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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.05 Propagation of uncertainty in advanced meteo-hydrological forecast systems (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Reggiani, P; Weerts, AH
Implementation of a Bayesian uncertainty processor for the operational river Rhine flood forecasting system

Younis, J.; Ramos, M.H.; Thielen, J.
Recent developments on the calibration of LISFLOOD model for the european flood alert system: case-study on The March-April 2006 flood event in the Czech Part of the Elbe River Basin

Amengual, A.; Romero, R.; Alonso, S.
A hydro-meteorological model ensemble strategy applied to four extreme rainfall events in a small-size basin of Majorca Island, Spain

Kok, K.; Vogelezang, D.
Warning system of extreme precipitation amounts for the Dutch Water Boards

Flowerdew, J; Horsburgh, K; Mylne, K
Ensemble forecasting of tidal surges

Rousset-Régimbeau, F.; Thirel, G.; Martin, E.; Habets, F.
Using Ensemble precipitation forecasts to force hydrological models: results with the ECMWF-EPS and PEARP data

Mascaro, G.; Deidda, R.; Vivoni, E.
Verification of ensemble precipitation fields simulated by downscaling models by means of Rank Histograms.

Sokol, Z.; Rezacova, D.
Impact of assimilation of 3D radar reflectivity into the NWP model with a high horizontal resolution

Jakubiak, B.; Kapala, O.; Linkowska, J.
Single-sample estimation of error covariance parameters in optimal interpolation scheme

Jakubiak, B.; Starosta, K.
Observational error correlation model for radar reflectivity

Diomede, T.; Marsigli, C.; Paccagnella, T.; Selvini, A.; Morgillo, A.
An empirical approach to evaluate the impact on discharge predictions of the spatial uncertainty associated to LAM quantitative precipitation forecasts

Diomede, T.; Davolio, S.; Marsigli, C.; Miglietta, M.M.; Morgillo, A.; Moscatello, A.
A meteo-hydrological prediction system based on a multi-model approach for ensemble precipitation forecasting

Bruen, M; O'Sullivan, J.J.; Purcell, P.J. ; Gebre, F.A.
Design floods for urban areas in Ireland - end-user requirements

Rezacova, D.; Zacharov, P.; Sokol, Z.
Evaluation of uncertainty in the area related QPF of heavy convective precipitation

Clark, M.; Woods, R.; Ibbitt, R.; Schmidt, J. ; Rupp, D.; Uddstrom, M.
Development of a probabilistic streamflow forecasting system for New Zealand (withdrawn)

Georgakakos, K.; Graham, N.
Use of Seasonal Forecast Uncertainty for Improved Decisions

Rossello, L. ; Molini, L.; Parodi, A.; Siccardi, F.
Severe precipitation processes in complex orography: meteorological modelling and comparison of observed and simulated radar data.

Ferraris, L.; Brussolo, E.; von Hardenberg, J.; Provenzale, A. ; Rebora, N.
A probabilistic tool for meteorological prediction validation

Ferraris, L.; von Hardenberg, J.; Metta, S.; Provenzale, A.; Rebora, N.
A stochastic phase-velocity evolution model for ensemble rainfall nowcasting

Szturc, J.; Osrodka, K.; Jurczyk, A.
Concept of dealing with uncertainty in Polish weather radar-based meteorological and hydrological data

Rossi, L.; Bertolotto, E.; Boni, G.; Versace, C.; Ferraris, L.
What about uncertainty in discharge data and hydraulic modeling within flood forecast chains?

Germann, U.; Berenguer, M.; Sempere-Torres, D.; Zappa, M.
Ensemble radar precipitation estimation for hydrology in the Alps

Molini, L.; De Sanctis, K. ; Parodi, A.; Ferretti, R.; Marzano, F.S.; Montopoli, M.; Siccardi, F.
Characterization of rainfall C-band radar response and dual-polarized measurement

Kobold, M.; Brilly, M.; Zgonc, A.
Areal rainfall estimation for hydrological modelling and flood forecasting

Reusser, D.E.; Zehe, E.
A new theoretical framework to communicate uncertainties to flood forecasters

Marty, R.; Djerboua, A.; Obled, Ch.; Zin, I.
Using probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasts (PQPFs) within a hydro-meteorological chain

Dunne, S; McGrath, R; Lynch, P; Semmler, T; Wang, S; Hanafin, J; Nolan, P
Propagation of calibration uncertainty in a study of the impact of climate change on flood risk.

Mittermaier, M
Using time-lag ensemble techniques to assess the behaviour of high-resolution precipitation forecasts

Haase, G.; Gjertsen, U.; Bech, J.
Use of a radar beam propagation model to improve radar data quality

Bliefernicht, J.; Bárdossy , A.; Ebert, C.
A user-oriented verification method for an operational forecasting system based on economic decision models

Rossa, A. M.
The COST 731 Action ‘Propagation of Uncertainty in Advanced Meteo-hydrological Forecast Systems’

Ferri, M.; Rossa, A. M.
River brenta catchment defence by controlled flooding: sensitivity study for the to uncertainty in precipitation input

Schaake, J; Restrepo, P; Seo, D-J; Hartman, R; Werner, K; Wu, L; Demargne, J
Development of an integrated strategy for including weather and climate forecast information in ensemble forcing for hydrologic ensemble prediction

Jordan, FJ; Boillat, JLB; Garcia Hernandez, JG; Schleiss, AS
Flood forecasting in mountaineous catchments : performance and difficulties

Nurmi, P.; Näsman, S.; Zingerle, C.
Entity-based verification in the intercomparison of three NWP models during a heavy snowfall event

Celano, M.; Marsigli, C.; Morgillo, A.; Alberoni, P.P.; Porcù, F.; Prodi, F.
Comparison between polarimetric radar cloud observations and Limited Area Model microphysical fields in a deep convection event

Trapero, L.; Rigo, T.; Bech, J.; Pineda, N.; Sánchez-Diezma, R.
Analysis of the uncertainty of quantitative precipitation estimates of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia weather radar network

Poli, V.; Alberoni, P.P.
Verification of uncertainty associated to an ensemble nowcasting system

Kahl, B.; Nachtnebel, H.P.
Input and parameter uncertainty in real time hydrological forecasts

Rabuffetti, D.; Ravazzani, G.; Corbari, C.; Mancini, M.
Evaluation of an Operational Flood-Forecasting Model through Uncertainty Propagation Analysis from QPFs to QDFs and to a regional scale Warning System. The AMPHORE Case Studies.

Hacker, J
The relationship between PBL winds and scale-dependent uncertainty in land-surface heterogeneity in a mesoscale model

Velasco-Forero, C.; Schröter, K.; Sempere-Torres, D.; Ostrowski, M.
Effects of rainfall – runoff model structure and rainfall spatial model on hydrological flood forecasting

Jaun, S.; Walser, A.; Ahrens, B.; Zappa, M.; Gurtz, J.; Schar, C.
Atmospheric-hydrologic ensemble prediction and interpretation in the upper Rhine catchment

Macor, J.; Schertzer, D.; Lovejoy, S.
Multifractals methods applied to the rain forecasting using radar data

Pujol Reig, L.; Ortiz, E.; Cifres, E.; Garcia Bartual, R.
Errors analysis in real time flow forecasting for 10-days lead time in the Parana river

Tapiador, FJ
Member selection in Ensemble Forecasting

Todini, E.; Martina, M.L.V; Mantovan, P.
Predictive probability assessment in hydrological modelling using a formal Bayesian inferential approach

Todini, E.; Coccia, G.; Mazzeti, C.
Reconciling Hydrological Physically Based Models and Data Driven Models in Terms of Predictive Probability.

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