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  List of Accepted Contributions - GI5 Space Instrumentation (co-listed in PS, ST, AS, G & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Korepanov, V.; Klimov, S.
Wave Probe – a new instrument for space research

Devasthale, A.; Grassl, H.
Can orbital drift of satellites introduce spurious trends? An example of NOAA-N series

Wieser, M.; Barabash, S.; Emanuelsson, M.; Brinkfeldt, K.; Enocksson, P.
PRIMA: a micromechanical shutter based ion mass spectrometer (withdrawn)

Coillot, C.; Leroy, P.; Mosser, V.; Roux, A.; Chanteur, G.M.
Wide band compound magnetometer : a new instrument to investigate magnetic field component of plasma waves

Ogasawara, K.; Takashima, T.; Miyake, W.; Asamura, K.; Hirahara, M.; Saito, Y.; Mukai, T.
Avalanche photodiodes for medium-energy electrons

Kaufmann, E.; Kömle, N.I.; Kargl, G.; Engelhardt, M.; Romstedt , J.
Development of instruments for the investigation of extraterrestrial ice layers

Krasnoselskikh, V.; Dudok de Wit, T.; Pincon, J.-L.; Lefeuvre, F.; Korepanov, V. ; Kryuchkov, E.; de Feraudy, H.; Chabassiere, M. ; Fergeau, P. ; Seran, H.-C.; Rogowski coil team
Direct in situ Measurements of Current Density Variations in the Ionosphere by Using the Current Density Probe Rogowski Coil Onboard Sych M Satellite

Vaisberg , O.; Berthelier , J.-J.; Torkar , K.; Leblanc , F.; Avanov , L.; Smirnov , V.; Skalski , A.; Koinash , G.; Burch , J.; McComas , D.
Imaging ion mass-spectrometer for magnetospheric and planetary applications

Stocky, J. F.; Stevens, C. M.; Nelson, R. M.
NASA’s New Millennium ST-9 Mission

Trautner, R; Zender, J; Svedhem, H; Schulz, R; Barthelemy, M
Automated provision of PDS compatible science data and instrument calibration support data for the Venus Express and Rosetta Science Teams

Dedieu, G.; Karnieli, A.; Hagolle, O.; Jeanjean, H.; Cabot, F.; Ferrier, P.; Yaniv, Y.
The VENµS mission: Earth observation with high spatial and temporal resolution capabilities (withdrawn)

Krause, C.; Seidensticker, K.J.; Richter, L.
Investigation of Planetary Surfaces with Acoustic Sounding

Weiss, P.; Yung, K.L.; Ng, T.C.; Koemle, N.; Kargl, G.; Kaufmann, E.
The Study of a Melting Hammering Drill Head in the exploration of subsurface planetary ice layers

Masson, A.; Decreau, P.; Fazakerley, A.; Andre, M.; Laakso, H.; Rochel, A.; Escoubet, P.; Taylor, M.; Asnes, A.
Electron density estimation in the Earth’s magnetotail by cross-calibrating different plasma experiments of the Cluster mission

O'Brien, H; Brown, P; Carr, C; Horbury, T; Oddy, T; Beek, T
Digital, tuned, FPGA based fluxgate magnetometer for the Solar Orbiter Mission

Gommenginger, C.P.; Challenor, P.G.; Quartly, G.D. ; Srokosz, M.A.; Berry, P.; Rogers, C.; Benveniste, J.
ENVISAT altimeter individual echoes: new scientific applications for ocean, land and ice remote sensing

Niedermayr, A.; Kargl, G.; Simoes, F.; Trautner, R.
Measurement of the dielectric properties of Martian soil analogue materials with a mutual impedance probe

Srama, R.; Roeser, H.P.; Gruen, E.; The SOLO Dust Team
The Solar Orbiter Dust Telescope

Di Lellis, A.M.; Orsini, S.; Selci, S.; Leoni, R.; De Angelis, E.; Milillo, A.; Mura, A.; Dandouras, I.; Mattioli, F.
Low energy high angular resolution neutral atom detection by means of micro-shuttering techniques

Pope, S; Zhang, T; Balikhin, M; Delva, M; Hvizdo, L; Kudela, K; Alleyne, H
Methods developed to identify and remove spacecraft generated magnetic fields from Venus Express magnetometer data

Blake, B.; Crain, W.; Mabry, D.
A miniaturized radiation detection system for spacecraft (withdrawn)

Desai, M.; Allegrini, F.; Ho, G.; Livi, S.; McComas, D.; Paschalides, N.; Posner, A.
A novel Supra-Thermal Ion Spectrometer for Heliospheric (STISH) missions

Brown, P; Beek, T; Carr, C; O'Brien, H; Horbury, T
Towards a space magnetometer based on solid state technology

Taylor, E.A.; Ball, A.J.; Barber, S.J.; Miljkovic, K.; McBride, N.; Sheridan, S.; Wright, I.P.; Zarnecki, J.C.; Hillier, J.K.
A combined dust impact detector and ion trap mass spectrometer for a Europa orbiter

Harris, W; Dawson, O; Giersch, L ; Corliss, J; Roesler, F
Broadband SHS: A new technique for velocity resolved measurement of diffuse emission line sources (withdrawn)

Milagro Perez, M.; Serpe, D.; Benveniste, J.
Envisat Radar-Altimeter Individual Echoes: preliminary geophysical results of the retracked RA2 individual waveforms over various surfaces

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