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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL15 Physical and biogeochemical feedbacks in the climate system

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Esau, I.
Planetary boundary layer feedback on the climate sensitivity: Estimations derived from large-eddy simulations

Williams, P.; Guilyardi, E.; Sutton, R.; Gregory, J.; Madec, G.
A new feedback on climate change from the hydrological cycle

Venevsky, S; Betts, R; Jones, C
Implementation of fire into a general circulation model

Jones, C; Cox, P; Huntingford, C
The atmospheric CO2 airborne fraction and carbon cycle feedbacks

Jones, C; Falloon, P
Sources of uncertainty in future soil organic carbon storage.

Harrison, G.; Ambaum, M.
Solar Event reveals Charge-Enhanced Cloud Formation

Sitch, S; Cox, P.M.; Collins, W.J.; Huntingford, C.
Indirect radiative forcing of climate change through ozone effects on the land-carbon sink

Sokolov, A
Dependency of effective climate sensitivity on the parameterization of land evaporation.

Fatima, H.; Mittal, R.; Upadhyaya, H.; Sharma, O.
Study of monsoon with the impact of aerosols (withdrawn)

Hughes, J.K.; Jones, C.D.; Pearson, D.
Impact of land use change on the European terrestrial carbon cycle.

Le Quere, C.; Roedenbeck, C.; Buitenhuis, E. T.; Metzl, N.; Gillett, N.; Heimann, M.; Southern Ocean Atmospheric CO2 TEAM
Saturation of the Southern Ocean CO2 Sink due to Recent Climate Change

Doutriaux-Boucher, M.; Webb, M.; Jones, C. D.; Booth, B.
Analysis of carbon climate feedback using the Unified Model HadCM3LC coupled carbon climate model.

Kaduk, J; Los, S
Future temperate and boreal terrestrial carbon sink reduced due to plant phenological responses to climate warming

Zoran, M.
Forest vegetation-climate feedback regimes derived from satellite remote sensing data

Magnani, F.; Borghetti, M.; Mencuccini, M.; Raddi, S.; Grace, J.
Anthropogenic N emissions drive C sequestration by forest ecosystems

Selten, F.; Siebesma, A.; Hazeleger, W.
Sensitivity of the global circulation to uncertain cloud parameters in EC-EARTH simulations

Thornton, P.; Bonan, G.; Doney, S. ; Lindsay, K.; Moore, K.; Mahowald, N.; Randerson, J.; Fung, I.; Lamarque, J.-F.
Carbon-nitrogen coupling regulates climate-carbon feedback

Ringer, M.; Senior, C.; Ingram, W.
Impact of changing convection scheme on cloud feedbacks in the tropics

Brovkin, V.; Archer, D.; Buffett, B.
Feedback between climate and ocean methane hydrates in greenhouse climate

Hoffmann, L. J.; Breitbarth, E.; Croot, P.; Bathmann, U.; von Harbou, L.; Jansen, S.; Peeken, I.
Effects of zooplankton grazing on iron speciation in the Southern Ocean

Polyakov, I.; Alexeev, V.; Bhatt, U.; Polyakova, E.
North Atlantic warming: Fingerprints of climate change and long-term variability

Ivanov, V.; Alexeev, V.; Repina, I.; Polyakov, I.
Transformation of Temperature Signal in Atlantic Water in the Arctic Ocean due to Joint Effect of Advection-Diffusion

Alexeev, V.A.; Esau, I.N.; Polyakov, I.V.
Looking for remote air temperature signal in the Arctic

Tsukernik, M; Cherry, J.E.; Byrkjedal, O.; Alexeev, V.
Cyclones of the Arctic: definitions, pattern and regional trends

Repina, I.A.
Nonliner processes of heat and momentum exchange between atmosphere and surface in the Arctic

Bates, J.R.
The IRIS feedback over the tropical oceans: implications for global climate sensitivity in an extended model (withdrawn)

Atkinson, C
The effect of biochemical energy release on soil temperature

Hibler, W. D.; Vavrus, S.
Has the Arctic ice-pack shifted to a high flow state

Nicolsky, D.J.; Alexeev, V.A.; Romanovsky, V.E.; Lawrence, D.M.
How deep should be the CLM3 soil layer for modeling of permafrost?

Booth, B; Jones, C; Collins, M; Sitch, S
Exploring the robustness of the carbon cycle response

Soden, B. J.; Vecchi, G. A.; Held, I. M.
Robust and non-robust behavior of cloud feedback in coupled ocean-atmosphere models

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