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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS2.02 Air-sea interaction

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Vlasenko, A.V.; Lapchin, V.B.
The role of surface active agents in the processes of heat (mass) transfer in a system ocean-atmosphere

Dahech, S.; Beltrando, G.
Sea-land breeze circulation and atmospheric pollution in Sfax (South-Eastern of Tunisia)

Jourdain, N.; Gallée, H.
Mesoscale simulations over the Ross Sea, Antarctica with the regional climate model MAR

Gulev, S.K.; Belyaev, K.
New approach for the development of global fields of air-sea turbulent fluxes based on probability distributions

Makin, V.K.
Drag of the sea surface at hurricane winds

Badulin, S.I.; Pushkarev, A.N.; Resio, D.; Zakharov, V.E.
Universality of wind-wave spectra and exponents of wind-wave growth

Kudryavtsev, V.
On the marine atmospheric boundary layer at very strong winds

Hadfield, R.; Wells, N.; Josey, S.
Using Argo temperature profile data to improve understanding of the North Atlantic heat budget.

Hristov, T
Wave-driven scalar fields in marine atmospheric boundary layer (withdrawn)

Maderych, V.; Brovchenko, I.
Modelling of turbulence beneath breaking waves

Burgers, G.; van Oort, C.
A Year of Eddy-Correlation Measurements of the Fluxes of Momentum, Heat and Moisture at Sea near the Dutch Coast

Ferreira, J.; Miranda, P.
Numerical simulation of upwelling with a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

Heinemann, G.
Air-sea interaction in the inner Arctic: High-resolution simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer and comparisons with measurements during ABSIS-2003

Matsoukas, C.; Banks, A.C.; Hatzianastassiou, N.; Vardavas, I.
The seasonal energy budgets of the Mediterranean and Red Seas

Tambke, J.; Bye, J.A.T; Lange, B.; Wolff, J.-O.
Wind Velocity Profiles up to 100m above the North Sea - Observations compared to a Model of Wave-Coupled Ekman Layers

Sahlée, E.; Smedman, A.; Rutgersson, A.; Högström, U.
The effect of forced convection on the turbulent fluxes in the marine boundary layer

Rutgersson, A; Carlsson, B; Sahlee, E; Smedman, A
Modelling new processes controlling the turbulent heat fluxes over sea in numerical models

Pirani, A.; Belamari, S.; Caniaux, G.
The spin up of fluxes calculated from ECMWF forecast output and the response of the ORCA2 ocean model

Belamari, S.; Caniaux, G.; Tcham, M.
Optimisation of the one year POMME experiment bulk fluxes data set using a one dimensional approach together with genetic algorithms

Pytharoulis, I.; Katsafados, P.; Koutsoulis, K.; Galanis, G.; Emmanouil, G.; Kallos, G.
Air-Sea interaction processes during extreme weather events in the Mediterranean region

Caulliez, G.; Joëlson, M.
Effects of long waves on wind-generated small scale waves

Jenkins, A. D.; Ward, B.
Measured and modelled profiles of near surface temperature

Bye, J.A.T; Jenkins, A. D.
Drag coefficient reduction at very high wind speeds

Drennan, W.M.; Zhang, J. ; McCormick, C.A.; French, J.R.; Black, P.G.
Measurements of humidity flux in Hurricanes Fabian and Isabel

Kwon, B. H.; Hong, G. M.; Kim, Y. S.
Retrieval of the air temperature over the sea based on the satellite data

Repina, I.A. ; Smirnov, A.S.
Air-ice interaction observations in Laptev Sea during NABOS-2004

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