki, E.; Daly, J.S.; Upton , B.G.J
Thermobarometry of metamorphic xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley: samples from the lower and middle crust?

Morgan, P.; O'Reilly, S. Y.
Determination of stable lithospheric upper mantle heat flow using xenoliths and its variation in lithospheres of different ages (withdrawn)

Hauser, F.; O'Reilly, B.M.; Readman, P.W.; Daly, J.S.; Van den Berg, R.
Constraints on crustal structure and composition within a continental suture zone from shear-wave wide-angle reflection data and lower crustal xenoliths: a case study from SW Ireland

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