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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.06 Lightning (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Schmidt, K.; Fuchs, B.; Meyer, V.; Betz, H.-D.
On the discrimination between cloud lightning and cloud-to-ground strokes using different techniques

Farges, T.; Blanc, E.; Herry, P.; Flavin, V.; Neubert, T.
Sprite and Lightning Infrasound Measurements during the 2005 Eurosprite Campaign

Karimov, R.; Mullayarov, V.; Kozlov, V.
Relation of long-periodic variations of thunderstorm VLF radionoise intensity and solar wind density

Biron, D.; De Leonibus, L.; Betz, H. D.; Giorgi, C.
A Lightning Data Comparison Campaign, with Locations Produced by Two Different Detection Network in Central Europe: LAMPINET and LINET.

Price, C.; Yair, Y.; Asfur, M.
East African Lightning as a Precursor of Atlantic Hurricane Activity

Yair, Y.; Aviv, R.; Price, C. ; Asfur, M.; Ravid, G.
Can spontaneous synchronization of lightning flashes occur in a network of distant thunderstorms?

Hehemann, K.; Finke, U.; Drüe, C.; Hauf, T.
Comparison of lightning polarity and amplitude measured by a regional SAFIR network to operational BLIDS data

Katsanos, D.; Lagouvardos, K.; Kotroni, V.; Argiriou, A.
Lightning Activity in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean and its relationship with Cloud Microphysical Characteristics and Radar Reflectivity, measured by Spaceborne Sensors.

Gjesteland, T.; Østgaard, N.; Stadsnes, J.
Monte Carlo simulation of Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes production altitude

Falcon, N; Quintero, A
Influence of electrical self-polarization aerosols in the microphysical evolution of intracloud lightning flashes

Lojou, J.-Y.; Murphy, M.; Demitriades, N.; Cummins, K.
Comparison of LF and VHF lightning detection methods for thunderstorm warning and nowcasting applications

Hobara, Y.; Williams, E.; Boldi, R.; Satori, G.; Bor, J.; Lyons, W.; Nelson, T.; Hayakawa, M.; Nathou, N.; Russell, B.
Mesoscale lightning in West African squall lines and its global detection with ELF measurements

Sátori, G. ; Lemperger, I.
Areal variations of global lightning on the 11-year solar cycle

Dziewit, Z.; Loboda, M.; Gajda, W.; Konarski, J.; Betz, H.-D.
Comparison of Lightning Data from PERUN and LINET in Poland

Berthelier, J.J.; Simões, F.; Godefroy, M.; Seran, E.; Yahi, S.; Pommereau, J.P.; François, P.; Maria, J.L.
Balloon electric field measurements near an active convective storm during the AMMA campaign

Mazarakis, N.; Kotroni, V.; Lagouvardos, K.
Storms and Lightning Activity in Greece during the Warm Period of the years 2003-2006

Chowdhury, amc; Hussain, F
Status of lightning in Bangladesh

Hughes, A R W; Collier, A B
Seasonal and Diurnal variation over Southern Africa and the effects of warm ocean currents

Lidvansky, A.S.; Khaerdinov, N.S.
Dynamics of cosmic rays in thunderstorm atmosphere

Huang, T.-Y.; Nee, J.; Chiang, C.; Chen, A.; Kuo, C.; Su, H.; Hsu, R.
On the mechanisms of the enhancement observed by ISUAL at the OH nightglow altitude

Montanya, J.; van der Velde, O.; Soula, S.; Neubert, T.; Bech, J.; Mika, A.
Analysis of lightning associated with a sprite displaced from its parent positive cloud to ground lightning flash

Betz, H.-D.; Schmidt, K.; Oettinger, P.; Defer, E.
LINET - A New Lightning Detection Network in Europe

Höller, H.; Bürgesser, R.; Avila, E.; Betz, H.D.
On the world lightning distribution as inferred from WWLLN and LINET

Adamo, C.; Formenton, M.; Mugnai, A.
Convection characterization by means of infrared observations from geosynchronous satellites and lightning data from VLF ground-based networks

Venevsky, S.; Woodward, S.
Simulation of global lightning distribution based on thermodynamic and aerosol hypotheses

Kikuchi, H.
Laboratory Evidence of Helicity or Vortex Generation in an Electric Quadrupole: Simulation of Tornadoes with and without Lightning

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