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  List of Accepted Contributions - GI8 Instrumentation related to polar regions and the IPY (co-listed in AS, BG, CR & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Parker, T.; Beaudoin, B.; Bonnett, B.; Fowler, J.; Anderson, K.
Design and implementation of cold-hardened seismic stations

Leveque, JJ; Maggi, A; Delladio, A; Burdin, J; Thore, JY; Morelli, A
ConCorDia : a new, permanent seismological station in Antarctica

Beylich, A.A.; Lamoureux, S.F.; Decaulne, A.
Quantitative analysis of source-to-sink-fluxes and sediment budgets in changing cold environments - the global SEDIBUD program

Robinson, C; Ferraccioli, F; Corr, H; Jordan, T
The British Antarctic Survey airborne geophysical platform: a tool to explore the polar regions

Friedt, J.-M; Martin, G.; Ferrandez, C.; Moreau, L.; Griselin, M.
Automated high resolution image acquisition in polar regions

Rabe, B; Schauer, U; Pisarev, S
Simultaneous observations of velocity, temperature and salinity in the central Arctic by two ice-tethered platforms

Alfonsi, L.; Aquino, M.; De Franceschi, G.; Dodson, A.; Mitchell, C.N.; Romano, V.; Wernik, A.W.
GPS ionospheric scintillations monitoring: bipolar capabilities during IPY

Stearns, C.; Weidner, G.; Keller, L.; Thom, J.; Lazzara, M.; Knuth, S.
An Overview of the Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Project

Bauguitte, S. JB; Maxfield, D.J.; Jones, A.E.; Roscoe, H.K.; Wolff, E.W.; Rankin, A.; Birks, J.
A new surface ozone monitoring network deployed in Antarctica during the IPY

Meldrum, D; Wilkinson, J; James, A
Autonomous CTD and ice mass balance stations for IPY

Anderson, R.; Gudmundsson, G.H.
Real-time GPS monitoring of Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Vivier, F.; Lourenco, A.; Guillot, A.; Alessandrini, B.; Bouruet-Aubertot, P.; Cuypers, Y.; Gascard, J.-C.; Legoff, H.; Monglon, T.
Ice-T: an autonomous float for real-time measurement of ice thickness and thermal exchanges at the ocean-ice-atmosphere interface

Hubbard, B.; Roberson, S.; Samyn, D.
Application of digital optical televiewing to ice-mass boreholes

Kunz-Pirrung, M.; Biebow, N.; Lembke-Jene, L.; Egerton, P.; Thiede, J.
Technical design of AURORA BOREALIS - icebreaker, drilling platform and multi-purpose research vessel

Darby, L.; Burkhart, J.; Dlugokencky, E.; Drummond, J.; Fogal, P. ; Makshtas, A.; Martyschenko, V.; Schnell, R.; Uttal, T.; Vasel, B.
International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA): Recent and planned observatory upgrades in Canada, Greenland, Russia, and the United States

Burkett, P; Long, B; Varadhan, V; Anandakrishnan, S
GeoPebble: A wireless seismic and GPS sensor for monitoring of fast-flowing glaciers

Lee, C.M.; Gobat, J.I.
Acoustic Navigation and Communications for Autonomous Platforms in the Arctic Ocean

Rose, M; Hindmarsh, R; Ivins, E; Mulvaney, R
Measuring isostatic rebound in ice covered areas

Gallet, JC; Domine, F; Zender, C
The accurate determination of the specific surface area of snow by IR reflectance

Ashley, M.C.B.; The PLATO Team
The PLATO remote observatory for the Antarctic plateau

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