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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.13 Landslide risk assessment methods and strategies (including Sergey Soloviev Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Closson, D.; Abou karaki, N.
Landslides along the Jordanian coast of the Dead Sea triggered by the lake level lowering

Colangelo, A. C.
Relief unity emulator applied to slope stability analysis

Pachauri, A.K.
Landslide Hazard Zonation in Himalayas

Toossi, M.; Koorkinejad, M.
landslide hazard zonation in Shirinabad watershed, Iran (withdrawn)

Frattini, P.; Crosta, G.B.; Carrara, A.
Techniques for the evaluation and comparison landslide susceptibility models

Pleshakov, D.; Matsiy, S.
Landslide sites investigation of motor-roads on the basis of the optimum risk method

Ohara, J; Fujisawa, K; Sano, T; Sugiyama, R; Harada, T; Ueno, Y; Pasuto, A; Marcato, G
Impact on society of a landslide and emergency response taken to mitigate its impact

Bach, D.; Adler, R.; Hong, Y.
Satellite-based Algorithm for Landslide Hazard Risk Assessment: A Global and Regional Approach

Dewitte, O.; Demoulin, A.
Combining high-resolution spatial data in landslide mapping: a fuzzy-set-based approach in W Belgium

Van Asch, Th.W.
Some issues and challenges in landslide hazard modeling (Sergey Soloviev Medal Lecture)

Cuanalo., O.; Oliva., A.
Risk investigation of landslides at the center and southern mountain range of México (withdrawn)

Van Den Eeckhaut, M.; Reichenbach, P.; Guzzetti, F.; Carrara, A.; Rossi, M.; Poesen, J.
Landslide susceptibility zonation in the Flemish Ardennes, Belgium, using multiple statistical models and different mapping units

Mazova, R.
Influence of landslide initial localization to runup of induced tsunami wave

shieh, c.l.s; tsang, y.c.t
urgent mitigation strategies for landslide dam hazards. : a case stuty in taiwan

Constantin, M.; Ciupitu, D.; Jurchescu, M.C.
The susceptibility assessment of shallow landslides in the Panatau Basin (The Buzau Subcarpathians), Romania

Malet, J.-P.; Thénot, A.; Maquaire, O.; van Beek, C.L.; Oenema, O.
Inventory of landslide risk assessment methodologies in Europe.

Etienne, D.; Malet, J.-P.; Puissant, A.; Maquaire, O.
Landslide consequence assessment and mapping using quantitative data on elements at risk.

Rossi, M.; Guzzetti, F.; Peruccacci, S.; Reichenbach, P.; Cardinali, M.; Ardizzone, F.
A statistical modelling tool in R for the evaluation of landslide susceptibility

Glisci, C.; Spilotro, G.
The calibration in the landslides hazard previsional models

Garcia, R.A.C; Zêzere, J. L.; Oliveira, S.C.
The influence of terrain units in landslide susceptibility assessment: a case study in the Abadia Basin (Portugal)

Ozdemir, H.
GIS-based Landslide Risk Analysis in the Havran River Basin (Western Turkey)

Oliveira, S.C.; Zêzere, J.L.; Garcia, R.A.C
The control of statistical data-driven methods in landslide susceptibility assessment: the case of Lage - Salema basins, north of Lisbon, Portugal

Horton, P.; Bardou, E.; Jaboyedoff, M.
Debris flow hazard assessment at a regional scale

Thiery, Y. ; Malet, J.-P.; Remaître , A. ; Maquaire, O.
Spatial validation of statistical models of landslide susceptibility

Katz, O; Hecht, H; Petranker, G; Almog, E
Retreat rate of the Israeli coastal cliff and its estimated location at year 2100

García-Rodríguez, M.J.; Malpica, J.A.; Benito, B.
Assessment of earthquake- triggered landslides in El Salvador based on an Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) model

Petschko, H.; Bell, R.; Glade, T.; Tilch, N.; Koçiu, A.
Spatial Prediction of landslide hazards - a case study in Gasen/Haslau – Eastern Styria, Austria

Kohn, C.; Bell, R.; Glade, T.; Stemle, D.
The potential of road construction department archives for the establishment of landslide inventories

Heckmann, T.; Becht, M.
Exploring the transferability of statistical susceptibility models for mass movements

Romstad, B.; Harbitz, C.B.; Domaas, U.; Blikra, L.H.; Midttømme, G.H.
Lakes at risk: A bottom-up approach to rock slide hazard assessment

Hervás, J.; Günther, A.; Reichenbach, P.; Guzzetti, F.; Chacón, J.; Pasuto, A.; Trigila, A.; Malet, J.P.; Tagliavini, F.
Towards a common approach for mapping areas susceptible to landslides in Europe

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