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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS32 Climate-soil and vegetation interactions in ecological-hydrological processes (co-listed in AS, CL, NP & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kocsis, T.; Anda, A.
Local impacts of possible climatic modifications on micrometeorology and transpiration of maize canopy in Hungary

Jin, K.; Njoku, E.; Chan, S.
Soil moisture and precipitation relationships inferred from satellite remote sensing data

Turnbull, L.; Wainwright, J.; Brazier, R.E.
Development of a spatially explicit ecohydrological modelling approach to simulate semi-arid vegetation transition dynamics

Sinclair, S.; Pegram, G.; Vischel, T.
Spatial conditioning of Evapo-transpiration potential for distributed hydrological modelling in Southern Africa

Karimpour Reihan, M.; Amiraslani, F.
The effects of geomorphologic factors on vegetation in semi-arid climate

Novak, V.; Himmelbauer, M.
Crop root parameters in vertical profiles for modeling of soil water uptake at macroscale

Schymanski, S. J.; Sivapalan, M. ; Roderick, M. L.
Possible long-term effects of increased CO2 on vegetation and the Hydrological Cycle

Szilagyi, J.
New findings about complementary relationship of evaporation

Kirkby, M.J.; Irvine, B.J.
Vegetation, runoff and erosion

Tanaka, K; Yoshifuji, N; Tanaka, N; Tantasirin, C; Suzuki, M
Simulation of growing season length of a teak plantation in a dry tropical area using water budget

Ghilain, N.; Arboleda, A.; Gellens-Meulenberghs, F.
Using MSG-SEVIRI derived vegetation parameters in an energy balance model: methodology and impact on surface heat fluxes

Borgogno, F.; D'Odorico, P.; Laio, F.; Ridolfi, L.
Bistable dryland ecosystems subject to rainfall interannual variability

Peters, J.; Verhoest, N.; Samson, R. ; Boeckx, P.
Temporal characteristics of ecohydrological variables in an intensively monitored wetland

Andrieux, C.; Guillevic, P.; Do, M-T.; Andrieu, H.
Modelling of interactions between urban surfaces and atmosphere

Kume, T; Takizawa, H; Yoshifuji, N; Tanaka, K; Tantasirin, C; Tanaka, N; Suzuki, M
Impacts of soil drought on transpiration in a tropical evergreen forest in northern Thailand

Ward, P.; Renssen, H.; Aerts, J.C.J.H.; van Balen, R.T.; Vandenberghe, J.
Strong increase in discharge and flood frequency of the River Meuse over the last four millennia: impact of climate variability and anthropogenic land-use changes

Niemann, J.
Analysis, estimation, and modeling of soil moisture variation using empirical orthogonal functions

Pereira, F.; Valente, F.; David, J. S.
Radiation balance of an isolated holm oak tree (Quercus rotundifolia Lam.) in a mediterranean savannah-type woodland

Friesen, J; van Beek, K; Selker, J; Savenije, H; van de Giesen, N
Elastic Stem Measurements of Above Ground Tree Mass Change

Botter, G.; Porporato, A.; Daly, E. ; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. ; Rinaldo, A.
On the Probabilistic characterization of base flows in river basins

Kaduk, J; Los, S
Phenological Models for the Leaf out Date of subtropical Biomes determined from NDVI

Bochet, E.; García-Fayos, P.
Predicting the effects of climate change and erosion on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in semiarid environments.

Baudena, M.; D'Andrea, F.; Provenzale, A.
A process model of vegetation-atmosphere interactions in drylands.

Cannarozzo, M.; Noto, L.V.; Pumo, D.; Viola, F.
Ecohydrology in Mediterranean areas: a numerical model to describe growing seasons out of phase with precipitations.

Kunstmann, H.; Marx, A.; Werhahn, J.; Smiatek, G.
Coupled meteorological-hydrological early flood warning for Alpine catchments

Gribovszki, Z.; Kalicz, P.; Kucsara, M.; Szilágyi, J.
Estimation of riparian zone evapotranspiration from diurnal groundwater patterns

Wei Shan , A; Yanqiu Xing , B; Ling Yu , C; Ying Guo , D
Shallow slope stability analysis for earth cut slope of high-rank highway in high latitude seasonally frozen regions (withdrawn)

Gerten, D.; Lucht, W.; Schaphoff, S.
Global changes in climate, CO2 and soil moisture, and their effects on NPP: a fragile balance

Wei Shan , A; Yanqiu Xing , B; Ling Yu , C; Ying Guo , D
Shallow slope stability analysis for earth cut slope of high-rank highway in high latitude seasonally frozen regions (withdrawn)

Mancini, M.; Horeschi, D.; Montaldo, N.; Baroni, G.; Facchi, A.; Gandolfi, C.
Eddy evapotraspiration measures on crop field: comparison between observed and fao canopy coefficient

Campo, L.; Castelli, F.; Entekhabi, D.; Caparrini, F.
Coupling of an atmospheric Limited Area Model with a sequential Land Surface Temperature Assimilation scheme

Dadson, S; Bell, V; Jones, R
Predictions of river flow in NW Europe using a coupled hydrological and regional climate model

Laguardia, G.
On the detection of droughts by means of NDVI: the role of climatic clustering.

Conrad, Y.; Schmalz, B.; Fohrer, N.
Modelling of nitrogen dynamics in the vadose zone under agricultural soils: application of a process-based model

Quevedo, D.; Francés, F.
Conceptual vegetation-soil model for arid and semiarid zones

Maier, U.; Henzler, R.; Grathwohl, P.
Biogeochemical modelling of constructed wetlands for large scale contaminated groundwater remediation

Zehe, E.; Elsenbeer, H. ; Lindenmaier, F.; Schulz, K.; Blöschl, G.
Patterns of predictability in hydrological threshold systems

Fiorentino, M.; Onorati, B.; Manfreda, S.; Carriero, D.; Telesca, V.; Copertino, V.; Iacobellis, V.; Romano, N.
Experimental monitoring of soil moisture dynamics over a hillslope transect

Martin, M.; Brush, G. S.; Chamecki, M.; Parlange, M. B.; Meneveau, C.
Plant-atmosphere exchange: field studies of the dispersion of pollen in the lower atmosphere

Kochendorfer, J.; Ramirez, J.A.
Soil textural and climatic controls on vegetation density and evapotranspiration partitioning in the Central United States

Hannerz, F; Destouni, G
Local to global data gaps for assessment of water and substance fluxes to oceans and the atmosphere

Kuells, C.; Fersch, B.
Interaction between riparian phreatophytes, alluvial aquifers and channel processes

Gigante, V.; Milella, P.; Iacobellis, V.; Portoghese, I.
Adopting robust NDVI-LAI regressions as a means for improving water balance predictions in Mediterranean regions

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