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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS46 - OS17/SM20 Running hot and cold; integrated studies of large to small scale fluid venting in the SW Pacific: Subduction Processes, Methane Seepage, Hydrothermalism (co-organized by OS & SM; co-listed in BG & GMPV)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Law, C.S.; Nodder, S.D.; Maas, E.; Mountjoy, J.; Marriner, A.; Orpin, A.; Barnes, P.M.
Cold seeps as methane sources in Cook Strait, New Zealand: effects of lateral and vertical processes on regional methane budgets

Dmitrievsky, A. N.; Balanyuk, I. E.; Chaikina, O. N.
Fluid dynamic model of the energy transfer from the mantle to the surface of geodynamic zone in oceans and continents

Greinert, J.; Bialas, J.
An overview of latest cold seep research around New Zealand (2006 and 2007)

Haeckel, M.; Sommer, S.; Linke, P.
Porewater geochemistry and methane fluxes of cold seeps at the Hikurangi margin, offshore New Zealand

Naudts, L.; Greinert, J.; Poort, J.; Belza, J.; Vangampelaere, E.; Boone, D.; Linke, P.; Henriet, J.P.; De Batist, M.
Submeter mapping of methane seeps by ROV observations and measurements at the Hikurangi Margin, New Zeeland

Sommer, S.; Linke, P. ; Pfannkuche, O. ; Bowden, D.A.; Haeckel, M. ; Greinert, J.; Thurber, A.R.
Novel cold seep habitat along the Hikurangi margin (New Zealand)

Schwalenberg, K.; Netzeband, G.; Poort, J.; Jegen, M.
Geophysical implication of submarine gas seeps on the Hikurangi Margin, NZ

Holzner, C. P.; Kipfer, R.
Helium isotope signals observed in active methane seepage areas in the Black Sea and in the Pacific

Jones, A.T.; Greinert, J.; Bowden, D.; Klaucke, I.; Petersen, J.; Netzeband, G.; Weinrebe, W.
Integrated side-scan, sub-bottom profiler and seismic signatures of methane seepage from Omakere Ridge on New Zealand’s Hikurangi margin.

Crutchley, G.; Gorman, A.; Pecher, I.; Henrys, S.
Full-waveform inversion of bottom-simulating reflections and anomalies in the regional gas hydrate stability zone beneath Porangahau Ridge, New Zealand

Netzeband, G. L.; Krabbenhöft, A.; Zillmer, M. ; Klaeschen, D. ; Petersen, C.J.; Bialas, J.
Analysing cold vents – an example from Wairarapa offshore New Zealand

Bialas, J.; Hardieck, M.; Netzeband, G.L.; Krabbenhoeft, A.; Greinert, J.
Pseudo 3-D analysis of seismic data at seep locations in the Wairarapa area offshore New Zealand

Klaucke, I.; Weinrebe, W.; Petersen, J.; Greinert, J.; Jones, A.
Temporal variability of gas seeps offshore New Zealand: Multi-frequency geoacoustic imaging of the Wairarapa area, Hikurangi margin

Faure, K; McGinnis, D.F.; Schneider von Deimling, J.; Greinert, J.
Submarine flatulence along the Hikurangi margin of New Zealand: Linking geochemical methane anomalies in the water column with hydroacoustic evidence of bubble transport

Nelson, C.; Campbell, K.; Nyman, S.; Francis, D.; Hood, S.; Collins, M.; Gregory, M.R.; Greinert, J.; Peckmann, J.; Pearson, M.J.
Miocene cold seeps and their plumbing systems, New Zealand: Ancient analogues for the modern Hikurangi Margin seep system?

de Ronde, C.E.J; Baker, E.T.; Lupton, J.L.; Sprovieri, M.; Bruno, P.P.; Faure, K.; Leybourne, M.I.; Walker, S.L.; Italiano, F.; Embley, R.W.
Contrasting examples of submarine hydrothermal venting along the Kermadec intraoceanic arc and the Aeolian island arc

Gorman, A.; Senger, K.
Are there any gas hydrates on the passive continental margins of New Zealand?

Gennerich, H.-H.; Villinger, H.
Data and first results from Longtime Environmental Monitoring at the Logatchev Hydrothermal Field

Linke, P.; Sommer, S.; McGinnis, D.
Physical limitations of dissolved methane fluxes: The role of bottom-boundary layer processes

Coffin, R; Hamdan, L; Smith, J; Gardner, J; Hagen, R; Wood, W
Comparative analysis of vertical geochemical profiles in methane charged marine sediments

Mertens, C.; Walter, M.; Sültenfuß, J.; Rhein, M.
Fluxes of heat and volume at the 5° S vent sites on the MAR

Martin, R.A.; Torrres, M.; Klinkhammer, G.; Campbell, K.A.; Nesbitt, E.A.; Sommer, S.
The effects of methane-influenced pore-waters on benthic foraminiferal assemblages from the Hikurangi Margin of eastern New Zealand.

Niemann, H; Treude, T; Wegener , G; Santillano , D; Anrnds , J; Boetius, A; Pfannkuche , O; Linke, P
Microbial methane consumption at cold seeps of the Hikurangi Margin (South-West Pacific, New Zealand)

McGinnis , D.F.; Faure, K.; Schneider von Deimling , J.; Greinert, J.
Physical properties of methane-enriched plumes along the Hikurangi margin of New Zealand: Thoughts on sources and life spans of water column methane anomalies

Perner, M.; Strauss, H.; Seifert, R.
Diversity and function of microorganisms from ultramafic- and basalt-hosted vent systems on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Scherwath, M.; Kopp, H.; Flueh, E.R.; Henrys, S.A.
Subduction and backarc spreading structures along the Kermadec trench from wide-angle seismic data

Thurber, AR; Levin, LA; Baco, A; Smith, CR; Rowden, AA; Bowden, D; Kroeger, K
Metazoan use of chemosynthetic food sources at New Zealand cold seeps

Liebetrau, V.; Eisenhauer, A.; Linke, P.
Cold-Seep Carbonates and Cold-Water Corals from the Hikurangi Margin, offshore New Zealand (Cruise So191): Growth Structures, Fluid Pathways and first Isotope Geochemical Results

Borowski, C.; Zielinski, F.; Pape, T.; Wenzhöfer, F.; Seifert, R.; Fink, D.; Struck, J.M.; Wetzel, S.; Dubilier, N.
Hydrogen is an energy source for endosymbiotic bacteria of the vent mussel Bathymodiolus puteoserpentis

Fink, D.; Borowski, C.; Neu, T.; Dubilier, N.
Biological response on change of hydrothermal fluid flow: quantification of bacterial endosymbionts in Bathymodiolus puteoserpentis using 3D image analyses

Walter, M.; Mertens, C.; Stöber, U.; Rhein, M.
Mixing, internal waves, and plume dispersal at the Nibelungen hydrothermal site, southern MAR

Röse, K.; Borowski, C.; Dubilier, N.
Biogeography of vent and seep mussels of the genus Bathymodiolus

Sültenfuß, J.; Walter, M.; Mertens, C.; Rhein, M.; Keir, R.; Schmale, O.
Helium Isotope studies on hot smokers in the South Atlantic

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