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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG5.08 Natural and anthropogenic environmental change as evidenced in high-resolution continental archives (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ortu, E.; David, F.; Peyron, O.; Bordon, A.
Pollen-inferred past climate reconstruction in the Alps: how to estimate the effect of elevation.

De Vleeschouwer, F.; Gérard, L.; Goormaghtigh, C.; Mattielli, N.; Le Roux, G.; Fagel, N.
Last two Millennia atmospheric lead and heavy metals inputs in a Belgian peat bog: regional to global Human impacts

Räsänen, S.; Froyd, C.; Goslar, T.; Suutari, H.; Nielsen, A.B.
Assessing and developing palynological tools for quantitative reconstructions of human impact on vegetation in Fennoscandian boreal forests

Schmidt, S.; Wagner, B.; Heiri, O.; Klug, M.
Chironomids as indicator for the Holocene climatic and environmental history of Store Koldewey, NE-Greenland

Peyron, O.; Magny, M.; de Beaulieu, J.L. ; Drescher-Schneider, R.; Bordon, A.; Ortu, E.
The climate in central Italy during the Last 15000 yrs BP: a quantitative reconstruction from Lake Accesa pollen/lake-levels records

Gauthier, e.G.; Magny, m.M.; Peyron, o.P.
Human impact and climatic oscillations during medieval times in central Jura Mountains (France and CH).

Thevenon, F.; Anselmetti, F. S.; Bernasconi, S. ; Williamson , D.; Sigl, M.; Schwikowski, M.
Pyrogenic carbon quantification from lacustrine, oceanic, and glacier records.

Feurdean, A; Willis, KJ
The importance of refugial population on Lateglacial and early Holocene vegetational changes in Romania

Durost, S.; Ciais, P.; Édouard, J.L.; Étien, N.; Lambert, G.; Le Maire, G.; Masson, V.; Stievenard, M.; Pierre, M.
Influence of annual climate variability in growth of oaks : a case study from french forests.

Sturm, M.; Kulbe, T.; Guilizzoni, P.; Lami, A.; Marchetto, A.; Manca, M.; Piscia, R.; Guzzella, L.; Camusso, M.; Moioli, D.
Results of environmental multiparameter studies of sediment trap material of Lago Maggiore, Italy.

Schmid, A.; Sturm, M.
An unique, high altitude, lacustrine sediment record of the Holocene to the Late Glacial: Lej da la Pischa, 2’770 m a.s.l.

Eastwood, W; Roberts, N; Haldon, J; England, A; Turner, R; Jones, M
Late Holocene Palaeoecology of Cappadocia (Turkey): Multiproxy evidence from annually-laminated sediments from Nar Golu crater lake

Filippi, M.L.; Arpenti, E.; Heiri, O.; Frisia, S.; Angeli, N.; van der Borg, K.; Blockley, S.
Lake Lavarone Late-glacial to present palaeoenvironmental changes: a unique multi-proxy record from Trentino, NE Italy

García-Amorena, I.; Wagner, F.; van Hoof, T.B.; Morla, C.; Gómez Manzaneque, F.; Visscher, H.
The role of atmospheric CO2 variability on the Holocene climate of the Northern Hemisphere – evidence from stomatal frequency analysis of Iberian oak leaves

Develle, A-L; Gasse, F; Van Campo, E; Herreros, J; Vidal, L; Williamson, D; Hariri, M; Sursok, A
Glacial-interglacial environmental and climatic changes in the Near-East: a multi-proxy analysis of the lacustrine series of the Yamouneh basin (Lebanon). Preliminary results.

Pirson, S.; Court-Picon, M.; Damblon, F.; Haesaerts, P.; Debenham, N.; Draily, C.
Belgian cave entrance and rock-shelter sequences as palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic data recorders: the example of the Walou cave multi-proxy study.

Court-Picon, M.; de Beaulieu, J.-L.; Palet Martinez, J.-M.; Walsh, K.; Mocci, F.; Segard, M.
Natural and anthropogenic Holocene environmental changes in mountainous areas (Champsaur, southern French Alps) as evidenced in high-resolution pollen, NPP and macrofossil records.

Luecke, A.; Brauer, A.; Kleinmann, A.; Merkt, J.; Schleser, G.H.
Abrupt climate changes of the Late Glacial and seasonality: Evidences from varved lake sediments of Western Europe

Korhola, A.; Väliranta, M.; Seppä, H.; Tuittila, E-S.; Laine, J.; Alm, J.
High resolution reconstruction of wetness dynamics in a southern boreal raised bog during the late Holocene

Millet, L.; Heiri, O.; Giguet, C.; Desmet, M.; Magny, M.; Arnaud, F.
Late Holocene summer temperature reconstruction from chironomids of Lake Anterne (northern Alps, France).

O'Connell, M.; TIMECHS
Holocene climate, lake-level and sea-level changes at the Atlantic fringe of Europe: multi-proxy evidence from calcareous sediments of An Loch Mór, Aran Islands

Feeser, I.; Holmes, J.A.; O'Connell, M.
Reconstruction of hydrology, climate and human impact during the Holocene in the Burren National Park, western Ireland

Heiri, O.; Filippi, M.-L.; Arpenti, E.; Lotter, A.F.
Lateglacial summer temperature in Northern Italy as reconstructed by fossil chironomid assemblages in Lago di Lavarone (1100 m asl)

Court-Picon, M.; Peyron, O.; de Beaulieu, J.-L.; Bossuet, G.
Late-Glacial vegetation and climate changes in mountain areas as inferred from pollen data : the high-resolution record of the Lauza peat bog (Champsaur, southern French Alps).

Arnaud, F.; Aphrodyte project
Tracking Holocene climate and land-use changes in the Alps: the interdisciplinary research projet “Aphrodyte”

Berner, U.; Hiete, M.; Freund, H.; Pott, R.; Kleinmann, A.
High resolution Holocene climate variability preserved in yearly laminated lake sediments from southern and northern Germany

Giguet-Covex, C.; Arnaud, F.; Poulenard, J.; Druart, J.C.; Reyss, J.L.; Enters, D.
High resolution fingerprinting of eutrophication in hard water Lake Bourget (NW french Alps)

Gobeil, C.; Tessier, A.
Stable lead isotope ratios as stratigraphic markers in Eastern Canada

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