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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG7 Investigating the Earth's magnetic field from space and ground: results current and future (SWARM) (co-listed in ST)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Verbanac, G.; Korte, M.; Mandea, M.
Lithospheric and external geomagnetic field contributions in European observatory annual means

Kobylinski, Z.; Wysokinski, A.
On the long-term variability of the geomagnetic Kp and the local K indices measured at Swider and Niemegk (withdrawn)

Amm, O.; Viljanen, A.; Juusola, L.; Vanhamäki, H.
Ionospheric modelling using multi-satellite data: Present state and future possibilities

Gillet, N.; Jackson, A.; Finlay, C.
Implementing time-dependent maximium entropy regularisation in geomagnetic field modelling

Ritter, P.; Luehr, H.
Test of proxies for characterising the polar current system at very quiet times

De Santis, A.
Searching for new evidences of a geomagnetic reversal in the present time from satellite and ground magnetic data

Ballani, L.; Greiner-Mai, H.; Stromeyer, D.; Wardinski, I.; Chambodut, A.; Hengst, R.
Identifying the space-time structure of episodic processes at the CMB by rapid geomagnetic field changes

Thomson, A; Lesur, V
Internal field modelling by data selection - a complementary approach to comprehensive modelling

Mandea, M.; Pais, M.A.; Guedes Junior, R.
Revised Backus series for modeling the intrinsic errors in scalar magnetic models

Olsen, N.; Mandea, M.
A new approach to directly determine the secular variation from magnetic satellite observations

Woodfield, E.E.; Dunlop, M.; Holme, R.; Hapgood, M.A.; Davies, J.A.
A statistical comparison of Cluster magnetic data with the Tsyganenko 2001 model.

Holme, R; Olsen, N
How damaging are time gaps in vector data coverage to global field models?

Hawe, J.; Holme, R.
Applying Satellite Geomagnetism to Probe Ocean Flow

Velímský, J.; Martinec, Z.
Electrical Conductivity in the Earth's Mantle: Combined Inversion of Surface and CHAMP Observations

Amsel, L; Chambodut, A; Holschneider, M
Modeling the earth magnetic field with wavelets using an iterative approach on local domains

Chulliat, A.; Le Mouël, J.-L.; Shebalin, P.; Byrdina, S.
Mid-latitude small-scale anomaly observed from CHAMP and Oersted magnetic data

Thébault, E.; Mandea, M.; Schott, J.J
Contributions of regional modelling techniques to the Swarm mission

Chambodut, A.; Amsel, L.; Korte, M.; Holschneider, M.
Local multipole development to reduce the number of satellite data in space-domain

Soffel, H. C.; Matzka, J.
The second geomagnetic survey in Bavaria by Messerschmitt in 1905

Stauning, P.; Watermann, J. F.; Fraser, B.
Mapping Cusp Dynamics from Ground and Satellites

Vennerstrom, S.; Christiansen, F.; Moretto, T.; Olsen, N.
Low-latitude magnetic disturbances caused by field-aligned currents connected to the polar ionosphere

Cohen, Y; Doumbia, V; Anglade, A
An equatorial african magnetic network

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