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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR90 Mountain Hydrology and Climatology: present state and future scenarios (co-listed in HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Rimmer, A.
HYdrological Model for Karst Environment (HYMKE)-Application to the Hermon Mountain (North of Israel)

Durand, Y.; Giraud, G.; Laternser, M.; Etchevers, P.; Lesaffre, B.; Mérindol, L.
44 Years of climate reanalyses in the French Alps (1958-2002): methodology, validation and results for the main meteorological parameters and related snow cover conditions.

Molnár, D.; Zappa, M.
Towards a better understanding of Swiss mountain hydrology: a regional analysis using PREVAH

Koboltschnig, G.; Holzmann, H.; Schöner, W.; Zappa, M.
Snow- and icemelt contribution of Alpine catchments on different spatial scales: the transferability of model parameters

Flügel, W. A.; Bongartz, K.; Janauer, G.; Dragut, L.; Zeil, P.; Kienberger, S.
Comparative analysis of climate change impacts in the Yarlung Tsangpo (Upper Brahmaputra) and Upper Danube river basins – the BRAHMATWINN Project.

Dedieu, JP.; Dullinger, S.; Randin, C.; Guisan, A.; Zappa, M.; Jonas, T.
Snow cover modelling under Climate Change conditions (present and future) for alpine plants dynamics (Austria).

Michlmayr, G.; Holzmann, H.; Koboltschnig, G.; Lehning, M.; Mott, R.; Schöner, W.; Zappa, M.
A physically based snowpack and icemelt model for the distributed simulation of the water balance in a high Alpine catchment

Perona, P.; Burlando, P.
Mechanistic modeling of glaciated alpine basins: model development

Perona, P.; Pasquale, N.; Molnar, D.
Mechanistic modeling of glaciated alpine basins: case studies

Buytaert, W; Celleri, R; De Bièvre, B
The impact of climate change on the water supply of the Amaluza dam, south Ecuador

Skaugen, T
Estimating the spatial variability of SWE

Bavera, D.; Bocchiola, D.; De Michele, C.
A statistical estimation of snow water equivalent using ground data and MODIS® images

Schmidt, S.; Weber, B.; Winiger, M.
Filling the Gap - The Potential of Terrestrial Images to Monitor the Snow Cover Distribution in Mountains

Duchemin, B.; Leroux, J.; Boulet, G.; Maisongrande, P.; Hanich, L.; Boudhar, A.; Chaponnière, A.; Chehbouni, A.G.
Improvement of remotely sensed snow cover monitoring in semi-arid High Atlas mountains and its assimilation in a distributed hydrological model

Roessler, O.; Schmidt, S.
Comparison of statistical vs. physically modelled snow cover pattern – validation based on terrestrial images

Bales, R.
Hydrologic observatory design in the Western United States: Scaling measurements and modeling in the Sierra Nevada of California

Freppaz, M.; Maggioni, M.; Piccini, P.; Filippa, G.; Zanini, E.
Snowpack evolution on the Indren glacier (NW Alps, Italy) under different meteorological conditions

Conklin, M; Liu, F; Shaw, G
Processes controlling baseflow and climatic warming effects in the Merced River, Sierra Nevada, California

Bales, R; Rice, R; Painter, T; Dozier, J
Estimating snowcover along elevation gradients in the Sierra Nevada of California from MODIS and blended ground data

Rößler, O.; Winiger, M.; Löffler, J.
A new approach to model alpine water balance processes and gradients

Lambrecht, A.
Temporal variability of the contribution of glaciers in western Austria to water discharge

Kruk, N. S.; Vendrame, I. F.; Chou, S. C.
Sensitivity analysis of hydrological modeled responses to soil parameters in a watershed located in Serra do Mar, Brazil

Brencic, M.; Vreca, P.
Isotopic investigations of small mountain groundwater flow dominated river

Schulz, O.
Snow ablation and runoff in the southern High Atlas Mountains of Morocco (withdrawn)

Kerr, T.; Owens, I.; Henderson, R.
An extreme average annual precipitation gradient measured in a lee mountain catchment, South Island, New Zealand

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