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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD04/GD07/GD08 Lithosphere - Mantle Interaction, Subduction Zones and Active Continental Margins

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Rodnikov , A.G. ; Sergeyeva, N.A.; Zabarinskaya, L.P.
Eurasia-Pacific Transition Zone: Deep Structure of the Active Margins

Gorczyk, W; Gerya, T.V.; Connolly, J.A.; Yuen, D.A.
Spinning bodies on mantle wedges

Schellart, W. P.
Subducting Plate Velocity as a Parameter controlling Slab Geometry and Hinge-Migration

Schellart, W.P.; Freeman, J.; Stegman, D.
Three-dimensional Subduction Kinematics and Dynamics in shallow and deep Mantle Reservoirs

Verdoya, M.; Pasquale, V.; Chiozzi, P.
Neogene-Quaternary tectono-thermal events in the Tyrrhenian-Northern Apennines region

Chiozzi, P.; Pasquale, V.; Verdoya, M.
An information system for documentation and analysis of terrestrial heat flux

Khristoforova, M.
Thermal regime of the lithosphere and upper mantle of the East European platform

Pystin, A. ; Pystina, J.
A model of deep structures and geodynamics of the consolidated earth crust formation in the European North-East

Funiciello, F.; Bellahsen, N.; Faccenna, C.
Dynamics of subduction and plate motion in laboratory experiments: insights into the ”plate tectonics” behavior of the Earth

c.s. Wang, c.s.W
Lithospheric behavior of the Philippine Sea plate for the incipient Taiwan orgeny

Martinod, J.; Funiciello, F.; Faccenna, C.; Labanieh, S.; Regard, V.
Dynamical effects of subducting ridges : Insights from 3-D laboratory models

Cizkova, H.; van den Berg, A.; van Hunen, J.
Deformation of subducted slabs in the transition zone

Simon, N.S.C; Davies, G.R.; Carlson, R.W.; Pearson , D.G.
Re-Os isotope evidence for orthopyroxene addition to the Kaapvaal cratonic mantle in (Archaean) subduction zones

Aleshin, G.V.; Bogdanov, Yu.A.
Mathematical models of the lithosphere behavior at the subduction zones during earthquakes

Snopek, K.; Meier, T.; Endrun, B.; Bohnhoff, M; Casten, U.
Gravimetric and seismic constraints on the petrology of the Aegean lithosphere in the forearc of the Hellenic subduction zone.

Klimm, K.; Blundy, J.D.
Wet melting of subducted oceanic crust at 2.5 GPa, 750 to 950°C: first experimental results and implications for trace element partitioning

Marotta, A. M.; Spalla, M. I.
Geodynamic significance of Permian magmatism and HT-LP metamorphism in the continental crust of the Alps: validation from numerical modeling of Variscan subduction to Permian rifting

Becker, TW; Schulte-Pelkum, V; Blackman, DK
Seismic anisotropy in the western US as a testbed for advancing combined models of upper mantle geodynamics and texturing

Grushinsky, A.; Stroev, P.; Koryakin, E.
The Earth’s crust thickness and isostasy disturbances: Scotia sea (West Antarctica).

van Hunen, J.; Zhong, S.
The role of rheology in the evolution of oceanic thermal boundary layer instability structures after a change in plate motion direction

Koulakov, I.; Sobolev, S.V.
Petrophysical Structure of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system above the subducted slab in Central Andes from non-linear local-source tomography

De Franco, R.; Govers, R.
Subduction following continent-continental fragment collision: insights from two-dimensional numerical experiments

Hansen, U; Stein, C
Self-consistent Formation of a Low Visosity Zone and it's relation to plate motion

Vadkovsky, V.N.
What happened near strong earthquakes in Japan

Tassara, A.; Götze , H-J.; Schmidt , S.
3D density structure along the Andean margin between Ecuador and Patagonia

Schuller, V.; Frisch, W.
From Advancing to Retreating Subduction – A Model Explaining Uncommon Subduction Evolution

Enns, A.; Schmeling, H.; Becker, T. W.
The dynamics of 2D subduction models with power law rheology

Schmeling, H.; Babeyko , A.; Grigull , S.; Enns, T.; Gerya, T.; van Hunen, J.; Funiciello, F.; Faccenna, C.; Morra , G.; Becker, T.
Benchmarking subduction: the decoupling problem

Soyer, W; Unsworth, M. J.
Deep electrical structure of the Canadian Cordillera: a long period MT survey across the entire orogen

Morra, G.; Regenuaer-Lieb, K.; Giardini, D.
On the Causes of Oceanic Arcs Curvature: Insights from Numerical Modelling

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