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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.14 African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) (co-listed in OS, BG, CL & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bagayoko, F; van de Giesen, NC; Yonkeu, S
Effect of seasonal dynamics of vegetation cover on land surface model: case study of noah over savanna farm land in eastern burkina Faso, west africa (withdrawn)

Niang, D; Mermoud, A
Hydrodynamic functioning of different eolian microdunes in sahelian area of Burkina Faso (withdrawn)

Gaetani, M.; Baldi, M.; Dalu, G.
A multi-linear regression method for the interannual variability of the West Africa monsoon

Saunois , M.; Mari, C.; Thouret, V.; Cammas, J.P.; Peyrillé, P.; Lafore , J.P.; Redelsperger, J.L.; Sauvage, B.; Nédélec, P.; Pinty , J.P.
An idealized two-dimensional model approach to study the impact of the West African monsoon on the tropospheric ozone latitudinal gradient.

Journet, E.; Desboeufs, K.; Triquet, S.; Rajot, J.L.; Formenti, P.
What are the aerosols serving as CCN for the formation of squall lines? And what are their impacts on the atmospheric iron flux to the marine biosphere?

Flamant, C.; Parker, D.; Chaboureau, J.-P.; Taylor, C.; Pelon, J.; Bock, O.; Timouck, F.; Cammas, J.-P.
The impact of a gavity current to the north of the inter-tropical discontinuity region

Schmidlin, F. J; Morrison, B.; Baldwin, T.; Northam, E. T.; Moore, P.
Preliminary results from Cape Verde during the NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis mission

Lamrani, N.; Chong, M.
Doppler radar observations of precipitation systems during AMMA SOP 2-a2

Delon, C.; Serça, D.; Dupont, R.; Mari, C.; Chaboureau, J.P.
Impact of NO emissions from soils on ozone formation under tropical conditions

Lothon, M.; Durand, P. ; Lohou, F.; Said, F.
Airborne measurements in the lower atmosphere for the study of small scales processes involved in the West African Monsoon system

Sultan, B.; Janicot, S. ; Drobinski, P.J.
Characterization of the diurnal cycle of the West African monsoon around the monsoon onset

Chaboureau, J.-P.; Tulet, P.; Mari, C.
Diurnal cycle of dust and cirrus over West Africa as seen from Meteosat Second Generation satellite and a regional forecast model

Bariteau, L.; Fairall, C. W.; Wolfe, D.; Pezoa, S.
Air-sea fluxes in the northeast tropical Atlantic during May–July 2006

Pospichal, B.; Crewell, S.
Diurnal cycle of the inter-tropical discontinuity over central Benin derived from a set of ground-based instruments

Taylor, C. M.; Parker, D. J.; Harris, P. P.
Airborne observations of mesoscale airflow induced by soil moisture: a case study from the AMMA Special Observing Period

Lohou, F.; Serça, D.; Campistron, C.; Lothon, M.; Kergoat, L.; Mariscal, A.
Ground-based measurement in a humid savannah of West Africa (Benin)

Arnault, J; Roux, F; Chong, M
Characteristics of West African MCS observed with dropsondes during AMMA

Stewart, D; Taylor, C; Reeves, C
Influence of soil moisture on the chemical composition of the boundary layer during AMMA 2006.

Sow, M.; Rajot, J.L.; Alfaro, S.C.; Marticorena, B.
On-field measurement of size resolved dust emission flux in Niger during AMMA

Liousse, C; Guillaume, B; Konaré, A; Grégoire, J.M.; Solmon, F; Poirson, A; Granier, C; Rosset, R; Cachier, H
Fossil fuel, Biofuel and Biomass burning emission inventories for gases and particles in Africa with tentative validations with global TM4 and regional RegCM aerosol modeling for the year 2000.

Coe, H; Capes, G
Airborne aerosol measurements over West Africa during the AMMA SOP 1 and 2 field campaign

Vintzileos, A.; Thiaw, W.; Pan, H.-L.
Subseasonal forecast of cumulative precipitation over the Sahel with the NCEP Climate Forecasting System: Impact of model resolution and initial conditions in the simulation and prediction of the West African Monsoon

Capes, G; Coe, H
Biomass Burning and Dust Aerosol in West Africa: Highlights from the AMMA SOP0 experiment

Mallet, M.; Pont, V.; Liousse, C.; Gomes, L.; Pelon, J.; Osborne, S.; Haywood, J.; Mariscal, A.; Dubuisson, P.; Roger, J.C.
Aerosols direct radiative forcing on Djougou (Northern Benin) during the AMMA dry season experiment.

Boukaram, D.B.; Flamant, C.; Chaboureau, J.-P. ; Tulet, P.
Saharan dust lofting by Haramattan and monsoon flows convergence: Numerical Modelling and Lidar observations.

Bain, C; Parker, D; Taylor, C
The effect of a soil moisture wave on the Atmosphere over West Africa

Schwendike, J.; Kalthoff, N.; Kohler, M.
Case studies of MCS characteristics in West Africa from the AMMA SOP1 campaign

Lumpkin, R; McPhaden, M; Foltz, G
Instability wave advection of SST anomalies at the Southern Boundary of the Tropical North Atlantic

Borrmann, S.; Kunkel, D.; Weigel, R.; Curtius, J.; Shur, G.; Ulanovski, A.
Ultrafine particles in the West-African UT/LS: In-situ measurements during AMMA in the August 2006 monsoon period

Fink, A. H.; Knippertz, P.
An unusual rainfall episode north and south of the Sahara: the interaction of an extratropical disturbance with the dry-season heat low

Pohle, S.; Fink, A.H.; Knippertz, P.
Case studies of extra-tropically forced rainfall events during the AMMA SOP year 2006

Caniaux, G. ; Bourlès, B.; Key, E.; Brandt, P.
Preliminary results from the EGEE/AMMA experiment

Key, E.; Caniaux, G. ; Weill, A.; Bourras, D.; Lagain, D. ; Bourlès, B.
Overview of air-sea interactions from the EGEE3/AMMA cruise

Bielli, S; Roca, R
Water vapour budget and its spatial scale decomposition over West Africa during summer 2006 from NCEP analyses

Methven, J.; Schlager, H.; Kukui, A.
Intercomparison of measurements made from 4 research aircraft during the AMMA experiment

Cairo, F.; Law, K.; Schlager, H.; THE GEOPHYSICA TEAM
The M55 Geophysica deployment during the west african Monsoon: campaign overview and preliminary results

Borbon, A; Afif, C; Bechara, J; Jambert, C; Kukui, S; Madec, P; Perros, PE
First perspective on the impact of West African Monsoon on tropospheric chemistry : some lessons from the French Airborne Measurements of Major Photooxidants during the AMMA Experience (withdrawn)

Di Donfrancesco, G.; Cairo, F.; Fierli, F.; Viterbini, M.; Cardillo, F.; Snels, M.; Rajot, J.L.; Marticorena, B.; Formenti, P.; Chatenet, B.
Lidar measurements of aerosol vertical profiles from Banizoumbou (Niger), Cinzana (Mali), M’bour (Senegal)

Evans, M; Parker, D; Methven, J; Reeves, C; Lewis, A; Hopkins, J; Lee, J; Purvis, R
General characteristic of the chemical state over West Africa (withdrawn)

Guichard, F.; Kergoat, L.
variability of the daytime sahelian boundary layer sampled at Agoufou via tethered ballon and kite flights in August 2006

Cui, X.; Morse, A. P.
West Africa weather forecasting in AMMA-UK

Bock, O.; Meynadier, R.; Guichard , F.; Roucou , P.; Lafore , J.P.; Janicot , S.; Bouin , M.N.; Doerflinger , E.; Masson , F.
Precipitable water and water vapour transport over West Africa from GPS data and ECMWF analysis during the AMMA project

Zribi, M.; André, C.; Decharme, B.
Soil moisture mapping in Western Africa based on ERS Scatterometer

Kergoat, L.; Hiernaux, P.; AMMA land surface working group
Land surface in AMMA : Extending ecosystem, energy and water balance studies in space and time is sometimes surprising

Guichard, F; Hourdin, F; Musat, I; Dell'Aquila, A; Ruti, PM
How do the large-scale models represent the West African Monsoon mean state and variability (the AMMA-MIP experiment)?

Dell'Aquila, A; Ruti, PM ; Cavalieri, O
The summer northern african circulation: a global perspective

Leroux, S.; Hall, N.
African Easterly Waves in a Regional Climate Model

Hormann, V.; Brandt, P.; Fischer, J.; Bourles, B.
Simulated and observed interannual EUC variability

Pollack, D; Beau, I; Beucher, F ; Gueremy, J-F; Marquet, P
Validation of convective and turbulence parameterizations in tropical areas. The case of Neutral and convective Planetary Boundary Layer

Yang, X; Carver, G; Pyle, J
Model simulations of atmospheric oxidation and chemical species transports over West Africa

McConnell, C; Highwood, E; Coe, H; Haywood, J; Formenti, P; Osborne, S; Capes, G; McQuaid, J; Harrison, M; Ackerley, D
The DODO project: Dust Outflow and Deposition to the Ocean

Söhne, N.; Chaboureau, J.-P.; Guichard, F.
Cloud system variability over West Africa in summer 2006 as seen from Meteosat Second Generation satellite and a regional forecast model

Murphy, J; Oram, D; Mills, G; Bandy, B; Reeves, C; Lee, J; Hopkins, J; McQuaid, J
Observations of isoprene and its oxidation products over West Africa

Guichard, F.; Lafore, J.-P.
Atmospheric dynamics over West Africa during the AMMA 2006 SOP campaign

Samain, O; Hiernaux, P; Mougin, E; Timouk, F; Lavenu, F; Guichard, F; Kergoat, L
Sahelian albedo variability from in situ and MODIS data

Stanelle, T.; Vogel, B.; Vogel, H.; Bäumer, D.; Kottmeier, C.
A dust outbreak over West Africa and its impact on the state of the atmosphere: A model study with LM-ART

Kohler, M.; Preko, K.; Kalthoff, N.; Gantner, L.; Schädler, G.; Kottmeier, Ch.
Soil moisture variability and the impact of soil moisture on the energy balance and PBL structure

Messager, CJ; Reitebuch, O; Parker, D
Structure and dynamics of the Saharan Heat Low observed during the AMMA-SOP 2006 campaign

Hamburger, Th.; Minikin, A.; Schlager, H.; Fiebig, M.; Petzold, A.
Airborne measurements of tropospheric aerosol up to 12 km over West Africa during the monsoon season in August 2006

Reeves, C.E.; Parker, D.J.; Taylor, C.M.; Murphy, J.G.; Stewart, D.; Oram, D.E.
Chemical tracers of emissions, photochemistry and transport processes in West Africa

Formenti, P.
Highlights on aerosol properties and distribution in western Africa based on observations conducted during the special observation periods of AMMA

Properties of aerosols in the west African dry and wet seasons: results from the ground-based and airborne measurements within the AMMA campaign

Formenti, P.; THE AMMA-UKBAe146 aerosols TEAM
Size distribution, morphology, and composition of mineral dust and biomass burning aerosols from western Africa as observed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Melani, S.; Pasqui, M.; Antonini, A.; Gozzini, B.; Guarnieri, F.; Ortolani, A.
Convective precipitation patterns analysis in the Sahelian area: satellite rainfall estimates and regional numerical modelling

Roehrig, R.; Grandpeix, J.-Y.; Lafore, J.-P.
Implementation of a density current parametrization in the LMDZ4 GCM

Bouarar, I.; Law, K.; Pham, M.; Filiberti, M.; Hourdin, F.; Hauglustaine, D.; THE AMMA DATA TEAM
Evaluation of the LMDzINCA chemistry transport model during the West African monsoon 2006

Validation and synoptic environment of dust aerosol events detected by OMI index during the AMMA SOP

Chazette, P.; Sanak, J.; Dulac, F.
Observation of multilayer aerosol structures from an ultra light aircraft in the frame of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis

Pellarin, T.; Tran, T.; Messager, C.
First comparisons between surface soil moisture products derived from land surface temperature anomalies and microwave radiometric measurements over West Africa

Bastin, S.; Drobinski, P.; Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.; Basdevant, C.; Verdier, N.; Vargaz, A.
Investigation of surface heterogeneities and diurnal cycle on the west african monsoon flow using constant volume balloons in the planeteray boundary layer

Todd, MC ; Washington, R
Dust emission from the Bodélé Depression, Northern Chad: Results from BoDEx 2005

Commane, R.; Floquet, C.; Ingham, T.; Heard, D.
Aircraft FAGE measurements of OH and HO2 radicals over West Africa during the AMMA campaign, July/August 2006

Bongioannini Cerlini, P.; Fantini, M.; Malguzzi, P.
Idealized study of convection using a 3D CRM in radiative-convective equilibrium

Höller, H.; Schlager, H.; Mari, C.; Scialom, G.; Houngninou, Et.; Schmidt, K.
An AMMA-SOP2 case study of a small MCS over Benin: Implications for Lightning NOx production

Rodríguez-Fonseca, B.; Polo, I.; Losada, T.; García-Serrano, J.
Summer to late winter atmospheric response to the Atlantic Equatorial mode

Chazette, P; Sanak, J; Dulac, F; Sauvage, L
Characterisation of multiple aerosol layers originating from various sources above the Sahel region by a synergism of sunphotometer, scatterometer and airborne compact UV EZ LIDAR.

Redelsperger, J.-L.; Thorncroft, C.D.; Diedhiou, A.; Lebel, T.; Parker, D.J.; Polcher, J.
AMMA: An international research project and field campaign

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