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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS3 Fault processes in nature and lab: from mm-scale to 3-D regional models and vice-versa

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Haimson, B.; Oku, H.; Song, S.
Chelungpu Fault, Taiwan, footwall heterogeneity as expressed in true triaxial strength, deformability, and failure micromechanics of core retrieved from two boreholes 40 m apart

Pretsch, H.; Exner, U.; Grasemann, B.; Haring, A.
High-resolution mapping of fault drag and displacement gradients from terrestrial laser scanner data (SE Vienna Basin, Austria)

Lohr, T.; Krawczyk, C.M.; Kukowski, N.; Stief, S.
Fault growth processes – insights from analogue modelling

Candela, T.; Renard, F.; Schmittbuhl, J.; Bouchon, M.
Roughness of fault surfaces: implications of high resolution topography measurements at various scales

Spahic, S.D.; Exner, U.E.; Behm, M.B.; Grasemann, B.G.
3-D structural modelling of normal faults in unconsolidated sediments (SW Vienna Basin, Austria)

Rath, A.; Exner, U.; Grasemann, B.; Draganits, E.
Deformation Bands in Non-Consolidated Sediments (Eisenstadt Basin, Austria)

Laner, R.; Exner, U.; Grasemann, B.; Draganits, E.
Deformation bands in Neogene calcarenites (Leithakalk, St. Margarethen, Austria)

Kurz, W.; Hausegger, S.; Rabitsch, R.; Brosch, F.J.
Mechanisms of grain size reduction in layer-parallel brittle shear zones

Kiechl, E.; Kurz, W.; Winkler, G.
Permeability evolution in brittle shear zones: an example from the Eastern Alps

Woelfler, A.; Rabitsch, R.; Kurz, W.
Fission track dating of fault rocks: Evidence from chemical composition, track length reduction and single grain ages of apatites

Plenkers, K.; Kwiatek, G.; Philipp, J.; Stanchits, S.; JAGUARS-Group
Acoustic Emission Measurements in a deep Gold Mine in South Africa; Spectral Analysis (JAGUARS-Project)

Humbert, F.; Louis, L.; Ledésert, B.; Robion, P.; David, C.; Song , S.R.
Variations of clay content and anisotropy of physical properties of fine grain material in proximity of an active fault, example of the northern part of Chelungpu fault (Taïwan).

Philipp, J.; Nakatani, M.; Dresen, G.; Yabe, Y.; Stanchits, S.; Naoi, M.; Plenkers, K.; Morena, G.
Acoustic Emission Measurements in a deep Gold Mine in South Africa; Instrumental Setup and First Results (JAGUARS Project)

Krawczyk, C.M.; Lohr, T.; Tanner, D.C.; Oncken, O.
Deformation prediction across different scales between 1D well data and 3D reflection seismics

Buddensiek, M.-L.; Krawczyk, C.M.; Oncken, O.; Kukowski, N.
Midget seismics in sandbox models

Sarkarinejad, K.
Distinguishing slow aseismic creep from rapid strike-slip fault movement and palaeostress orientations using the e-twinned calcite crystal fibre lineation

Reston, T.J.
The role of detachment faulting in continental breakup and the unroofing of mantle within the continent-ocean transition.

Mitchell, T; Faulkner, D
Experimental Measurements of Permeability Evolution during Triaxial Compression of Initially Intact Crystalline Rocks and Implications for Fluid Flow in Fault Zones

Giammanco, S.; Palano, M.; Scaltrito, A.; Scarfì, L.; Sortino, F.
Earthquake swarm generation in Mts. Peloritani region: possible role of overpressured fluids?

Lawther, S; Shipton, Z; Dempster, T
Fluid flow through fault zones in granite exhumed from seismogenic depths

Naoi, N; Nakatani, N; Yabe, Y; Philipp, P
Very high frequency AE (up to 200 kHz) and micro seismicity observation in a deep South African gold mine - evaluation of the acoustic properties of the site by in-situ transmission test -

Nováková, L.; Schenk, V.
Recent Tectonic Movements in the NE Part of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic, Indicated by the Brittle Tectonic Approach

Sato, K
Softwares for the Hough-transform-based stress tensor inversion

Lunn, R. J.; Shitpon, Z.K.; Moir, H.; Willson, J.P.
Simulating brittle fault growth from linkage of pre-existing structures

Abe, S.; Holland, M.; Urai, J.
Discrete Element Simulation of the formation of open Fractures during normal faulting of cohesive Materials.

Place, J.; Le Garzic, E.; Géraud, Y.; Diraison, M.; Naville, C.
Field analysis of a crystalline batholith: Characterization of a deep crystalline reservoir (the Soultz-sous-Forêts EGS case study)

Le Garzic, E.; Place, J.; Géraud, Y.; Diraison, M.
Structural analysis of a crystalline batholith in an extensive context (Catalunya, Spain)

Burnside, N M; Shipton, Z K; Dockril, B ; Ellam, R M
Dating long-term leakage of CO2 from fault damage zones

Bistacchi, A.; Massironi, M.; Menegon, L.
Three-dimensional characterization of a crustal-scale fault zone: the Pusteria and Sprechenstein fault system (Eastern Alps). Part 1: geomodelling as applied to fault-zone architecture studies

Bistacchi, A.; Massironi, M.; Menegon, L.
Three-dimensional characterization of a crustal-scale fault zone: the Pusteria and Sprechenstein fault system (Eastern Alps). Part 2: implications for the mechanical evolution of crustal-scale strike-slip faults

Shimamoto, T.
Recent development of high-velocity gouge experiments and a renewed view on geological evidences of seismic fault motion

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