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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS45 Modelling and observation of hydrological and biological processes in West Africa (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mavlyanov, G.N.
Superficial drain from takirs of Ustyurt plateau as a source for storage of drinking water (withdrawn)

van de Giesen, N; Ayodele, A; Bagayoko, F; Stomph, TJ
From point to slope: Measured and modeled scale effects of Hortonian surface runoff in West Africa

Nieto, R.; Gimeno, L.; Trigo, R.
A Lagrangian identification of major sources of Sahel moisture

Carrer, D.; Roujean, J.L.; Hautecoeur, O.; Geiger, B.; Meurey, C.
SAF programme on Land Surface Analysis: an operational production of surface parameters over West Africa based on MSG observations

Stisen, S.; Sandholt, I.; Nřrgaard, A.; Fensholt, R.; Jensen, K.H.
Combined thermal inertia- and triangle-method to estimate surface evapotranspiration using MSG-SEVIRI data – Applied to the Senegal River basin.

Sandwidi, J-P; Van de Giesen, N; Rodgers, C
Flow processes in groundwater recharge to a crystalline basement aquifer in a semi-arid West African river basin

Harris, P. P.; Taylor, C. M.
Assimilation of MSG land-surface temperature into land-surface model simulations to constrain estimates of surface energy budget in West Africa

Saux Picart, S.; Ottlé, C.; Perrier, A.; Decharme, B.; Coudert, B.; Zribi, M.; Cappelaere, B.; Boulain, N.
SEtHyS_Savannah: a three source land surface model applied to a sahelian landscape

Guyot, A.; Cohard, J-M.; Galle, S.
Energy balance at a catchment scale using an infrared scintillometer and soil measurements

Wagner, S.; Kunstmann, H.; Bárdossy, A.; Conrad, C.
Water balance simulations in a poorly gauged basin using different meteorological and land surface data sources

Mangiarotti, S.; Baup, F.; Jarlan, L.; Mazzega, P.; Mougin, E.
Modelling contrasted yearly rainfall impacts on sahelian vegetation via a bi-objective data assimilation scheme (biomass and LAI in situ data)

Brümmer, C.; Brüggemann, N.; Wassmann, R.; Falk, U.; Szarzynski, J.; Papen, H.
Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of N2O, CH4 and CO2 in natural savannah and rainfed agriculture in Burkina Faso (W Africa)

Tia, L.; Szarzynski, J.; Vlek, P. L.
Ecological modeling of tree patterns and diversity as a means of classifying savanna landscapes: Remote sensing and GIS-based mapping

Watrin, J.; Friend, A.; Zaehle, S.; Lézine, A.-M.
Modelling vegetation dynamics in West Africa during the Holocene and links to in situ proxy data

Falk, U.; Szarzynski, J.; Landmann, T.; Schmidt, M.
Impact of climate and environmental changes on regional biodiversity. Results and perspectives from the BIOTA West Africa and GLOWA Volta research networks in West Africa

Sandwidi, J-P; van de Giesen, N; Rodgers, C
Flow processes in groundwater recharge to a crystalline basement aquifer in a semi-arid West African river basin

de Rosnay, PdR; Gruhier, CG; Baup, FB; Kergoat, LK; Mougin, EM; Timouk, FT; Hiernaux, PH; Richaume, PR; Kerr, YK
Soil moisture remote sensing over the Gourma mesoscale site

Lehmann, el; Grote, rg; Kunstman, hk
A process-based model for simulating biosphere-atmosphere interactions in natural savannah and rainfed agriculture in Burkina Faso West Africa

Nyarko, B.K.; Diekrüger, B.; Rodgers, C.; Van de Gessien, N.
Modeling unsaturated zone of floodplain wetlands in the white volta basin, Ghana

Boone, A; deRosnay, P; Polcher, J; THE ALMIP Working Group
AMMA Land surface Model Intercomparison Project (ALMIP) Phase 1 Results

Pellarin, T.; Laurent, J.P.; Decharme, B.; Chopin, F.; de Rosnay, P.; Boone, A.; Descroix, L.; Cappelaere, B.
Potential and limitation of AMSR-E microwave measurements over Niger for improving water cycle modelling under uncertain rainfall fields

Noergaard, A; Stisen, S; Sandholt, I
Distributed SVAT modelling using remotely sensed data products

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