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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS3 - BG4.2/CL45 Data/model interactions: the biological perspective of understanding past global changes, from Tertiary to present (co-organized by BG & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Tarasov, P.; Williams, J.; Andreev, A.; Nakagawa, T.; Brewer, S.
Quantitative tree cover reconstructions for northern Eurasia: method verification and application to late-Quaternary pollen data

Dormoy, I; Peyron, O; Combourieu-Nebout, N; Magny, M; Kotthoff, U; Pross, J; Bordon, A
Changes in seasonality over the last 15 000 years in Mediterranean area

Szek, M.; Ubeda, X.
Habitat fragmentation in Les Gavarres, the Area of Natural Interest in Catalonia (Spain). (withdrawn)

Sykes, M.T.; Gisecke, T.; Miller, P.A.; Bradshaw, R.H.W; Ojala, A.E.K; Alenius, T.; Seppa, H.
Data-model comparisons (DECVEG): exploring inter-annual climate variability effects on vegetation in Fennoscandia.

Andreev, A.; Tarasov, P.; Schirrmeister, L.
Eemian and Holocene palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from Arctic Siberia (Bol’shoy Lyakhovsky, Island Laptev Sea region)

Peng, CH; Wu, HB; Guiot, J.; Guo, ZT
New coupled vegetation-carbon model used inversely for reconstructing historical terrestrial carbon storage from pollen data

Guiot, J; Wu, H.B.
Dominant Factors Controlling Glacial and Interglacial Variations in the Treeline Elevation in Tropical Africa

Boreux, J.J.; Naveau, P.; Perreault, L.; Nicault, A.; Bernier, J.
Extracting a common signal in Northern Quebec black spruce tree-rings with a Bayesian hierarchical model

Guo, ZT
Major reorganization of paleoclimate in Asia near the Oligocene/Miocene boundary (withdrawn)

Rudaya, N.; Tarasov, P.; Dorofeyuk, N.; Kalugin, I.; Andreev, A.
Holocene vegetation and environments in the Mongolian Altai derived from the Hoton-Nur pollen and diatom records

Prentice, I.C.
How plant physiology influences vegetation and climate

Salzmann, U.; Haywood, A. M.; Lunt, D. J.
Vegetation of a warmer world: Data-model comparison of global biome distributions for the Middle Pliocene and the 21st century

Fréchette, B.; de Vernal, A.
Onshore-offshore climate changes in southwest Greenland and eastern Baffin Island area since 7000 years

Brewer, S.; François, L.; Cheddadi, R.; Laurent, J.-M.; Favre, E.
Comparison of simulated and observed vegetation for the mid-Holocene in Europe

Cheddadi, RC; Bar-Hen, AB
The heterogeneity of temperature and vegetation change across Europe during the late Quaternary (withdrawn)

Turcq, B.; Braconnot, P. ; Cordeiro, R.; Sifeddine, A.; Silva Dias, P.; Jorgetti, T.; Lima da Costa, R.; Abrao, J.
Amazonian climate during the Holocene

Lombard, F.; Labeyrie, L.; Michel, E.; Spero, H.J.; Lea, D.W.; The Forclim Team
The ForamClim Ecophysiological Model for Planktic Foraminifera: How physiology constrain ecological niches, abundance and potential depth and season of growth for eight foraminifera species (withdrawn)

Chalié, F.; ESCARSEL-ANR-Program
The last millennium in Africa: a review of the main environmental changes and possible causal mechanisms

Williamson, D.; Majule, A.; Delvaux, D.; Mbebe, E.; Barker, P.; Bergonzini, L.; Bremond, L.; Limyu, J.; Magongo, F.; Mathé, P.-E.; Yanda, P.Z.; Chalié, F.; Guiot, J.; Ortlieb, L.; Valimba, P.; Vincens, A.; RESON team
A 4D approach to unravel the impacts of geodynamics, climate and human activities on biogeochemical cycles, hydrological thresholds, and ecosystems: the Rungwe Environmental Science Observatory Network (Tanzania)

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