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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH6.01 Tsunamis (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Didenkulova, I.; Pelinovsky, E.
Runup of solitary waves of different shapes on a beach

Pelinovsky, E.; Choi, B.H.; Hong, S.J.
Distribution of Runup Heights of the December 26, 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Pelinovsky, E.; Choi, B.H.; Kim, D.C.; Woo, S.B.
Three-dimensional simulation of tsunami run-up around conical island

Kapochkin, B.B.; Kucherenko, N.V.; Kapochkina, A.B.
The geodynamics of earthquakes are generating tsunami.

Arkhipov, D.; Khabakhpashev, G.
A new system of equations for nonlinear shallow water waves running simultaneously in the different horizontal directions

Daskalaki, E.; Fokaefs, A.; Giraleas, N.; Papadopoulos, G.A.
Strong Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the West Hellenic Arc and Trench System

Pelinovsky, E.
Tsunamis in the Eastern Mediterranean: coasts of Israel and neighbouring states

Pelinovsky, E.; Schuiling, R.D.; Cathcart, R.B.; Badescu, V.; Isvoranu, D.
Asteroid impact in the Black Sea: tsunami and toxic gas emission

van Groesen, E.
Near coast tsunami waveguiding

Tinti, S.; Armigliato, A.; Bressan, L.; Gallazzi, S.; Pagnoni, G.; Tonini, R.; Zaniboni, F.
Earthquake-generated tsunamis in the western Gulf of Corinth, Greece: single-fault and worst-case scenarios

Tinti, S.; Armigliato, A.; Gallazzi, S.; Pagnoni, G.; Tonini, R.; Zaniboni, F.
Tsunami hazard in southern Italy from far-field tectonic sources: numerical scenarios

Vatvani, D; Nieuwenhuis, O; Zijl, F; van Hove, J
Tsunami flood hazard assessment Of Aceh And Nias

Altinok, Y.; Alpar, B.; Ozer, N.
6 October 1944 Ayvacik earthquake and associated tsunami; Gulf of Edremit, Turkey

Alpar, B.; Altinok, Y.
Marmara Island earthquakes with associated sea waves

Egorov, Y.
Interaction of a solitary tsunami wave with river current

Tinti, S; Bernard, P; Bressan, L; Armigliato, A; Gallazzi, S; Pagnoni, G; Tonini, R; Zaniboni, F
Spectral analysis of tide-gauge records in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece, and implications for tsunami detection

Nudner, I.; Maximov, V.; Mayorov, Yu.
Tsunami generation by the motion of the underwater landslide

Ajith Joseph, K; Roshin Raj, P; Prasanth, D
A decreasing trend in the Chlorophyll distribution in the Eastern Arabian Sea during the post Indian Ocean Tsunami period

Tonini, R.; Tinti, S.; Armigliato, A.; Pagnoni, G.; Gallazzi, S.; Maramai, A.; Graziani, L.; Santoro, L.
The 28 December 1908 Messina Strait (Sicily, Italy) Destructive tsunami: A reconstruction of the effects

Tinti, S.; Pagnoni, G.; Zaniboni, F.; Tonini, R.; Brizuela Reyes, B.; Maramai, A.; Graziani, L.
The simulation of the 1783 Scilla tsunami, Calabria, Italy

Song, Y.; Lu, F.; Zlotnicki, V.; Ji, C.; Hjorleifsdottir, V.; Shum, C.; Yi, Y.
Horizontal Motions of Faulting Dictate the 26 December 2004 Tsunami Genesis

Dominey-Howes, D
Preliminary catalogue of Australian tsunami

Madsen, P. A.; Fuhrman, D.R.
Run-up of tsunamis and long waves in terms of surf similarity

Fuhrman, D.R.; Madsen, P.A.
Numerical modelling of tsunami generation and run-up, and the surf similarity of solitary waves

Sodoudi, F.; Yuan, X.; Kind, R.
A study of the tsunami induced seismic signal recorded at broadband stations

Zahibo, N.; Pelinovsky, E.; Nikolkina, I.
Tsunami Hazard for Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Preuss, J.
Post Tsunami Reconstruction in Sri Lanka: Case Example of multi-hazard risk based coastal planning

Piyadasa, R.U.K; Weerasinghe, K.D.N; Liyanage, J.A; Wijayawardhana, L.M.J; Kumara, D.S.C; .Lakmal, H.K.C
Remediation process of groundwater quality in Asian Tsunami affected Southern Sri Lanka- Case study in Kumbalgama area

Lobkovsky, L.; Kulikov, E.; Rabinovich, A.; Thomson, R.; Fine, I.; Ivelskaya, T.
The Central Kuril (Simushir) Earthquakes and Tsunamis of 15 November 2006 and 13 January 2007: Predicted Events

Baranov, B.; Lobkovsky, L.; Ivaschenko, A.; Kulinich, R.; Karp, B.
The Central Kuril Earthquakes and Tsunamis of 15 November 2006 and 13 January 2007: Findings of a Pre-event geophysical field survey

Ozer, C; Yalciner, A. C.; Pelinovsky, E; Zaytsev, A; Kurkin, A; Synolakis, C
hydrodynamic loads of tsunamis in the inundation zone

Baptista, M A; Miranda, J M
Spatial distribution of tsunami height and The extent of inundation along the Portuguese coast – the 1755 event; preliminary evaluation

Fedotova, Z.
Numerical modeling of interaction between long surface waves and floating elastic body.

Lřvholt, F.; Gisler, G.; Pedersen, G.; Cai, X.
Modeling of potential slide generated tsunamis at La Palma Island

Zaniboni, F.; Tinti, S.; Pagnoni, G.; Gallazzi, S.; Della Seta, M.; Fredi, P.; Marotta, E.; Orsi, G.; de Vita, S.; Sansivero, F.
Landslide-generated tsunamis in the Ischia island (Italy)

Tinti, S.; Zaniboni, F.; Pagnoni, G.
Extra-Sciara del Fuoco submarine landslides generating tsunamis in the Stromboli island (Italy)

Tinti , S.; Zaniboni, F.; Armigliato, A.; Pagnoni, G.; Gallazzi, S.; Lykousis, V.; Sakellariou , D.; Nonikou, P.; Alexandri, S.
Scenarios of tsunamis induced by sliding events in the Western Corinth Gulf (Greece)

HEBERT, H.; Roger, J. ; Schindelé, F.
Advances in tsunami hazard assessment in the western Mediterranean Sea

Chiu, HC
Assessing tsunami hazard for Hong Kong (withdrawn)

Baptista, M A; Miranda, J M; Matias, L M ; Zitellini, N
Tsunami risk in SW Iberia from near shore sources; implications on early warning

Khvostova, O.; Kurkin, A.; Pelinovsky, E.; Kharif, K.
Tsunami risk estimation for the French coast of the Mediterranean

Papadopoulos, G.A.; Daskalaki, E.; Fokaefs, A.; Orfanogiannaki, K.
Development of a decision matrix for early tsunami warning in the Mediterranean and connected seas

Kaystrenko, V.
A method for tsunami wave form re-calculation trough the shelf

Premasiri, H M R; Styles, P.; Shrira, V.
Sumatra tsunami signature in sediment characteristics on the Sri Lankan coast

Gaslikova, L.; Gayer, G.; Larsen, O.
Numerical modelling of tsunamis with non-linear shallow water equations and Boussinesq type models for simplified coastal areas

Behrens, J.; Androsov, A.; Babeyko, A.; Braune, S.; Harig, S.; Hiller, W.; Klaschka, F.; Schroeter, J.; Sein, D.; Taguchi, E.
Design of a multi-sensor enabled simulation module for tsunami early warning

Androsov, A.; Babeyko, A.; Behrens, J.; Danilov, S.; Harig, S.; Schröter, J.; Sein, D.; Sidorenko, D.; Startseva, O.
Tsunami propagation on complex bathymetric features: Numerical studes

Pietrzak, J.; Socquet, A.; Ham, D.; Simons, W.; Vigny, C.; Labeur, R; Schrama, E.; Stelling, G.; Vatvani, D.
Slip and the Indian Ocean Tsunami from GPS, altimeters and tide gauges

Roessler, D.; Ohrnberger, M.; Krueger, F.
Rupture propagation of recent large TsE off-coast Sumatra and Java

Mazova, R.; Lobkovsky, L.; Baranov, B.; Kataeva, L.; Morozova, A.
Realized earthquake and tsunami prognosis: comparison of real event and results of numerical simulation of possible tsunami generation by hypothetical source localized in Kurile-Kamchatka seismic gap region

Özeren, M. S.; Postacioglu, N.
A simple robust scheme for landslide tsunami run-up

Fritz, H; Borrero, J; Synolakis, C
2004 Indian Ocean tsunami flow velocity measurements from eyewitness videos

Fritz, H ; Kongko, W; Moore, A; McAdoo, B; Goff, J; Harbitz, C; Uslu, B; Kaligeris, N; Titov, V; Synolakis, C
Extreme run-up from the 17 July 2006 Java tsunami

Di Risio, M.; Aristodemo, F.; Petrillo, A.; De Girolamo, P.; Molfetta, M.; Bellotti, G.; Panizzo, A.
Tsunamis generated by landslides sliding down a conical island: a new experimental study

Grue, J.; Pelinovsky, E.; Kharif, Ch.; Fructus, D.; Talipova|, T.
Short, pronounced waves generated by the December 2004 tsunami in the shallow Strait of Malacca

McCloskey, J.; Antonioli, A.; Piatanesi, A.; Sieh, K.; Steacy, S.; Nalbant, S.; Huang, J.; Dunlop, P.; Cocco, M.; Guinchi, C.
Propagation of tsunamis in the near-field from megathrust earthquakes

Mokhtari, M.
Main structural elements of Makran (Sea of Oman) region based on seismic data and required Tsunami Early Warning System

Pérez, B.; Otero, L.; González , M.; Vela, J.; Alvarez-Fanjul , E.; Medina , R.; Monserrat, S.
The May 2003 Western Mediterranean Tsunami: analysis of sea level records and comparison with numerical simulations

Ioualalen, M.; Migeon, S.; Sardoux, O.
Tsunamis in Ligurian Sea

Didenkulova, I.; Zahibo, N.
Spectrum of the tide-gauge surface waves in Pointe-a-Pitre bay, Guadeloupe

Dominey-Howes , D.; Dunbar , P.; Varner , J.; Papathoma-Köhle, M.
Assessing tsunami vulnerability: a pilot study in Seaside, Oregon, USA

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