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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD06/TS13 Mid-Ocean Ridges: Structure, Dynamics and Geochemistry (co-organized by TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kahle, R. L.; Tilmann, F.
Refraction and micro-earthquake survey of the 21.5°N propagating rift on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Silantyev, S.A.; Plechova, A.P.; Danyushevsky, L.V.; Dosso, L.; Beltenev, V.E.; Bazylev, B.A.; Dmitriev, L.V.
MAR geochemical segmentation at 12-17N and 29-33N as reflection of the mantle source composition

Hemond, C.; Le Faouder, A.; Juteau, T.
Evidence for recycled crustal material within the upper mantle beneath the St Paul fracture zone, equatorial Atlantic (withdrawn)

Le Mée, L.; Girardeau, J.; Monnier, C.
Along-ridge distribution of petrological variations recorded in the Oman Ophiolite mantle (withdrawn)

Perrot, J.; Vey, G.; Goslin, J.; Bohnenstiehl, D.; Dziak, R.
Long-term temporal and spatial distributions of the seismicity along the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge observed with a regional autonomous hydrophone array

Searle, R.C.; Bralee, A.V.
Volcanic and tectonic development of the very slow spreading Southwest Indian Ridge near 64°E

Ildefonse, B.; IODP 304/305 Shipboard Scientific Party
Drilling at Atlantis massif oceanic core complex. IODP expeditions 304 and 305

Faul, U.; Achenbach, K.; Cheadle, M.
Textures and lattice preferred orientations from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 15°N: Results from ODP Leg 209

Mueller, R.D.; Gaina, C.; Sdrolias, M.; Heine, C.
Reconstructing vanished ocean basins

Sørensen, M. B.; Ottemöller, L.; Havskov, J.; Atakan, K.; Hellevang, B.; Pedersen, R. B.
Tectonic processes in the Jan Mayen Fracture Zone based on earthquake occurrence and bathymetry

Koepke, J.; Feig, S.T.; Snow, J.E.
Hydrothermal activity at mid-ocean ridges at magmatic temperatures: evidence from ODP Leg 153 (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Kane Fracture Zone, 23°N)

Andreani, M.; Escartin, J.; Hirth, G.; Evans, B.
Talc deformation: first results from the microstructural study of experimental and natural samples

Müller, K.; Schmeling, H.
Is melt focussing due to Plume-MOR interaction possible?

Tong, C. H.; Lana, C.; White, R. S.; Warner, M. R.; ARAD Working Group
Subsurface tectonics of nontransform mid-ocean ridge discontinuities: its relationship with hydrothermal circulation and offset-dependent crustal deformation

Hoskuldsson, A.; Hey, R.; kjartansson, E.
Marine Geophysical Investigations of the Reykjanes Ridge, Iceland

Braitenberg, C. ; Wienecke, S. ; Wang, Y.
Morphology of a submerged extinct spreading axis from isostasy and gravity inversion – the South China Sea mid ocean ridge

McCaig, AM; Cliff, RA; Frost, BR; Escartin, J ; MacLeod, CJ
Extreme isotopic and chemical alteration in an extensional detachment fault, 15 degrees 45’ N, mid-Atlantic ridge: a reaction zone for Rainbow-type vent fluids?

Almeev, R.; Holtz, F.; Koepke, J.; Haase, K.
Depths of partial crystallization and H2O contents of MORB inferred from glass composition: phase equilibria simulations of basalts at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near Ascension island (6-10S)

Garrido, C.J.; Machetel, P.
A thermomechanical model for the accretion of the oceanic crust a fast-spreading ridges considering multiple magma intrusions and off-axis hydrothermal cooling

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