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  List of Accepted Contributions - G3 GRACE Science Applications

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ramin Kiamehr, Dr.
Toward a new quasi-geoid model and normal height datum for Iran based on the recent GRACE model

Devaraju, B.; Sneeuw, N.; Kindt, H.; Riegger, J.; Lorenz, C.
Constraining GRACE monthly-solutions with hydrological mass estimates

Wouters, B; Schrama, E.
Improving the accuracy of GRACE solutions through EOF filtering of spherical harmonics

Van Helleputte, T.; Doornbos, E. ; van den IJssel, J.; Visser, P.
GRACE accelerometer calibration by precise orbit determination

Muskett, R
GRACE Secular Trends and Periodic Variations at Global and Regional Scales

Klees, R.; Gunter, B.C.; Revtova, E.A.; Ditmar, P.; Winsemius, H.C.; Savenije, H.H.G
Filter design for GRACE monthly gravity field models

Peltier, W.R.
Analyses of the degree2/order 1 conundrum in the GRACE derived time dependent gravity field

Pavlis, N.K.; Holmes, S.A.; Kenyon, S.C.; Factor, J.K.
An Earth Gravitational Model to Degree 2160: EGM2008

Bettadpur, S; Watkins, M; Flechtner, F
GRACE Science Data System: Status and Data Products Update

Baur, O.; Kuhn, M.; Featherstone, W.E.
Ice-mass and sea-level variations from GRACE

Schmidt, T.; Fagiolini, E.; Flechtner, F.; Heise, S.; Wickert, J.
Comparison of ECMWF analyses with GPS radio occultations

Gruber, Ch; Wagner, C; Gooding, R; Kostelecky, J; Klokocnik, J
CHAMP and GRACE resonance analysis

Förste, Ch.; The GFZ-GRGS TEAM
EIGEN-GL05C - A new global combined high-resolution GRACE-based gravity field model of the GFZ-GRGS cooperation

Fagiolini, E.; Flechtner, F.; Gruber, T.; Schmidt, T.; Gruber, T.; Schwarz, G.; Trautmann, T.; Wickert, J.; Zenner, L.
Characterization of atmospheric data quality for an improved determination of Earth gravity fields

Gruber, Ch; Bezdek, A; Novak, P
Numerical analysis of geopotential differences derived from GRACE range-rates using lumped harmonic coefficients Numerical analysis of geopotential differences derived from GRACE range-rates using lumped harmonic ceofficients

Macrander, A.; Boening, C.; Boebel, O.; Schroeter, J.
A global Performance Estimate of GRACE Gravity Solutions validated by in-situ Ocean Bottom Pressure

Sasgen, I.; Martinec, Z.; Bamber, J.; Fleming, K.
Combined InSAR and GRACE estimate of West Antarctic mass changes

Klees, R.; Gunter, B.; Liu, X.; Wittwer, T.; Tenzer, R.; Revtova, E.; Ditmar, P.; Winsemius, H.C.; Savenije, H.H.G
A comparison of regional and global GRACE gravity field models for terrestrial water change monitoring

Chambers, D.; Willis, J.
Analysis of large-scale ocean bottom pressure variability in the North Pacific

Hasegawa, T.; Fukuda, Y.; Yamamoto, K.; Sun, W.
Gravity Changes Associated with the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake: Comparison between GRACE data and SNREI Models

Wang, X.T.; Xiao, Y.
The effects of measuring errors on Earth gravity model recovered by SST-LL

Kindt, K; Riegger, R; Bárdossy, B; Devaraju, D; Sneeuw, S
Evaluation of GRACE Measurements with Hydrologic Data.

Carabajal, C. C.; Boy, J.-P.; Luthcke, S. B.; Chinn, D. S.; Rowlands, D. D.; Lemoine, F. G.; Harding, D. J.
Retrieval of the Three Gorges Dam water impoundment from space laser altimetry and gravity measurements

Biancale, R; Lemoine, J-M; Bruinsma, S; Gratton, S; Bourgogne, S
Reiteration of the CNES/GRGS 10-day series of gravity field models from GRACE and LAGEOS data

Steffen, H.; Müller, J.; Denker, H.
Using GRACE for land uplift investigations

Fersch, B.; Kunstmann, H.; Bárdossy, A.
Regional atmospheric mass and moisture flux modeling and comparison to GRACE signals

Schmeer, M.; Bosch, W.; Schmidt, M.
Separation and Estimation of oceanic and hydrological Model Parameters from simulated Gravity Observations

Petrovic, S.; Schmidt, R.; Barthelmes, F.; Kusche, J.; Wünsch, J.; Hengst, R.
On the computation of trends from GRACE monthly gravity solutions

Schmidt, R.; Petrovic, S.; Werth, S.; Güntner, A.; Wünsch, J.; Barthelmes, F.; Hengst, R.; Kusche, J.
Detection of dominant periodic components of water storage changes from GRACE and global hydrology models revisited

van Dam, T.; ESA Mass Transport Study Team
Modelling individual sources of mass distribution and transport in the Earth system by means of satellites

Savcenko, R.; Bosch, W.
EOT08a – a new global ocean tide model derived by empirical analysis of multi-mission altimetry data.

Rietbroek, R.; Kusche, J.; Dahle, Ch.; Schmidt, R.; Flechtner, F.; Schröter, J.; Jansen, M.J.F; Gunter, B.; Böning, C.; Brunnabend, S.
Surface mass estimation from GPS site displacements, modeled Ocean bottom pressure and GRACE

Whitehouse, P.; Fleitout, L.
Using GRACE to test glacial isostatic adjustment models in North America

Swatschina, P.; Weber, R.
Dynamic and Reduced-Dynamic LEO Orbit Determination

Schrama, E.; Wouters, B.; Lavallee, D.A.
Application of empirical orthogonal filters to GRACE surface mass data

Marty, J.C.; Gratton, S.; Bruinsma, S.L.; Balmino, G.; Baboulin, M.
Gravity Field Parameter Estimation Using QR Factorization

Kaban, M.K.
A new gravity field – challenging possibilities for modelling of the continental lithosphere.

Schuh, WD; Becker, S
Estimable functions derived from gridded GRACE gravity fields

Tapley, B; Rothacher, M; Bettadpur, S; Flechtner, F; Watkins, M
Status and Multi-disciplinary Applications of the GRACE Mission

Fenoglio-Marc, L. ; Rietbroek, R. ; Grayek, S. ; Becker, M.; Kusche, J.; Stanev, E.
Interannual mass variation in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Ivins, E.R.; James, T.S.; Wu, X-P.; Zlotnicki, V.
Current Status of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Solutions Using GRACE

A. Ardalan, A.; Hashemi, H.
Time variation of the geoid’s gravity potential value W0, Sea Surface Topography (SST), and the marine geoid based on modern satellite altimetry and satellite gravimetry missions

Famiglietti, J.; Chambers, D.; Swenson, S.; Wahr, J.; Nerem, S.; Velicogna, I.
Mass changes in earth’s global water reservoirs

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