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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.09 The tropical tropopause region

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Khaykin, S.; Pommereau, J.-P.; Vömel, H.; Yushkov, V.; Korshunov, L.; Nielsen, J.
Water vapour in the tropical UT/LS from balloon observations with FLASH-B hygrometer

Beirle, S.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Sensitivity of Satellite Observations for Lightning NOx

Weigel, K.; CRISTA-NF Team
Remote sensing in the UTLS region with CRISTA-NF

Schiller, C.; Brunner, D.; Konopka, P.; Krämer, M.; Silva dos Santos, F. ; Spelten, N.
Drying and moistening at the tropical tropopause

Streibel, M. ; Braesicke, P.; Harris, N.; Pyle, J.
Investigating the S-Shape – Ozone Profiles in the Tropics

Iwasaki, I; Maruyama, M; Hayashi, H; Ogino, O; Ishimoto, I; Tachibana, T; Shimizu, S; Matsui, M; Sugimoto, S; Yamashita, Y; The OPC team
Comparisons of aerosol and cloud particle size distributions in the tropical tropopause layer measured by optical particle counters and a lidar with those computed by a parcel model

Kritten, L.; Butz, A.; Dorf, M.; Grunow, K.; Oelhaf, H.; Prados-Roman, C.; Simmes, B.; Weidner, F.; Wetzel, G.; Pfeilsticker, K.
Time-Resolved Profiling of Stratospheric Radical Species by Balloon-Borne Skylight Limb Observations

Wetzel, G.; Oelhaf, H.; Friedl-Vallon, F.; Kleinert, A.; Lehner, K.; Maucher, G.
Vertical profiles of PAN, C2H6, and H2CO as measured by MIPAS-B in the tropics

Liu, Y; Haynes, PH
Lagrangian studies of troposphere-to-stratosphere transport

Russo, M.R.; Hosking, J.S.; Pyle, J.A.
Effect of Horizontal Resolution on the Representation of Tropical Convection in Global and Mesoscale Models

Hosking, J. S.; Russo, M. R.; Braesicke, P.; Pyle, J. A.
Convective Transport of VSLS to the TTL in a High Resolution Global Model

Vaughan, G; Heyes, W; Volz-Thomas, A; Paetz, W; Bansemer, A
Uplift of low-level air in deep convection

Waddicor, D.A; Vaughan, G; Choularton, T
The effect of tropical convection on the aerosol population in the tropical tropopause layer

Heyes, W.; Vaughan, G.; Allen, G
A trajectory-based anaysis of ozone profiles from the ACTIVE campaign- Implications for the composition of the TTL

Palazzi, E.; Fierli, F.; Cairo, F.; Cagnazzo, C.; Manzini, E.; Ravegnani, F.; Schiller, C.; Viciani, S.; Volk, C. M.
Evaluation of the capability of ECHAM-MESSY in the tropical tropopause layer: comparison with aircraft data

Homan, C.D.; Volk, C.M.; Baehr, J.; Kuhn, A.C.; Werner, A.; Viciani, S.; Ulanovski, A.; Ravegnani, F.; Konopka, P.; Brunner, D.
Vertical Mixing and Ascent in the TTL during the SCOUT-O3 and AMMA/SCOUT Aircraft Campaigns

Labrador, L; Vaughan, G; Volz-Thomas, A; Pätz, H
Lightning-produced Nitrogen Oxides During ACTIVE; Observations in Two Different Convective Regimes

Pickering, K; Huntemann, T; Barth, M; Skamarock, W; Schlager, H; Hoeller, H; Betz, H; Volz-Thomas, A; Schumann, U; Vaughan, G
Cloud-resolved simulations of lightning NOx in an observed Hector thunderstorm

Brühl, C.; Hoor, P.; Jöckel, P.; Tost, H.; Steil, B.; Kunze, M.; Volk, C.M.; Schlager, H.; Ulanovsky, A.; Viciani, S.
The Chemical Circulation Model ECHAM5/MESSy1 compared to Aircraft Measurements of 3 tropical Campaigns

Chaboureau, J.-P.; Mascart, P. J.; Duron, J.
Cross-tropopause transport by convective overshoots in the Tropics

Grosvenor, D. P.; Choularton, T. W.; Coe, H.; Held, G
Moistening of the stratosphere by deep convection as simulated by Cloud Resolving Models.

Kovilakam, M; Mercer, J L; Deshler, T
Signatures of transport into the tropical lower stratosphere. Is there supporting evidence for observations of anomalously high aerosol concentrations in the tropical lower stratosphere?

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