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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR140 Ice sheet - climate interactions (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Steen-Larsen, H. C.; Dahl-Jensen, D.
The effects of climatic forcing on the binge-purge oscillation of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: a conceptual modelling study

Bintanja, R.; Van de Wal, R.
A 3-million-year reconstruction of climate, ice volume and sea level; identifying mechanisms behind the inception of Northern-Hemisphere glaciation and the mid-Pleistocene transition

Fichefet, T.; Driesschaert, E.; Goosse, H.; Huybrechts, P.; Janssens, I.; Mouchet, A.; Munhoven, G.; Brovkin, V.; Weber, S.L.
Modeling the influence of the Greenland ice sheet melting on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation during the next millennia

Calov, R.; Greve, R.; Huybrechts, P.; Bueler, E.; Pollard, D.; Pattyn, F.; Tarasov, L.
First Results of the ISMIP-HEINO Model Intercomparison Project

Wang, C.; Beckmann, Aike
Local and remote impact of Antarctic ice shelf melting

Cristini, L.; Grosfeld, K.; Lohmann, G.; Huybrechts, P.
The evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet under different climate boundary conditions

Woodward, J.; King, E. C.; Gray, L.
Radar surveys of the Rutford Ice Stream onset zone, West Antarctica: Indications of flow stability and intermittent storminess.

Gregory, J. M.; Huybrechts, Ph.; Alley, R. B.
Ice-sheet contributions to future sea-level change

Wake, L. M.; Huybrechts, P.; Janssens, I.; Hanna, E.; Box, J.
Surface mass balance history of the Greenland Ice Sheet (1868-2005)

Rutt, IC; Browne, OJH; Williams, DAG; Payne, AJ
Coupling FAMOUS, a fast version of HadCM3, to a high-resolution ice sheet model (GLIMMER) - application to Antarctica (withdrawn)

Browne, O.J.H; Rutt, I.C.; Gregory, J.M.; Hosoe, T.; Payne, A.J.
The use of a coupled AOGCM—ice-sheet model to explore large-scale climate—ice-sheet feedbacks. (withdrawn)

Grosfeld, K.; Lohmann, G. ; Butzin, M.; Huybrechts, P. ; Zweck, C.
Glacial ocean circulation in response to spatio-temporal freshwater discharges derived from an ice sheet model

Lunt, D.J.; Valdes, P.J.
The closure of the Panama Seaway and the onset of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation: Cause or Coincidence?

Renssen, H.; Wiersma, A.P.; Goosse, H.; Fichefet, T.
The impact of catastrophic meltwater drainage on the early Holocene climate: model simulations of the 8.2 kyr BP event

DeConto, R.; Pollard, D.
Rethinking Cenozoic glacial history: a model-data perspective

Peyaud, V.; Ritz, C.; Krinner, G.
Modelling the Early Weichselian Eurasian Ice Sheets between 100 kyr BP and 80 kyr BP : role of ice shelves and influence of ice-dammed lakes

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