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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS56 - NP3.06/SM18 Dynamics of Seismicity Patterns and Earthquake Triggering (co-organised by SM & NP, co-listed in NH & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Weatherley, D
Two power-law scaling regimes in long-range sandpile automata (withdrawn)

Mukhamediev, Sh.; Grachev, A.; Yunga, S.
Variation of Seismic Activity of Platform Regions Caused by the Ridge Push Force

Allamehzadeh, M.
Recognition of Seismic Precursory Activities Using Self-organizing Feature Maps

Chan, C.; Stein, R.; Ma, K.
Stress evolution following the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake: Consequences for afterslip, relaxation, aftershocks, and departures from Omori decay

Chelidze, T.; Matcharashvili, T.; Khutsishvili, T.; Zhukova, N.; Mepharidze, E.
Reservoir-induced synchronization in local seismicity

Cadicheanu, N.; Zhu, P.; van Ruymbeke, M.
Some aspects of seismic wave attenuation in the Vrancea (Romania) zone confirmed by the tidal tomography

Bachmann, C.E.; Wiemer, S.; Woessner, J.
The induced Basel 2006 earthquake sequence: Statistical properties and a new probability-based monitoring system

Woessner, J.; Hainzl, S.; Catalli, F.; Lombardi, A. M.; Enescu, B.; Gerstenberger, M. C.; Wiemer, S.
Comparative Testing of Clustered Seismicity Models on prominent Aftershock Sequences

Vecchio, A.; Carbone, V.; Sorriso-Valvo, L.; Harabaglia, P.; Guerra, I.
Statistical properties of earthquakes clustering

Bell, A; Main, I
The spatiotemporal distribution of triggered earthquakes

Debski, W.; Domanski, B.
Dynamic stress drop for selected seismic events from Rudna copper mine

Lombardi, A.M.; Marzocchi, W.
Time-dependent occurrenceof large eartquakes in Italy

Enescu, B.; Mori, J.; Miyazawa, M.; Kano, Y.
c-values Associated with Recent Moderate Earthquakes in Japan

Posadas, A.; Vidal, F.; Navarro, M.
A fine 2D seismic propagation model based on information theory for South Spain earthquakes (withdrawn)

Ganas, A.; Gosar, A.; Drakatos, G.
Static stress changes due to the 1998 and 2004 Krn Mountain (Slovenia) earthquakes and implications for future seismicity

Smirnov, V.
Lithosphere failure cycle parameters: estimations, variations, nature.

Catalli, F.; Lombardi, A.M.; Cocco, M.; Marzocchi, W.
The role of the reference seismicity rate in a rate-and-state model

Narteau, C.; Shebalin, P.; Byrdina, S.; Schorlemmer, D.
The onset of the aftershock decay rate across different stress regimes

Christophersen, A.; Hainzl, S. ; Wiemer, S.
Applying the ETAS model for aftershock forecasting in low seismicity regions

Zoeller, G.; Hainzl, S.; Holschneider, M.
Recurrence times of large earthquakes: what can be inferred from small and intermediate events?

Bethmann, F.; Deichmann, N.; Mai, P.M.
Scaling relations of Mw vs. Ml for families of similar earthquakes in Switzerland

Hassanpoor sedghi, M; Mokhtari, M
Multifractal analysis of the 1981 Kerman-Sirch and 2003 Bam earthquakes (Iran) from aftershock studies in Nayband Gowk fault system

Gómez, J.B.; Pacheco, A.F.
Earthquakes, asperities, and forest-fire models

Kraft, T.; Deichmann, N.; Husen, S.; Giardini, D.; Evans, K.; Häring, M.; Schanz, U.
Seismicity induced by fluid injection for Deep Heat Mining in Basel, Switzerland

Chiarabba, C.; De Gori, P.; Boschi, E.
Fluid migration in the Umbria-Marche fault system inferred by velocity and attenuation time repeated local earthquake tomography.

Kossobokov, V.
Testing earthquake forecast/prediction methods: "Real-time forecasts of tomorrow's earthquakes in California"

Calderoni, G.; Di Giovambattista, R.; Ventura, G.; Burrato, P.
Influence of fluids on the evolution of the Ml 4.5, May 2000 Faenza seismic sequence, Northern Apennines (Italy)

Hainzl, S.; Enescu, B.; Wang, R.; Roth, F.
Aftershock modeling based on uncertain Coulomb stress calculations and rate-state frictional response

Dahm, T.; Fischer, T.; Hainzl, S.
Mechanism of intrusions: a comparison of models with application to the earthquake swarm region in NW Bohemia

Console, R.; Murru, M.; Falcone, G.
Statistical study of the space-time variations of the seismic activity

Brodsky, E. E.; Van der Elst, N.
Connecting Aftershocks and Farfield Triggering through Regional Sensitivity Measures

Santoyo, M.A.; García-Jerez, A.; Luzón, F.
A stress triggering analysis in a recent seismic series near the Itoiz reservoir, northern Spain

Schmittbuhl, J.; Toussaint, R.; Maloy, K.J.; Santucci, S.; Grob, M.; Doubre, C. ; Van der Woerd, J.; Peltzer, G.
Velocity fluctuations of a slow crack front during slow propagation: an experimental approach, and comparison to large scale spatio temporal scaling law in fault slip dynamics

Steacy, S; Gomberg, J
Testing a rate-state model of earthquake probabilities (withdrawn)

Novikov, V.; Vorontsova, E.
Statistical Analysis of Triggering Susceptibility of Northern Tien Shan

Avagimov, A.; Konev, Yu.; Novikov, V.; Zeigarnik, V.
Analysis of Possible Mechanisms of Seismicity Triggered by High-Power Electric Pulses

Fontiela, J.; Nunes, J.C.
The b-values on the Congro Fracture Zone during the period 2003-2007: a first approach

German, V. I.
Probability of strong seismic events occurrence and its relationship with self-similarity of seismicity

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