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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS9 From rifting to drifting: observations, models and ideas on passive margin formation

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

LABAILS, C.; Olivet, J.-L.; Aslanian, D.; Klingelhoefer, F.; Matias, L.; Moulin, M.; Nouze, H.; Sahabi, M.; Unternehr, P.
Crustal structure of the SW Moroccan margin from wide-angle and reflection seismic data (the Dakhla experiment)

Stratford, W.; Thybo, H.; Faleide, J.; Olesen, O; Tryggvason, A.
Crustal structure of the Oslo graben: preliminary results from MAGNUS-REX, new crustal scale refraction profiling across southern Norway.

Reston, TJ; Booth-Rea, G; Klaeschen, D; Gaw, V
The observation of polyphase faulting at rifted margins and implications for restoring extension

Reston, T.J.
Asymmetry and heterogeneity of crustal structure at magma-poor rifted margins: distribution of extension in space and time.

Mohn, M; Manatschal, M; Müntener, M; Kusznir, K; Masini, M
Detachment structures in the Bernina domain (SE Switzerland): can they explain the extreme thinning of the continental crust prior to mantle exhumation in the Alpine Tethys ocean?

Kusznir, N.J.; Fletcher, R.; Manatschal, G.
Continental lithosphere thinning leading to breakup and rifted margin formation by combined pure-shear and induced upwelling divergent flow

Gozzard, S; Kusznir, N; Goodliffe, A; Manatschal, G
Evidence for Depth-Dependent Stretching at the Propagating Tip of Sea-floor Spreading in the Woodlark Basin, from Satellite Gravity Inversion, Flexural Backstripping and Fault Analysis

Burov, E. ; Watremez, L. ; Huet, B.
Dynamics of slow continental rifting: influence of gravity and rheology

Autin, J.; Leroy, S.; d'Acremont, E.; Beslier, M.-O.; Ribodetti, A.; Bellahsen, N.; Razin, Ph.; Robin, C.
Continental break-up history of a poor magmatic margin from seismic reflection (northeastern Gulf of Aden margin, offshore Oman)

Watremez, L.; Leroy, S.; Rouzo, S.; d'Acremont, E.
Deep structure of the northeastern Gulf of Aden margin from wide-angle seismic network: Encens cruise

Watson, J. G.; Kusznir, N. J.; Tsikalas, F.; Faleide, J.
Asymmetry of the Norwegian and East Greenland conjugate rifted continental margins

Cooper, C J ; Kusznir, N J; Manatschal, G
Evidence for mass deficiency within the lithosphere of the Iberian, Newfoundland, Nova Scotian and Labrador margins from residual depth anomalies

Klingelhoefer, F.; Olivet, J.-L.; Aslanian, D.; Bache, F.; Moulin, M.; Afilhado, A.; Nouzé, H.; Beslier, M.-O.; Gailler, A.
Preliminary results from the SARDINIA deep seismic cruise on the Western Sardinia and Gulf of Lions conjugate margin pair

Gouiza, M.; Ghorbal, B.; Betotti, G.; Hafid, M.
Quantitative Mesozoic rifting and subsidence analysis of the Moroccan-Doukkala margin in relation to the Meseta domain and the Atlas Basin: New approach.

Jammes, S.; Manatschal, G.; Lavier, L.
Strain partitioning in a transtensional setting at the termination of an oceanic basin : the example of the Bay of Biscay-Western Pyrenees

Huismans, R.S.; Beaumont, C.
Complex rifted margins explained by dynamical models of depth-dependent lithospheric extension

Lisker, F.; John, T.; Ventura, B.
Denudation and uplift across the Ghana transform margin as indicated by new apatite fission track data

Ghorbal, B.; Bertotti, G.; Foeken, J.; Stuart, F.; Andriessen, P.A.M
Evolution of NW Africa during the Mesozoic (Western Meseta, High Atlas and Anti Atlas)

Medvedev, S.; Hartz, E.; Faleide, J.I.
Tectonic stresses associated with mid-oceanic ridge and passive margins of Arctic

Wilson, R.W; Thompson, M; Boyd, K; McCaffrey, K.J.W; Holdsworth, R.E
Structure and Evolution of an obliquely rifted Margin, the Santos Basin, SE Brazil

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