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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL42 Assessment of climate events in lake sediments: deciphering climate, tectonic or anthropic influence

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Li, N.; Dearing, J.
The environmental change and human impact during late Holocene: a study from Chaohu Lake, East China

Trachsel, M.; Schnyder, D.; Grosjean, M. ; Rein, B. ; Blass, A.; Sturm, M.
High-resolution summer temperature reconstruction from Lake Silvaplana based on in-situ reflectance spectroscopy

Dietrich, S.; Sirocko, F.; Seelos, K.; Lenaz, D.
Annual resolution µXRF geochemistry of ELSA maar lake sediments (Eifel, Germany): Implications for paleoclimate variability of the last 60 kyr

Vogel, H.; Rosén, P.; Wagner, B.; Melles, M.; Juschus, O.; Persson, P.
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy on long sediment cores from Lakes El´gygytgyn, NE Siberia, and Ohrid, Albania/Macedonia: A fast and cost efficient tool for the quantitative analysis of biogeochemical properties.

Vogel, H.; Wagner, B.; Nowaczyk, N.; Zanchetta, G.; Sulpizio, R.; Wennrich, V.
High-resolution geochemical investigations on a long record from ancient Lake Ohrid Macedonia/Albania.

Huws, D.; Bates, R.; Lamb, H.; Marshall, M.; Ummer, M.; Dejen, E.
A first order sedimentary history of Lake Tana, northern Ethiopia, from high resolution seismic data

Avsar, U; Boes, X; Hubert-Ferrari, A; Fagel, N; King, J
Traces of the last earthquake sequence (1939-1944) along NAF from lacustrine sediments

Zhdanova, A.N.; Solotchina, E.P.
Carbonate minerals in Late Pleistocene sediments of Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia: implications for the paleoclimatic changes

Kalugin, i. A.; Daryin, A. V.; Smolyaninova, L. G.; Vologina, E. G.; Ptitsyn, A. B.
High resolution paleoclimatic reconstructions by geochemical indices from recent lake sediments: assessment of source material and methods

Swierczynski, T.; Lauterbach, S.; Brauer, A.; DecLakes Participants, -
Detrital layers as a sedimentary record of historical flood events- A case study from Lake Mondsee (Upper Austria)

Young, A. A.; Holmes, J. A.; Leng, M. J.; Zhang, J.
Assessing recent climatic change across north-west China using lake sediments from the Badain Jaran Desert

Bláhová , A.; Grygar , T.; Novotná, K.; Veselá , J.; Nourgaliev , D.; Oberhänsli, H.
Present and Past Aral Sea Level Fluctuations and Its Possible Causes

van Welden, A.; Reyss, JL.; Beck, C.; Sulpizio, R.; Bushati, S.; Koci, R.; Jouanne, F.; Mugnier, JL
Holocene paleoenvironmental recording in large shallow lakes: the Shkodra (Albania/Montenegro) case

Schwab, M.J.; Dulski, P.; Kagan, E.J.; Stein, M.; Agnon, A.; Haug, G.H.
Sedimentological implications from micro-facies data and geochemical characterization of annual laminated sediment deposits from the Holocene Dead Sea

Dirksen, O.; Diekmann, B.
Late Quaternary geomorphological evolution of Dwuhyurtochnoe lake, Kamchatka.

Kilian, R.; Arz, H.; Lamy, F.; Baeza, O.; Kaiser, J.; Biester, H.
Holocene storm track record from the southern Hemispheric Westerly Zone

Araneda, A.; Torres, L. ; Cruces, F. ; Vivero, C. ; Torrejon, F. ; Fagel, N.; Scharf, B.; Urrutia, R.
A multiproxy reconstruction of the Late Holocene in Lake Laja (Central Chile): Evidence of Little Ice Age-like event in a Southern Hemisphere record

Urrutia, R.; Araneda, A.; Torrejón, F.; Torres, L.; Cruces, F.; Barra, R.; De la Fuente, M.; Alvarez, D.; Bertrand, S.; Fagel, N.
The last 2000-yr in Patagonia, an assessment of climatic and environmental change in Southern Chile: introducing the research project Fondecyt 1070508

Boës, X; Moran, B; Roger, K; Ulas, A; Moernaut, J; King, J; Cagatay, N; Hubert Ferrari, A
Radionuclide profiles and recent earthquakes history of Lake Hazar Pull-apart basin (East Anatolian Fault, Turkey)

Meyer, M.C.; Faber, R.; Spötl, C.
New software for rapid, semi-automated analysis of laminated climate archives - The WinGeol Lamination Tool

Zech, W.; Zech, M.; Zech, R.; Karki, K.; Glaser, B.
Reconstruction of Late Glacial and Holocene climate fluctuations in Central Nepal based on lacustrine sediments

Ciobanas, N.; Francus, P.
Deterministic hydrological model to reconstruct the last 400 years of runoff and climate variations using the properties of the varved lake sediments in the Canadian Arctic

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