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  List of Accepted Contributions - G11 Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI (Central European Initiative)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Banachowicz, A.; Bober, R.; Dolgopolow, A.; Kozlowski, Z.; Wolski, A.
The use of a DGPS system in examining changes in the bathymetry of the Piastowski Canal (West Pomerania)

Banachowicz, A.; Banachowicz, G.; Wolski, A.
Calculation of the ship's position coordinates and the accuracy assessment in dead reckoning navigation

Banachowicz, A.; Banachowicz, G. ; Wolski, A.
Calculating vectors of the ship's speed and acceleration by means of GPS/DGPS measurements

Nuckelt, A.
Interpolating a velocity field using Multilevel B-Splines

Sledzinski, J.
New European initiative of regional co-operation: EUPOS INTERREG IIIC

Wozniak, M.; Adamek, A.
Monitoring of dynamic movements of Hans glacier control points using Smart Station

Becker , M.; Caporali, A.; Drescher, R.; Gerhatova, L.; Grenerczy, G.; Haslinger, C.; Hefty, J.; Krauss, S.; Liwosz, T.; Stangl, G.
Reprocessing CEGRN campaigns 1994-2006

Haslinger, C.; Krauss, S.; Stangl, G.
Results from the South-Estern-Alps-campaign 2006

Dousa, J.; Kostelecky, J.
Improved ultra-rapid orbits from Geodetic Observatory Pecny

Šimek, J.; Douša, J.; Filler, V.; Kostelecký (jr.), J.; Pálinkáš, V.; Štěpánek, P.
A Regional Contribution of CEI Countries to GGOS: Case Study GO Pecny, Czech Republic

Bogusz, J.
Role of environmental signals in the Earth tides observations: experiments at Jozefoslaw Observatory

Hefty, J.; The Cergop Team
Geokinematics of Central Europe: new insights from the CERGOP-2/Environment Project

Makar, A.
WGS-84 Ellipsoid as Vertical Reference System for Hydrographic Surveys

Naus, K.
Conception of DTM GRID type with Constant Area Method

Fellner, A; Zajac, J; Trominski, P ; Banaszek, K; Jafernik, H; Cwiklak, J
GNSS for aviation analysis based on EUPOS and GNSS/EGNOS collocated stations in PWSZ Chelm

Mojzes, M; Papco, J
Determination of Vertical Movements by GPS and Absolute Gravity Measurements in the Tatra Mountain

Milev, G.; Valev, G.; Vassileva, K.
The new absolute gravity stations in Bulgaria and integration of the basic gravity network of the country to their system

Drescher, R.; Becker, M.
Reference frame and model improvements in CEGRN

Medak, D.; Pribicevic, B.; Medved, I.
Application of 3D terrestrial laser scanning in geodynamic monitoring

Pribicevic, B.; Medak, D.; Djapo, A.
Precise geodetic and hydrographic measurements in karst areas

Barlik, M.; Olszak, T.; Pachuta, A.
Investigations of the long-standing gravity non-tidal variations at main tectonic units of Poland territory

Zajac, M.; Kontny, B.
Comparison of periodic components of GPS time series for selected permanent stations on the area of CEI countries

Kaminskis, JK; Zhagars, JZ
Common spatial reference frame in geo-informatics

Mantlik, F.; Schenk, V.; Schenkova, Z.; Gracova, M.
The effects of frosty snow coverage on the GPS antennas and the possibilities of their being eliminated from the antenna positions time series

Schenková, Z; Schenk, V; Mantlík, F; Grácová, M; Kottnauer, P
Regional geodynamic network HIGHLAND, the Bohemian Massif

Hrvatovic, H.; Mulic, M.
Geodynamics, geotectonics, seismicity, seismotectonics of Dinarides of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Walo, J.; Olszak, T.; Barlik, M.; Pachuta, A.; Szpunar, R.
Towards a Unified Gravimetric Reference Frame for Polish GNSS Stations and Geodynamic Test Fields

Szpunar, R.; Walo, J.
Monitoring of displacement of engineering objects using GPS-RTK technique

Wezka, K.; Pachuta, A.; Rajner, M.; Prochniewicz, D.; Walo, J.; Adamek, A.
Monitoring of thickness and movements of the Hans glacier surface in a period of 2005-2006 by using GPS-RTK technology

Jarosiński, M.; Kryński, J.; Rogowski, J. B.
Study of the relationship between the tectonic stress and the deformation of the lithosphere in the territory of Poland – a new geodynamics research project

Nowak, A.
Influence of urban canyons on snapshot RAIM methods availabity

Specht, C.; Nowak, A.
Some reliability aspects of determination the position in navigational systems

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