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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP10 Sedimentary systems from source to sink (Results of EU projects EUROdelta, EuroSTRATAFORM and Promess)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lofi, J.; Vagner, P.; Berné, S.; Weber, O.
Tidal sand ridges on the East China Sea outer shelf: evidences for recent activity under modern sea level conditions

Clift, P.; Giosan , L.; Constantinescu , S.; Tabrez , A.
Holocene Development of the Indus Mega-Delta

Laberg, J.S.; Guidard, S.; Mienert, J.; Vorren, T.O.; Haflidason, H.; Nygård, A.
The Andøya canyon offshore Norway - processes of canyon growth

Flores, J.A.; Sierro, F.J.; Pérez-Folgado, M.; Colmenero-Hidalgo, E.; Gravalosa, J.M.; Bárcena, M.A.; Grimalt, J.; Berné, S.; Dennielou, B.; Curtis J.H. Hodell, D.A.
Abrupt climatic changes during the last climatic cycles in the Gulf of Lions (Western Mediterranean) revealed by micropaleontological and geochemical tools

Drilling of two European deltaic margins for global and climate changes, slope stability and sequence stratigraphy during the last ca. 500 kyr: The Promess 1 expedition

Sultan, N.; Gaudin, M.; Berné, S.
New method for 3D slope stability analysis: application to the slope failures in canyon heads

Bassetti, M.A.; Berné, S.; Alix, A.S.; Dennielou, B.; Floch, G.; Jouet, G.; Lafuerza, S.; Sultan, N.; Frigola, J.; Flores, J.A.
Preliminary observations about the terrigenous Quaternary shelf-slope sequence in the Gulf of Lions based on the study of a long borehole (PRGL2, PRoMeSS 1)

Oliveira, A.; Santos, A.; Rodrigues, A.; Vitorino, J.
Mineralogical Composition of Suspended and Bottom sediments in the Adjacent Shelf of the Nazaré Canyon- Portugal

Miserocchi, S.; Turchetto, M.; Boldrin, A.; Langone, L.
Water dynamics and sediment transport associated with Bari Canyon in the southern Adriatic Sea

Brommer, M.B.; Weltje, G.J.; Correggiari, A.
Prodelta sediment budget analysis: a case study from the Holocene of the western Adriatic Sea

Georgiopoulou, A.; Krastel, S.; Masson, D.G.; Wynn, R.B.
New Insights into the Saharan Slide: A detailed Study from Source to Sink.

Sultan, N.; Berné, S.; Canals, M.; Cattaneo, A.; Frigola, J.; Lafuerza, S.; Trincardi, F.; Urgeles, R.
Experimental study on deformation and strength behaviour of marine sediments from the Adriatic shelf: first results from the PROMESS1 drilling project.

Garcia , A. C.; Coelho , H. ; Leitão , P. C.; Stigter , H.; van Weering , T.; Neves , R.
Internal tide influence on sediment resuspension in Nazaré Submarine Canyon and adjacent areas.

Coelho, H. ; Leitão, P. C.; Riflet, G.; Nogueira, J.; Garcia, A. C.; Neves, R.
A high resolution model of ocean circulation over the Nazaré Canyon

Droz, L.; Dennielou, B.; PROGRES Team
The distal Petit-Rhône Fan (Gulf of Lions, Western Mediterranean) - (EUROSTRATAFORM European Programme)

Lobo, F.J.; Fernández-Salas, L.M.; Moreno, I.; Sanz, J.L.; Maldonado, A.; Medialdea, T.
Large-scale depositional bodies on the shelf around the Guadalfeo River, northern margin of the Alboran Sea, and their relationship with conduits of sediment transport into deeper domains

Asioli, A.; Piva, A.; Cattaneo, A.; Ridente, D.; Trincardi, F.
Preliminary stratigraphy of the hole PRAD1-2 (EC-PROMESS 1 project, Central Adriatic) on the basis of micropaleontological and geophysical data

BOURRIN, F.; Durrieu DeMadron, X.; Heussner, S.; Guillen, J.; Palanques, A.; Estournel, C.; Ulses, C.; Roman, A.
Continuous monitoring of suspended sediment fluxes during an extreme climatic event in the Gulf of Lions: from rivers to canyons

Fernández-Salas, L.M.; Lobo, F.J.; Sanz, J.L.; Moreno, I.
Sea-floor undulations on the Guadalfeo River prodelta, southeastern Iberian Peninsula

Guillen, J.; Bourrin, F.; Buscail, R.; Palanques, A.; Puig, P. ; Durrieu de Madron, X.
Comparison of sediment dynamics during “wet” and “dry” storm events on the Têt Prodelta

Berndt, C.; Cattaneo, A.; Szuman, M.; Trincardi, F.
Current-driven sediment redeposition in the highstand system tracts of the western Adriatic Sea

Guidard, S.; Laberg, J.S.; Mienert, J.; Vorren, T.O.
Slope Stability in the Andøya Canyon of the Norwegian Margin

de Stigter, H.C.; van Weering, T.C.E; van den Bergh, G.D.; Boer, W.
Particulate matter transport and deposition in the Nazaré Canyon, Portuguese Atlantic margin.

Koho, K.A.; Kouwenhoven, T.J.; van der Zwaan , G.J.; de Stigter , H.C.; van Weering , T.C.E
Recent (Rose Bengal stained) benthic foraminifera from Portuguese margin canyons

Verdicchio, G.; Minisini, D.; Asioli, A.; Remia, A.; Trincardi, F.
Bottom currents shaping the Southwestern Adriatic Margin (Central Mediterranean)

Thomsen, L.; Mendes, P.; Ulses, C.; Estorel, C.
Agregate fluxes in the benthic boundary layer of Cap de Creus Canyon (withdrawn)

Frigola, J.; Canals, M.; Berné, S.; Cacho, I.; Herrera, G.; Dennielou, B.; Gelfort, R.; Alix, A.S.; Bassetti, M.A.; PROMESS1 Shipboard Scientific Party
Preliminary sedimentological and geochemical results from borehole GL1-4 in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea, project PROMESS 1

Minisini, D.; Cattaneo, A.; Remia, A.; Ridente, D.; Trincardi, F.
Evidence of widespread slope failures on the Southwestern Adriatic Margin. What goes next?

Lafuerza, S; Canals, M; Sultan, N; Urgeles, R; Frigola, J; Berné, S; Shipboard Scientific Party
Results from CPTU profiles and core-log data within PROMESS 1: Preliminary multiparameter correlations

Fabres, J.; Miserocchi, S.; Heussner, S.; Calafat, A. M.; Zúñiga, D.; Canals, M.; Tesi, T.; Puig, P.; Palanques, A.; Durrieu de Madron, X.
The Impact of the December 2003 Catastrophic Storm on Near Bottom Particle Fluxes at Canyon Heads in the Gulf of Lions

Gelfort, R.; Wonik, T.; Promess 1 shipboard party, the
Cluster analysis of downhole logging data from Promess 1 Gulf of Lions site

Haflidason, H.; Sejrup, H. P.; de Alvaro, M. M.; Nygard, A.; Laberg, J. S.
The Holocene turbidite events in the Lofoten Basin and the associated Andøya Canyon system, mid- Norwegian margin.

Vitorino, J. ; Oliveira, A.; Beja, J.
Physical processes in the Nazare Canyon area and related sedimentary impacts

Quaresma, L.S.; Vitorino, J.; da Silva, J.C.B
Sediment dynamics impact evidence over the W Portuguese inner shelf by non-linear internal waves generated at Nazaré canyon rim (EUROSTRATAFORM)

Palanques, A.; Puig, P.; Durrieu de Madron, X.; Guillen, J.; Calafat, A.; Fabres, J.; Heussner, S.; Canals, M.
Suspended sediment transport through the Gulf of Lions submarine canyons

Storms, J.E.A; Weltje, G.J.; Terra, G.; Cattaneo, A.
Stratigraphic forward modelling of isolated sandbodies in the holocene transgressive systems tract of the northern Adriatic shelf, Italy

Masson, D.; Weaver, P.
Sediment transport processes through large submarine canyons on the west Iberian margin

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