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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG10 Magnetic anomalies, land and sea; Lithospheric sources and magnetizations

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Socias, I; Galdeano, A; Pavon, J
Gulf of Cadiz airborne magnetic survey

Ishihara, T.; Catalan, M.; Quesnel, Y.
Compilation of marine trackline data of the World II - line leveling of the cleaned GEODAS data set

Tanaka, A.; Ishihara, T.
Global centroid distribution of magnetized layer from World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map

Catalán, M.; Quesnel, Y.; Ishihara, T.
Compilation of marine trackline data of the world I - cleaning of the

Catalán, M.; Martín-Davila, J.; Carbó, A.
Lithospheric magnetic field mapping of the Caribbean region.

Gaya-Pique, L.; Thébault, E.; Kim, H.-R.; von Frese, R.; Chiappini, M.
R-SCHA modeling of Antarctic magnetic anomaly near-surface data

Maj, S.
A correlation between the heat flow densities and Curie depths of the Indian Craton

Dyment, J
The World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map over oceanic areas: assessment, possible improvements, and expected applications

Chambodut, A.; Hamoudi, M.; Thebault, E.; Lesur, V.
Spectral analysis of the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map

Korhonen, J.V.
Continental crustal magnetization of shields and adjacent younger geological provinces.

Litvinova, T; Petrov, O; Erincheck, J
The deep structure of the lithosphere of the Euroasian continent by magnetic data

Litvinova, T; Glebovsky, V
New map and grid of compiled magnetic anomalies from the Arctic Ocean and adjacent continental part of the Russian Federation

Korhonen, J. V.; All, T.; Aaro, S.; Kihle, O.; Nevanlinna, H.; Olesen, O.; Skilbrei, J-R.; Vaher, R.; Zhdanova, L.; Zuikova, J.
Joint Fennoscandian magnetic anomaly map projects 1980-2003: reduction and fitting of national data sets to common base

Vaher, R.; All, T.; Korhonen, J. V.; Säävuori, H.
Sources of WDMAM2007 anomalies in the vicinity of Gulf of Finland as revealed by magnetization data from basement rock samples

Litvinova, T.; Petrova, A.
High quality aeromagnetic survey of the western part of the Bereng sea

Litvinova, T.; Petrov, O.; Erinchek, J.; Vasiljeva, E.; Krasinsky, E.
The updated map of anomalous magnetic field of Russia and the countries CNG (Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan) Scale 1:2 500 000

Lahtinen, R.; Korhonen, J. V.
Induced and remanent magnetization sources of WDMAM2007 anomalies in Central Fennoscandian shield

Litvinova, T.; Petrov, O.; Sobolev, N.; Vasiljeva , E.; Krasinsky, E.
Regional interpretation of geophysical fields of Barents sea region

Litvinova, T.; Krasinsky, E. ; Erinchek, Y.
Dynamics of trappean magmatic processes in Siberia historically and on the basis of modern geophysical data

Korhonen, J. V.; WDMAM 2008 team
World magnetic anomalies, a candidate map 1:25 000 000

Litvinova, T.; Krasinsky, E.; Erinchek, Y.
Research of dynamics of process trappean magmatism Siberia in historical development on the basis of the modern geophysical data

Litvinova, T.; Petrov, O.; Sobolev, N.; Vasiljeva, E.; Krasinsky, E.
Regional interpretation of geophysical fields of Barents Sea region

Litvinova, T.; Petrova, A.
High quality aeromagnetic survey of the western part of the Bereng sea

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